10 Books Logistics And Supply Chain Experts Need To Read


All those books would weigh 49,000 kilograms – half the cargo mass of a Boeing 747-200F. Read if you’re interested in: How the creation of a metal box can change major world ports, power the rise of Asian manufacturing and flatten the world. 2004).

36 innovative companies re-inventing and rethinking supply chain and logistics

6 River Systems

In addition to cutting the need for outsourced manufacturing, this move could give the company a leg up on the competition by making it possible to get products in the hands of consumers faster. manufacturing facility in 2014.

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Putting the WoW! Into Service Supply Chain

Supply Chain Opz

Since a modern business is shifting from manufacturing to service, this article will provide a review of literature and a case study of the company at a forefront of the service supply chain frontier. In early 2004, they noticed that customer service was the biggest problem.

Three Times Tom Hanks Was Faster Than Your Supply Chain (Spoiler Alert)

Aera Technology

From there, if all checks out, manufacturing and distribution can begin, at which point, it’s been about eight years since Hank was found on the open ocean. manufacturing plants, delivery vessels, cargo holdings, inventories, retail distribution networks), things go well.

Land challenges for Hong Kong's logistics sector


Hong Kong’s critical mass of cargo and extensive air-and-ocean connectivity enable the network-effect that empowers its enviable leadership as the leading Regional Distribution Centre serving the whole of the Asia region.

Asia 57

A Quick Glance Into The Logistics Market - January 2016


2004=100). Manufacturing & Trade Sales: Total combined sales and manufacturing shipments totaled nearly $1.317 trillion in October 2015, down 0.2% billion of cargo, decreasing 1.97% from October 2015 and the lowest level since February 2011. MARKET: .

Tesla and the Future of the Trucking Industry


The Semi, set to be unveiled in 2017, is a large electric-powered, long-haul trucking vehicle that Musk says will “deliver a substantial reduction in the cost of cargo transport, while increasing safety and making it really fun to operate.”.