LTL Carrier Profile: UPS Freight

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LTL Carrier Profile: UPS Freight. UPS Freight is the fourth largest less than truckload (LTL) carrier with approximately $2.4B UPS Freight has 6.9% UPS Freight is based in Richmond, Virginia. UPS Freight is a business segment of United Parcel Service, Inc. Domestic Package, International Package, and Supply Chain and Freight. LTL Carrier Profile: UPS Freight Services. LTL Carrier Profile: UPS Freight History.

Greg Lehmkuhl Named President of Con-Way Freight

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Gregory (Greg) Lehmkuhl has been named President of Con-way Freight Inc., president and CEO, who has served as interim President of Con-way Freight since August 2010. Greg Lehmkuhl’s team-building experience and management skills have been instrumental in returning operating stability and profitability to Con-way Freight,” said Stotlar. “He These strengths will serve him well as he assumes the leadership reins at Con-way Freight.”. Con-way Inc.

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LTL Carrier Profile: FedEx Freight

The Logistics of Logistics

LTL Carrier Profile: FedEx Freight. FedEx Freight is the largest less than truckload (LTL) carrier with approximately $5.3B FedEx Freight has a market share of 14.9%. FedEx Freight’s revenue includes FedEx Custom Critical. FedEx Freight is one of 7 operating units owned by FedEx Corporation. LTL Carrier Profile: FedEx Freight History. FedEx Freight employs over 34,000 people and owns approximately 14,500 trucks. Fedex Freight Service Area.

LTL Carrier Profile: YRC Freight

The Logistics of Logistics

LTL Carrier Profile: YRC Freight. YRC Freight is the third largest less than truckload (LTL) carrier with approximately $3.2B YRC Freight has 9.2% YRC Freight is the largest subsidiary of YRC Worldwide Inc. New Penn became a part of YRC Worldwide in 2001. LTL Carrier Profile: YRC Freight Equipment & People. LTL Carrier Profile: YRC Freight Service Area. YRC Freight also covers Guam, U.S.

The History of the Shipping Container


For centuries the expense, risk, and frustration with ocean freight held back expansion of the international economy, despite the invention of the steam invention. First use of a modern container for ocean freight. Did You Know That … It wasn’t just about freight. Did You Know That … The first of 14 residential shipping container complexes now built in the UK is completed in 2001. Get instant freight quotes for container shipping.

The First Steps of Necessary Federal Maritime Commission Changes


Freight has not been impervious. In many ways though, the regulation of ocean freight in the United States is still playing catch-up, functioning as an obstacle instead of an enabler. However, ocean freight remained fraught with regulation, with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) a lone regulator dictating archaic contract rules to the ocean freight market. Moving Forward with Transparent Freight. This article originally appeared on .

Successful Cargo Space Delivery


Check out how you might have booked this shipment as a freight quote on Freightos. Dragon is the name of the space cargo ship that just delivered 7,000 pounds of freight, including the inflatable room. But freight in space has actually also been science fact, starting way back in 1960, when one Wernher von Braun opined back “We have a logistics problem coming up in space.”. COMPARE INT’L FREIGHT QUOTES NOW.

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The Potential Impact on Shipping of a Global Recession

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In a sobering assessment, Morgan Stanley stated that we will be entering a situation that is “worse than the global recession of 2001.” Truck, Rail, Freight, Air: While the potential recession will likely be global, it will also have a significant impact on domestic shipping. drop in air, rail, freight, truck volume from the same time the previous year.

Should We Celebrate this Marriage?

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Founded in 2001, INTTRA was a joint venture between CMA-CGM, Hamburg Sud, Hapag-Lloyd, Maersk Line, MSC, and UASC. To create a standard electronic booking system for the ocean freight industry. Flows from a many-to-many network enables brand owners bi-directionally and multi-tier to carriers, 3PLs, freight forwarders, and contract manufacturers. E2open is acquiring INTTRA pending federal approval. Is this a knot to be tied? Does this deserve congratulations or concern?

