Where Does Cuba Rank in Logistics?

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All this talk about Cuba, however, sparked a question for me this week: Where does Cuba rank in logistics? The answer, according to the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index (LPI) , is near the bottom of the list. The logistics performance (LPI) is the weighted average of the country scores on the six key dimensions: Efficiency of the clearance process (i.e., Back in 2001, my friend and logistics expert Art Van Bodegraven traveled to Cuba as part of a logistics delegation.

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This Week in Logistics News (September 7-11, 2015)

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Where were you on September 11, 2001 when the planes hit the towers? I was in a meeting with folks from Manugistics (now part of JDA) getting an update on the company and its transportation management system. Remembering 9/11 seems more important to me, even if it doesn’t directly relate to supply chain and logistics. Moving on to this week’s supply chain and logistics news… XPO Logistics to Acquire Con-way. Roadnet® Transportation Suite 3.7.2

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Checklist: Logistics challenges in China

Supply Chain Movement

Back in 2001, China was just revving its engine, a $1.3 According to an article in Forbes, February 2014, superior customs clearance, warehousing, and transportation capabilities can be huge competitive advantages and drivers of brand strength in China. But the logistics infrastructure is a major challenge. Supply Chain Movement and logistics service provider DSV created a checklist to discover how well your Chinese supply chains are organized. >>Please

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Back to the future of public transport

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An artist and a cartoonist for the magazine, Strothmann envisioned the future of transportation in 2001: Flying buses and trams, sky stations, and private zeppelins instead of cars. We may not have met Strothman’s vision for public transport in 2001, but what if we had? Imagine if an air transport vehicle is rescheduled onto the same route as another vehicle or if the system assigns a driver without the right certifications for a particular vehicle?

Origin of Logistics & Supply Chain Revealed! - SupplyChainOpz

Supply Chain Opz

Origin of Logistics & Supply Chain Revealed! What do we know about "Logistics" and "Supply Chain" to date? According to Lummas et al 2001 , the word "Logistics" in English appeared in the article as early as in 1898. 2) Origin of "Logistics". Its here that the word "Logistics" in English language appeared for the first time. 1) Practitioners with traditional view sees SCM as part of logistics (Traditionalist). (2) NAVIGATE. Basics. Case Studies.

This Week in Logistics News (August 25-29, 2014)

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Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corp. Announces the Acquisition of ADS Logistics. FedEx Ground loses new legal round with labor (Logistics Management). I first wrote about the possibility of drones as a new transportation mode back in February 2013, and during the holiday season last year, Amazon announced its Amazon PrimeAir initiative , which some called a PR stunt, while others — like Google and UPS — saw it as a new competitive threat and opportunity.

E2open to Acquire INTTRA, Adding the World’s Leading Ocean Shipping Network and Software Provider, Creating an Integrated Global Supply Chain and Logistics Operating Network


E2open to Acquire INTTRA, Adding the World’s Leading Ocean Shipping Network and Software Provider, Creating an Integrated Global Supply Chain and Logistics Operating Network. Combination of E2open and INTTRA forms the Global Logistics and Supply Chain Network with Access to World-Wide Ocean Container Capacity and information. We aim to bridge the gap between manufacturing and logistics with execution capabilities on a unified platform with real-time end-to-end visibility.

C-TPAT: An Update to Supply Chain Security and Trade Compliance


The program was originally established in 2001, and according to the CBP , “there are currently more than 11,400 certified partners spanning across the trade community.” Becoming a member of the C-TPAT program can deliver many benefits for shippers and transportation providers alike, including: Fewer customs inspections. C-TPAT: An Update to Supply Chain Security and Trade Compliance.

The First Steps of Necessary Federal Maritime Commission Changes


Modes of transportation and communication evolved, culminating today in instant-gratification last-mile/last-touch, in a world of one-hour delivery and online bookings. On that basis, most of the transportation industry in the United States was deregulated in the 1970s and 1980s.

This Week in Logistics News (July 2-6, 2018)

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In the meantime, here’s the supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention this week: Trump launches opening salvo in US trade war as tariffs kick in. The post This Week in Logistics News (July 2-6, 2018) appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

Successful Cargo Space Delivery


We’re huge fans of innovation in the logistics space. NASA awarded the company a commercial orbital transportation services contract in 2006, to design and demonstrate a launch system to resupply cargo to the ISS. But freight in space has actually also been science fact, starting way back in 1960, when one Wernher von Braun opined back “We have a logistics problem coming up in space.”. Leading logistics providers are no doubt already looking to get in early.

