Manufacturing in US Expands at Fastest Pace Since May 2004

Material Handling and Logistics

factories expanded in February at the fastest rate since May 2004, indicating sustained strength in manufacturing as demand remains solid, according to figures from the Institute for Supply Management released on March 1. The latest advance extends a series of healthy readings in the survey-based measure of manufacturing that’s being fueled by improving global economies and firm business investment.

Two Million Vacant Manufacturing Jobs by 2025…How Can We Tackle the Skills Gap?


Approximately 60 percent of today's unfilled manufacturing jobs are due to a shortage of applicants with sufficient proficiency in science, technology, engineering, and math ( STEM ) skills. This estimate is according to responses provided by 83 percent of the manufacturing executives who participated in a survey conducted as part of an industry study by the Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte Consulting LLP. capacity to keep pace with needs of manufacturing.


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Auto Manufacturers Struggle with Mexican Supply Chains


In fact, one in five vehicles produced in North America is made in Mexico , according to the Detroit Free Press - double the rate recorded in 2004. Mexico plays an important role in the North American auto industry. Thanks to competitive wages, free trade agreements and a strong location, the nation has proven to be an attractive investment opportunity for major automakers looking to build new assembly lines.

The Top 10 Manufacturing Blog Posts from 2014


Today, we kick off our annual year end series highlighting the top blog posts in each of our 7 main categories: Manufacturing , Supply Chain , Logistics , 3PL , Business , Transportation , Freight. Top Manufacturing Blog Posts for 2014. Like last year, reshoring and the idea of a US Manufacturing comeback, or revivial, or rennaisaince (whatever you want to call it) was of huge interest to our readers of the Cerasis blog. Is Manufacturing Really a Good Career Choice?

A Very Agile Supply Chain: The Inside Story of AGCO’s Response to COVID-19

Logistics Viewpoints

This global manufacturer of agricultural equipment began their journey to improved supply chain resiliency in 2004. AGCO is a supply chain success story. This is the inside story of AGCO's response to the pandemic and how they developed such an agile supply chain. Agility does not just happen. The post A Very Agile Supply Chain: The Inside Story of AGCO’s Response to COVID-19 appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Supply Chain Risk Management supply chain resiliency

The Current State of the Shipping Capacity Crunch


Strong Projections in Manufacturing Will Tighten Shipping Capacity Further. As the stock market continues to climb, the likelihood of increased manufacturing in the U.S. Meanwhile, manufacturers have already started to ramp up production in advance of the 2017 holiday shopping season, and U.S. factory activity has risen to the highest levels since 2004, in response to the active hurricane season as well. Capacity Crunch Manufacturing

Doing Business in the Czech Republic


Manufacturing in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic’s single largest industry is automobile manufacturing, most of which is exported. In addition to automobiles, the Czech Republic manufactures glass, textiles, medicines, armaments, electronics, chemicals, food and beverages, and machinery and equipment. . Manufacturing accounts for 36.9% Supply Chain Infrastructure for Manufacturing. How would you describe the state of Manufacturing in the Czech Republic?

US Manufacturing Caps Best Year Since '04: ISM

Material Handling and Logistics

Manufacturing expanded in December at the fastest pace in three months, as gains in orders and production capped the strongest year for factories since 2004, the Institute for Supply Management said on January 3. The figures suggest manufacturing strength will persist into early 2018, even after the ISM’s semi-annual survey of purchasing managers published last month showed factories anticipate growth in capital spending to slow this year.

Doing Business in Poland


The country joined NATO in 1999 and later became a member of the EU in 2004. Manufacturing in Poland. Poland’s manufacturing centers around machinery, iron and steel, coal mining, chemicals, shipbuilding, food processing, glass, beverages and textiles. Supply Chain Infrastructure for Manufacturing. The primary commodities included machinery and equipment, intermediate manufactured goods, chemicals, minerals, fuels, lubricants and related materials.

Campbell Soup Company upgrades Demand Sensing

Supply Chain Movement

Demand Sensing provides an automated way for manufacturers to extract value from big data, using pattern recognition algorithms to create the best possible prediction of future sales for every item in every location. In 2004, Campbell Soup Company was the first company to implement Terra’s solutions and reap the benefits of Demand Sensing’s improved forecast accuracy. Campbell Soup Company, will upgrade to the newest version of Terra Technology’s Demand Sensing solution.

Systems for a More Efficient Yard Management Process


There are over 100,000 warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants in the U.S. Improving the Yard Management Process Since 2004. alone. With nearly 4 million retail stores and eCommerce websites to support, their supply chain must be as efficient as possible. million trailers do 500 million shipments (facility to facility or facility to store) every single year all over the country. These shipments average over 200 miles each, taking up countless hours and funds.

System 100

Top 5 coffee roaster manufacturers

Exapro Hub

As coffee roaster manufacturers have the passion for good coffee, Exapro has the passion for used industrial machinery market and its evolution since 2004. Since then, we were wondering what could be the top 5 coffee roaster manufacturers ever listed on among more than 60 brands. This study was conducted after the surprising results from our last analysis regarding the top 5 press brakes cnc/nc manufacturers.

