SCRC Partner Profile: A Textbook Transformation at Biogen-Idec

Supply Chain View from the Field

In addition, much of the power in decision-making lies in the hands of clinical trials scientists, who often have power over procurement decisions. The company discovers, develops, manufactures, and markets biological products for treating conditions such as multiple sclerosis and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It was formed from the November 2003 merger of Biogen, Inc.

7 Rules of Fashion Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Opz

When QR strategy has become saturated, companies have to find the ways to differentiate themselves, some adopt ERP system, others adopt Just-in-Time manufacturing concept. Zara who is the fashion retailer in Spain, has managed to get the attention from academics and the first case study about its strategies was published by Harvard Business School in 2003.


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Supplier Risk Management Considerations for the Coronavirus Outbreak


This will impact manufacturers and retailers who rely on these products and labor, the logistics haulers expecting to transport the material, and ultimately the end consumers. .

FreightWaves Classics: U.S. military logistics help make it the world’s best

The Supply Chain Journal

In the First World War, the responsibility for military transportation was combined in the hands of a single group of specialists dedicated to the mission of transporting the myriad of requirements of a modern army from the manufacturer to the soldier in his foxhole.”. Introduction.

Coronavirus Highlights Fragility of Global Supply Networks


Procurement professionals around the world are sitting up and paying attention, especially in sectors with globally integrated supply chains. China ’ s economy has grown in leaps and bounds from roughly 4% of world GDP in 2003 to 1 6% today.

China 76

The Strategic National Stockpile that Failed Us


Third, the management of the SNS must reflect the rapidly shifting conditions in global supply chains and global markets, which will also entail deep market intelligence and monitoring of key suppliers, import and export controls, and global manufacturing capacity. 2003).

Closed Loop Recycling Systems are Key to Sustainable Concessions for the Portland Blazers


Mr. Chandler remarked that the Company fell into the biobased product industry in 2003 by accident. That chain of events in 2003 led to millions of dollars in sales and growth of the Company’s brand. Ovations Food Service – made procurement switch to compostable products and achieved price parity; engaged staff effectively. One of the big changes occurring in the food service packaging industry is the use of biobased food containers at sports events.

The worst Supply Chain practices must be confessed and not only by constraint

KEPLER Consulting

A failure to control IT consumption in production will hinder the delivery of components along the line, the waste management through the forcing of manufacturing orders and, ultimately, the calculation of the PRI.

CKS Benelux and Ivalua partner with Punch Powertrain to digitalise strategic sourcing


Founded in 2003, CKS is a European independent and specialised procurement consulting company, supporting its public and private clients along three business lines: strategic and operational consulting, BPO procurement services, and S2C and P2P information systems implementation.

Why Is It So Hard to Find Good Help These Days?

Material Handling and Logistics

The latest smart manufacturing concept that we developed and demonstrated is the robot-on-a-cart concept for autonomous assembly or conveyer tending. As manufacturers continue to expand the various applications these systems can handle, we’ll see more firms designing lights-out facilities. . We’ll be watching this technology closely as drone manufacturers add capabilities necessary for various warehouse applications.

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