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A Quick Glance Into The Logistics Market - March 2016


Source: Cass Information Systems | Cassinfo.com) (Based upon transportation dollars and shipments of Cass clients comprised of over 400 shipping companies). Source: Inbound Logistics). Source: AAR.org) (Average monthly price for gallons purchased by freight railroads; Includes federal excise taxes, transportation, and handling expenses). Department of Transportation has taken the first step to address obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in truck drivers.

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3 Transport Topics Headlines Validate the UltraShipTMS Approach

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When UltraShipTMS set out to develop a solution for logistics IT in 2001, leadership imbued its directives to the talented developers, coders and transportation logistics professionals with a specific philosophy. Simply put, the team behind the UltraShipTMS platform was told to think about transportation logistics as an activity that affects stakeholders far beyond the confines of the transportation department.

LTL Carrier Profile: UPS Freight

The Logistics of Logistics

Now, UPS has aggressively grown into freight and other transportation solutions through a series of strategic acquisitions. The latest addition to this portfolio includes LTL and truckload freight services, which complements UPS’s global capabilities to provide customers a single source for multiple modes of transportation. In 2001, UPS acquired Mail Boxes Etc., In 2005, UPS acquired the less-than-truckload (LTL) trucking company Overnite Transportation.

Greg Lehmkuhl Named President of Con-Way Freight

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He joined Con-way Freight in August 2008 from sister company Menlo Worldwide Logistics. Before joining Menlo in 2001, he held logistics and operations management positions with Delphi Automotive Systems and Penske Logistics. where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business with emphasis on materials and logistics management. billion freight transportation and logistics services company headquartered in Ann Arbor, Mich. Con-way Inc.

Should We Celebrate this Marriage?

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I consider her the best in the biz for transportation management consulting. Ellen’s was to design and execute the transportation planning logic. in to transportation management to drive routing information and booking optimization).

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The Mind-Boggling Complexities of Food Distribution (Why Optimization is Critical)

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It is also my go-to example when I try to explain supply chain and logistics to my kids. “Do Why doesn’t the ice cream melt when it gets transported from the factory? For example, here’s a description from a 2001 profile of Kroger’s food supply chain published by Louisville Business First : The frozen food portion of the order is assembled at 6:30 a.m.

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[Infographic] How did Reshoring and 3rd Party Logistics Operations fare in 2016?


Third-party logistics operations (3PLs) saw additional gains and enhancements throughout 2016, as predicted earlier in the year. Reshoring was set to become a major trend as well, but at the close of the year, actual reshoring and nearshoring efforts did not surpass most logistics trends. Meanwhile, expanding the level of services offered by 3PLs stood out as the leading logistics trend throughout the year. Logistics Operations. 3PL Logistics

31 Motivations for Reshoring Manufacturing & Updated Reshoring Stats


Those changes, along with high costs of transporting materials and finished goods to and from overseas locations, make the value of reshoring likely to become a compelling financial reality for many manufacturers. Transportation and freight costs are reduced. Excessive time-to-market delays due to overseas transportation issues are eliminated. Overall, from 2001 to 2008 average Asian wages increased 7.1-7.8%, and currently meet or exceed U.S.

Takeaways from Manhattan Associates’ Momentum 2017 Conference

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In WannaCry’s case, hackers exploited vulnerabilities in Windows XP — an operating system still in wide use today, even though it was originally released in 2001 and Microsoft stopped supporting it in 2014. A similar problem exists with supply chain and logistics software. Strategic transportation modelling capabilities. Director of Transportation at Giant Eagle, presented a great customer case study on how the company transformed its transportation operations.

The worst Supply Chain practices must be confessed and not only by constraint

KEPLER Consulting

Exhaust-data analyses (OTD, pallet volume, transport, suppliers, returns, etc.) The failure to review the distribution plan in the light of logistical and commercial constaints in the stores leads to the blind disposal of warehouse stocks.

Businesses Must Take and Avoid Risks

Enterra Insights

Earlier this year, Adrian Gonzalez ( @talkinlogistics ) surveyed a group of supply chain professionals and they listed supplier/customer bankruptcy as their number one risk concern, followed by labor shortage, transportation infrastructure gridlock, business model disruption, natural disasters, cyber attack, product recall, tariff wars, and labor disputes.[4] 4] Adrian Gonzalez, “ Plan Effectively For These Supply Chain Risks ,” Talking Logistics , 29 July 2019. [5]

Why the Outlook for the Oil and Gas Market is Brighter than You Think


Transportation is still heavily dependant on fossil fuels. When I earned my business degree in 2001, supply chain was not available as a degree— it wasn’t even a very common term).

