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Blockchain: Reflections on a Webinar

Supply Chain Shaman

Yesterday, I spoke at the University of Tennessee Supply Chain Leaders Forum on innovation. The presentation focused on nine themes. One of the nine was blockchain. I asked the audience for a show of hands to understand how many of the supply chain leaders in the room were testing blockchain.

FMCG Route To Market Challenges; Learn from IKEA

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

There is no excuse in visiting IKEA on a Sunday before watching 22 millionaires with daft hair styes kick a football around on live telly. The weather was cold and the air was full of autumn drizzle and as I turned into the car park the scale of the folly dawned on me; the IKEA car park was bursting at the seams. Cars were on pavements, on grass verges and on the approach road; grim.

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Moving Forward with Blockchain in the Supply Chain

Talking Logistics

The digital currency called Bitcoin has been in the news recently as its value has skyrocketed to over $6,500 per coin, with speculators pouring money into exchanges hoping to make an easy profit. As Bitcoin becomes more popular (and controversial!),

An optimist’s view of Blockchain in supply chain: Learnings from Bitcoin

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Dr. Madhav Durbha These days, not a single supply chain conference I attend goes by without someone mentioning Blockchain. Given the growing chatter, I wanted to share my views on the topic.

What is a Good Level of Forecast Accuracy?

Download a complimentary copy of this RELEX eBook and learn why this common question might not be the right one to ask.

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China’s Singles Day Sets New Online Sales Records and Logistics Milestones

Supply Chain Matters

Supply Chain Matters provides a follow-up to our ongoing blog commentaries related to China’s 2017 Singles Day online shopping event that occurred this weekend. Indications are that this year’s event shattered all previous online sales records and provided added milestones for integrating online and in-store merchandising.

Warehouse of the Future: The Importance of an Integrated and Autonomous Supply Chain System – Part 3 of 3

Supply Chain Nation

In part 1 of this blog series , we took a look at how innovation is changing the supply chain and the evolution of different warehouse types and processes. Part 2 of the series took a deeper dive into the adoption of technology within the distribution center (DC), how technological innovation processes in DCs are poised to change over the next few years and the path and obstacles to automated DCs.

Supply Chain Cartoon Caption Contest Starting Nov. 14, 2017

Supply Chain Digest

Show us your supply chain wit

Towards a Weather-proactive Supply Chain

RELEX Solutions

Towards a Weather-proactive Supply Chain. Insights » Whitepapers. Author: Aki Ali-Vehmas, Data Scientist. Weather is a source of significant fluctuations in consumer demand, and because of the bullwhip effect , it can produce unnecessary high fluctuations on the supply side as well.

Tech -Driven Supply Chains: How Innovations Are Transforming the Trucking Industry

Trucking may be notoriously conservative and slow to change, but all signs point to a major technological shift. This report explores this transformation, with an eye on what's coming down the pike in the near and long term.

This Week in Logistics News (November 13-17, 2017)

Talking Logistics

In case you’re wondering, I did get selected as a juror this week. I’m now 4 for 4 — four times called for jury duty, 4 times selected. The trial (a driving under the influence case) only lasted a day and we found the defendant guilty.

Revisiting Prior 2017 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains- Part Two

Supply Chain Matters

Supply Chain Matters continues with reviewing and self-scoring each of the 2017 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains published at the beginning of this year. This Part Two posting provides an assessment of our prediction for a supply chain talent perfect storm and the prediction for added product sourcing challenges due to increased anti-trade actions.

High-Volume Manufacturing: The Moment of Truth


Scale of production brings new challenges. Medical Devices Automotive Supply Chain Manufacturing

Microsoft Reinvents its Supply Chain by Leveraging SAP Ariba & Intrigo Systems

Supply Chain 24/7

Microsoft has teamed with SAP Ariba and Intrigo Systems to create a scalable, modern cloud-based platform to support the efficient, cost effective manufacturing of its most popular products, including the Xbox and Surface

The Value of Supply Chain Planning in Process Manufacturing

Supply Chain Planning (SCP) is enormously important to those process manufacturers that aspire to differentiated performance -- not just large enterprise businesses but companies of all sizes.

Stranger supply chain things: Capacity planning lessons from Stranger Things

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Mike McAllister Courtesy of the Science Museum of Minnesota/Netflix. As a teenager in the 80s, it probably comes as no surprise I relate heavily to every cultural reference in Stranger Things.

Top 5 Considerations When Selecting a TMS

Talking Logistics

Our industry has gone through some significant changes in the last 10 years and we’re likely to go through even more thanks to factors like omni-channel, autonomous trucks and increasingly complex routing. The good news is that a transportation management system (TMS) can give you one of the strongest return on investments (ROIs) of any supply chain management software – if you can find the right one for your organization.

Tesla’s Electric Truck- Brilliance or More Challenge and Distraction?