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31 Motivations for Reshoring Manufacturing & Updated Reshoring Stats


Transportation and freight costs are reduced. Overall, from 2001 to 2008 average Asian wages increased 7.1-7.8%, and currently meet or exceed U.S. Premium freight capacity improves. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn The post 31 Motivations for Reshoring Manufacturing & Updated Reshoring Stats appeared first on Freight Logistics Company | Cerasis. This is the first post in a two part series on our update on Reshoring.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The History of Shipping Containers


The Freightos System is SaaS for freight contract management, automatic price quotations, and business intelligence. Although our core focus is not on freight forwarding services, we still love to connect the community to providers and technology of value to shippers who are in the pursuit of efficiencies and resource reduction in order to remain competitive. First use of a modern container for ocean freight. It wasn’t just about freight.

E2open to Acquire INTTRA, Adding the World’s Leading Ocean Shipping Network and Software Provider, Creating an Integrated Global Supply Chain and Logistics Operating Network


Founded in 2001 by the leading ocean carriers, INTTRA has created the world’s foremost and largest neutral multi-carrier network across 177 countries with more than 35,000 active shippers, 60 carriers and 150 integrations with transportation management and port system software partners. The combination provides value to all stakeholders – manufacturers, logistics service providers, freight forwarders and ocean carriers,” said Michael Farlekas, chief executive officer of E2open. “We

BidMode to join the EC Sourcing Family

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Impact on eSourcing & Optimization – BidMode’s technology has been fully integrated into EC Sourcing’s toolkit, including its rapid bid analysis functionality, award optimization, and advanced freight scenario modeling. Founded in 2001 and based in Morristown, N.J., Morristown, N.J.,

Doing Business in Portugal


Portugal also has more than 3,000 km of rail tracks, nearly 83,000 km of mostly paved roads, 1,344 km of oil and gas pipeline, and a large merchant marine fleet of bulk carriers, container ships, oil tankers and other types of freight ships. Even though Portugal’s economy grew rapidly in the late 20 th century, it hit a rough patch in 2001. With 1,793 km of coastline, Portugal has a long history as a seafaring country and once had colonies all over the world.

This Week in Logistics News (September 7-11, 2015)

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Where were you on September 11, 2001 when the planes hit the towers? DAT Solutions Launches Freight Market Analytics Service. “Another crown jewel in this transaction is Con-way’s subsidiary, Menlo Logistics, an asset-light top 30 global contract logistics provider with additional lines of business in freight brokerage and managed transportation. Today is September 11. I never forget.

This Week in Logistics News (August 25-29, 2014)

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June 2014 North American Freight Numbers. Newegg has been selling consumer electronics online since 2001 and is one of the first e-retailers to do so…And today, we’re proud to announce our latest solution to satisfy online shoppers’ needs: same-day delivery service. With summer unofficially ending this weekend, and school starting next week, the clock is ticking on summer vacation.

Hurricane Harvey - Effects, Forecasts, and Operational Best Practices


Harvey is not the first lethal and damaging flood to hit Houston: Tropical Storm Allison in 2001 killed 41 and caused $9 billion in damage, as well as flooding in 2016 that shut down the city for days. Rail freight networks operated by Kansas City Southern and Union Pacific in Texas, USA were heavily disrupted due to Hurricane Harvey, according to reports on Friday, August 25th.

This Week in Logistics News (December 9-13, 2013)

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Freight Shipments Fell 0.7% on the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), which began in 2001, and it’s still not completed. Same-day delivery (or is it shipping?) and global trade dominated the news this week, so let’s take a look. Home Depot To Offer Same Day Delivery ( Wall Street Journal ). Retailers Turn Store Clerks Into Web Shippers ( Wall Street Journal ). WTO overcomes last minute hitch to reach its first global trade deal ( Reuters ).

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Crisis is an opportunity for speeding up Digital Transformation to enhance Agility, Resilience and Productivity – LogiSYM September 2020

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Ravi has worked with 3PL Logistics players, Distributors and other Retailers providing One-Stop Turnkey Software solutions for Warehousing, Distribution, Ecommerce and Retail since 2001. Ocean Freight Visibility Spells new Opportunities for Supply Chains – LogiSYM September 2020. The world has shrunk into a global village with better connectivity and inter-linked supply chain.