[INFOGRAPHIC] The History of Shipping Containers


Editor's Note: This is a guest blog from Freightos , is a SaaS-enabled marketplace for the logistics industry. As a logistics service provider, focusing on over-the-road surface transportation management solutions via technology and managed transportation services, we find the following information on the history of shipping containers of great significance to the logistics and supply chain community at large. Freight Logistics shipping containers

Seasoned Leadership in Action™! An Interview with Michael Massetti, VP at Gartner!

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We dug that company out of terrible financial difficulty after the “internet bubble” burst in 2001. It was not until later in the 1980s that the loose federation between planning, purchasing, manufacturing, and logistics started coming together as an end-to-end entity called supply chain.

LTL Carrier Profile: FedEx Freight

The Logistics of Logistics

FedEx Freight was established in 2001, when FedEx Corporation acquired and merged the assets of American Freightways, Viking Freight and Watkins Motor Lines. The post LTL Carrier Profile: FedEx Freight appeared first on The Logistics of Logistics. Transportation company profile of FedEx Freight FedEx Freight history FedEx Freight info FedEx Freight information FedEx Freight Overview FedEx Freight profile FedEx Freight service area FedEx Freight trucks LTL Carrier Profile

50 warehouse automation stats you should know

6 River Systems

Among distribution centers with three or more buildings, 28% had six or more buildings in 2016, 22% had six or more buildings in 2017, and 27% had six or more buildings in 2018, according to Logistics Management. According to Logistics Management , the average clear height of distribution centers was 32.7 “CBRE’s third-quarter 2018 industrial and logistics indicators were over-performing nationwide, in most markets, both primary and secondary.

LTL Carrier Profile: YRC Freight

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Yellow Transportation was founded in 1924 by A.J. New Penn became a part of YRC Worldwide in 2001. Yellow Transportation and Roadway formally merged to create YRC Worldwide in 2009. The post LTL Carrier Profile: YRC Freight appeared first on The Logistics of Logistics. Transportation Company profile YRC Freight LTL Carrier Profile YRC Freight history YRC Freight info YRC Freight information YRC Freight Overview YRC Freight profile YRC Freight trucks

Seasoned Leadership in Action™ – An Interview with Wolfgang Lehmacher!

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In 2010, I joined global strategy firm CVA to head the global logistics practice. In 2014, I accepted to support the World Economic Forum in developing the supply chain and transport industries. In 2001, La Poste had become a leading player in the express parcel business in Europe.

Warehousing, the Rise of IT, Automation, and Now… Robotics

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Transport optimisation considerations dictate that warehousing is used at the end-point of a transport system to amass enough products for a full load for the subsequent transport system. Products that are best transported in high volume (like agricultural products) will need to be warehoused in locations that make access easy for large vehicles, and so on. Logistics services provider TNT runs a large distribution hub in Belgium.

Remembering 9/11

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Where were you on September 11, 2001 when the planes hit the towers? I was in a meeting with folks from Manugistics (now part of JDA) getting an update on the company and its transportation management system. Author’s Note: Today is September 11. I never forget.

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Business Continuity Affects All Your Supply Chain

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It may mean different production methods or logistics partners. Suppose you use “right-sized” cardboard boxes to pack your products and optimise storage and transport. The UK water industry found this out in 2001. Transport problems stopped deliveries from the one chemical plant supplying over 70% of the chlorine for water purification across the nation. For example, a flexible transport strategy could use different freight forwarders or use rail and road in parallel.

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What is a 3PL?

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3PL (third-party logistics) providers deliver outsourced distribution and fulfillment activities to companies that want to supplement or lack the resources to handle these functions in-house. In 2017, Armstrong & Associates found that 90% of domestic Fortune 500 companies use 3PL providers, compared to just 46% in 2001.

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A New Year, a New Administration Begins


In short, this is all good news for logistics providers, truckers, railroads and the economy. . The twelve industries covered by the NMI that showing December growth are: Mining; Retail Trade; Finance & Insurance; Information; Arts, Entertainment & Recreation; Construction; Health Care & Social Assistance; Professional, Scientific & Technical Services; Utilities; Transportation & Warehousing; and Accommodation & Food Services. . At Wagner Logistics .

[INFOGRAPHIC] Attracting Millennials to Manufacturing: Understanding Millennial Experience in Order to Gain Talent


Editor’s Note: As an older Millennial who landed in Transportation Management & Logistics marketing, our target audience are manufacturers who ship freight. I figured, we pepper in some tips on transportation management, but if we also offer value to manufacturers, they would turn to us as the experts. In 2001, millennials saw the destruction of both towers of the World Trade Center, and the passion for keeping America strong was born.