Supply Chain Matters

Last week, Tesla unveiled the design of its long-rumored Class 8 semitrailer truck, representing the latest vision of disrupting conventional transportation. The announcement itself was met with mixed reactions which were mostly centered on the event serving as a distraction to Tesla’s current operational challenges. With a movement into an entirely different market segment, Tesla needs to seriously consider supplementing its operational and supply chain resource depth.

Building a Home or Planning a Vacation: Think about S&OP and S&OE

Supply Chain Nation

I recently had the opportunity to contribute an article, S&OP Vacation, to the Winter 2017 edition of Supply Chain World magazine 1 about the sales and operations planning process. In working with many customers over the years, I’ve discovered that the term means different things to different organizations, causing some to question the business value sales and operations planning can create within an organization.

Leveraging Supply Chain Data for Competitive Advantage

What does it mean to become a digital business or digital supply chain?

Navigating the Supply Chain Management Fault Line

Supply Chain Shaman

Tremors. Seismic shifts. Supply chain management technology has a fault line. It is growing. The technology market for supply chain management is dramatically shifting. Last week I bounced from call to call. Innovative startups. Artificial Intelligence innovators.

Talking Logistics: Top 5 Factors When Choosing a TMS


Our industry has gone through some significant changes in the last 10 years and we’re likely to go through even more thanks to factors like omni-channel, autonomous trucks and increasingly complex routing.

Challenges in Your Supply Chain & a Directional Approach to Integrated Business Planning

Supply Chain 24/7

This first part of this two-part paper evaluates how one should take advantage of the new capabilities SAP brings to the planning arena and also elaborates on how one can mitigate any risk inherent during this transition process, the second part of the paper evaluates the complexity of options faced by customers who may be interested in IBP

IBM Case Study Webinar: How AI can revolutionize your supply chain NOW


I had the privilege of being on a webinar today with Jeannette Barlow from IBM and Simon Ellis from IDC. The focus was on the impact of AI on supply chain decision-making, and I spoke about a recent case study on IBM’s application of Watson to their own supply chain. IBM, like many large enterprises, is always under pressure to drive shareholder returns.

CIO: Here's Why Analytics is Eating the Supply Chain

Life science companies are adopting innovative cloud technology to provide a single source of truth for end-to-end supply chain decision-making.

Innovating Through Mistakes

Supply Chain Nation

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is the advice we often get at life’s difficult moments. The other bit of mildly needling advice is that “it’s not what happens, it’s how you deal with it that counts.” It turns out that science underpins these truisms, and moreover, there are important lessons for economies, corporations and individuals to be learned. Economist @TimHarford recently presented a fascinating thesis at JDA FocusConnect 2017.

Moving Beyond Global Trade Management to Deliver on Global Commerce Management

Supply Chain Network

Global trade continues to accelerate both in volumes and complexity. If you don’t agree, just take a look at Alibaba and their most recent Singles Day where products were purchased from 192 countries!

The 5 Top Benefits of a Warehouse Management System


The days of managing inventory in warehouses with pen and paper have disappeared. In their place, warehouse management systems have risen to make managing inventory easier, and these systems provide tremendous benefits, explains Rick Register of Inbound Logistics.

Getting the Brexit and Trade Compliance Debate Moving

Oracle SCM

Stephen McCartney, ASR - Supply Chain Management. I recently attended a roundtable event in London hosted by one of our partners, KPIT. The topic was on trade compliance and it brought together transport organizations, retailers, consultants, manufacturers and technology providers.

The Modern Supply Chain: Present and Future

The external manufacturing environment is a highly dynamic, ever-changing landscape. The supply chain must both anticipate and adapt to that change.

Back to the Basics: What’s the Core Purpose of Supply Chain Management?


As supply chain professionals and SCM technology enthusiasts, our conversations and discussions are often forward-looking. Sometimes, it’s essential to focus on the here and now, before looking ahead. In this post, we’ll cover some of the basics of what supply chain management entails, and why it’s a critical component in fueling supply chain innovations. Back to the Basics: What’s the Core Purpose of Supply Chain Management? was first posted on November 14, 2017 at 8:02 am. ©2017


Dedication to Career, Life and Family

Supply Chain Nation

If you’re a JDA customer, you’ve likely been helped by Rebecca Torres, one of JDA’s delivery success managers.

Viable Visibility with Ocean Carriers

Supply Chain Link

As in many areas of logistics, visibility during the ocean shipping process continues to be a challenge for both shippers and carriers alike. Shippers are constantly seeking new ways to gain more visibility into their supply chain to ensure on-time deliveries and meet cost guidelines.

Capacity Crunch Factors: What Causes a Capacity Crunch?


Unbelievably, the capacity crunch is back the shipping headlines. In April 2017, William B. Cassidy of the Journal of commerce (JOC) noted shippers were expecting a forthcoming slight capacity pinch, but that was before hurricane season arrived. Now, the shipping and transportation industry faces unprecedented capacity problems, and the upcoming ELD implementation deadline will exacerbate the issue.

Balancing Priorities in the Supply Chain: How Data Discovery Reveals Unseen Associations and Opportunities

Leading companies are constantly managing competing supply chain priorities.