How to Harness the Economic Power of Logistics Clusters

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In 2001 the government of Aragón in northern Spain realized that its economy had become overly reliant on a small group of industries, notably auto manufacturing. Logistics clusters are uniquely positioned to become centers of excellence for environmentally sustainable supply chains, since they are focal points for freight traffic. Mutual benefits.

Using Big Data to Drive Manufacturing Sales: 3 Big Takeaways from the USMTO Reports


According to our USMTO data the 2003 recession really started in 2001 and didn’t really end until 2005 or even 2006. Twitter The post Using Big Data to Drive Manufacturing Sales: 3 Big Takeaways from the USMTO Reports appeared first on Freight Logistics Company | Cerasis. How Can USMTO Reports Help Drive Manufacturing Sales and your Bottom Line?

A Quick Glance Into The Logistics Market - March 2016


MULTIMODAL: Cass Freight Index: The February shipments index increased 8.3% Freight Rail Traffic: Originations of carloads in February 2016 totaled 979,042, a decrease of 10.1% Source: (Average monthly price for gallons purchased by freight railroads; Includes federal excise taxes, transportation, and handling expenses). TRUCKING: Truckload Freight: The spot market for truckload freight in February decreased 2.4% Ocean Freight Business News: .

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Takeaways from Manhattan Associates’ Momentum 2017 Conference

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In WannaCry’s case, hackers exploited vulnerabilities in Windows XP — an operating system still in wide use today, even though it was originally released in 2001 and Microsoft stopped supporting it in 2014. The recent WannaCry cyber attack exploited a problem that exists at most companies today: the use of outdated software systems.

Business Continuity Affects All Your Supply Chain

Logistics Bureau

The UK water industry found this out in 2001. For example, a flexible transport strategy could use different freight forwarders or use rail and road in parallel. The old slogan for the Timex watch of “Takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’” sums up business continuity nicely. Watches are already complicated. In supply chain, the complexity can be far greater. Business continuity management seeks to keep a supply chain working in the event of a problem.

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3 Transport Topics Headlines Validate the UltraShipTMS Approach

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When UltraShipTMS set out to develop a solution for logistics IT in 2001, leadership imbued its directives to the talented developers, coders and transportation logistics professionals with a specific philosophy. Simply put, the team behind the UltraShipTMS platform was told to think about transportation logistics as an activity that affects stakeholders far beyond the confines of the transportation department.

What is a 3PL?

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In 2017, Armstrong & Associates found that 90% of domestic Fortune 500 companies use 3PL providers, compared to just 46% in 2001. Financial and Information: Typically used by larger companies, these 3PLs optimize your company’s logistics network by providing services ranging from accounting and cost control to freight auditing, inventory tracking and management and similar functions.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Attracting Millennials to Manufacturing: Understanding Millennial Experience in Order to Gain Talent


Editor’s Note: As an older Millennial who landed in Transportation Management & Logistics marketing, our target audience are manufacturers who ship freight. In 2001, millennials saw the destruction of both towers of the World Trade Center, and the passion for keeping America strong was born. So, about 2+ years ago I made the choice to write about things our target audience cares about.

A New Year, a New Administration Begins


The only time this rule was successfully used was in March 2001 to roll back the hotly contested ergonomic regulations under the Clinton administration. . It should be noted that freight volume and load-to-truck ratios started out higher than normal for this time of year and it’s usual for load counts to decline. . The rising Consumer Price Index ( CPI ), up 2.1 percent year over year in December, companies gain the ability to raise wages, boosting the consumer economy.

The Ultimate Guide to Beer Profit Margins & More


Brewery software will capture all the costs of production, from raw materials to freight costs. Material costs is the price paid to acquire materials, such as ingredients and packaging materials, including tax and freight.

How to Protect Your Carrier Assets During Capacity Crunch

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Additionally, for shippers with enough freight volume on competitive lanes, a virtual fleet can also be a viable alternative. By maintaining data on different freight markets and carriers, a 3PL can match your volume to a carrier’s complementary or empty return lanes and identify why freight may not be attractive to carriers. In 2001, he took over as Senior Vice President Operations for CLX Logistics.