Top 5 press brakes cnc/nc manufacturers

Exapro Hub

Since 2004, Exapro has been observing the used industrial machinery market. In recent years, some manufacturers have built their reputation and have become leaders. As we did for other categories such as machines centers manufacturers or injection moulding machines , we’ve analyzed more than 4,000 press brakes cnc/nc ever listed on our website among 70 brands to determine the top 5 press brakes cnc/nc manufacturers.

7 Rules of Fashion Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Opz

When QR strategy has become saturated, companies have to find the ways to differentiate themselves, some adopt ERP system, others adopt Just-in-Time manufacturing concept. In 2004, Kasra Ferdows, Michael A. We''ve identified 7 rules that we can learn from them as below, 7 Rules of Fashion SCM 1) Produce in small lot : small lot is the unique characteristics of lean manufacturing which is not the case here.

Time to rethink: How much further can your business go?

DELMIA Quintiq

Manufacturing, retail, oil & gas, aviation services – you name it, it’s likely to be applicable. It was a record store chain in the UK, which closed down in 2004 in the wake of digital music consumption. Or what about Digital Equipment Corp (DEC), an American computer manufacturer that failed to seize opportunities more than once and was ultimately left behind while Apple and IBM charged ahead? What does the future hold for your business?

Tackling Item Complexity

Supply Chain Shaman

This case study from 2004 outlines a process to manage complexity and improve agility. World Kitchen’s supply chain– with significant manufacturing and distribution operations throughout North America and Asia– was complex. The SEVA defined SKU profitability after adjustments for associated inventory, manufacturing, distribution and financial assets used to make, deliver and distribute the item. Personalization. Market microsegmentation. New product launch.

Welcome 2019

Supply Chain Shaman

In parallel, SAP launched technology platforms: NetWeaver in 2004 followed by HANA 2.0 Digital Manufacturing Success. In the next two years, companies will make the most progress in the area of digital manufacturing. The winners include small biotech companies and medical device companies investing in hospital manufacturing capabilities. The losers include companies with big and inflexible manufacturing models and traditional retailers. Welcome to a new year.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The End of Made In China Manufacturing


The phrase “Made in China” embodies cheap labor, the outsourcing of American manufacturing jobs, and China’s transformation into one of the world’s economic superpowers. However, it seems the end of the Made in China manufacturing era may be in sight. Labor Costs Driving an End to the Made in China Manufacturing. Mexico now has lower manufacturing costs than China , whose manufacturing-cost advantage over the U.S.

China 263

The World’s Largest Brands Are Using Inventory Accuracy and Yard Automation to Fight COVID-19 Chaos


Currently used by hundreds of distribution center and manufacturing plants around the globe, the PINC Yard Management System is the only digital YMS that truly automates and optimizes gate activities, trailer movements, dock scheduling, yard operations and functions performed by yard workers and administrators, and communication between trading partners and carriers. In particular, with industry verticals such as food and beverage manufacturing, grocery retail, retail, and apparel.

7 Best Customer Service Books CEOs Read

Supply Chain Opz

Those people you are dealing with every day is actually your "internal customer" (as in lean manufacturing or six sigma initiatives.) 2004). We evaluate books related to customer service based on sales rank, reviews/endorsement by leading business leaders and show you the best customer service books.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Attracting Millennials to Manufacturing: Understanding Millennial Experience in Order to Gain Talent


Editor’s Note: As an older Millennial who landed in Transportation Management & Logistics marketing, our target audience are manufacturers who ship freight. I figured, we pepper in some tips on transportation management, but if we also offer value to manufacturers, they would turn to us as the experts. However, what I didn’t expect was how much joy I would get out of understanding manufacturing. almost everything we use is made/manufactured 2.

7 Ways to Create Perfect Agile Supply Chain Machine

Supply Chain Opz

The primary focus was to make a manufacturing system became more flexible and could adapt to changes. published the article entitled " Leagility: Integrating the lean and agile manufacturing paradigms in the total supply chain " to describe how agility and lean concept are related. Triple-A Supply Chain In 2004, Professor Hau Lee of Stanford University published the article titled " The Triple-A Supply Chain " in Harvard Business Review.

Lean 178

US Economy Still Growing But at Slower Pace

Material Handling and Logistics

Economic activity in the manufacturing sector expanded in March, and the overall economy grew for the 107th consecutive month, say the nation's supply executives in the latest Manufacturing ISM Report on Business. Fiore, Chair of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Manufacturing Business Survey Committee: . The Backlog of Orders Index continued a 14-month expansion with its highest reading since May 2004, when it registered 63%.

Aya??n?z? yorgan?n?za göre uzat?n… – Cut your coat…

Supply Chain Movement

An interview with Toygar Narbay, Chairman of the Board at clothing manufacturer Narkonteks. Effective supply chain management has been vital in building a compelling offering – both as a manufacturer for leading international brands and in developing its own brand. Ancak 2004’te di?er From 2001 until the end of 2004 the production was done in a traditional mass-production manner for one of the world’s biggest underwear brands from the USA. rgiyim imalatç?s?

Navy Awards Two Shipbuilding Contracts for New Submarines

Operations and Supply Chain Management

The latest deal covers the building of two submarines a year, with the block buy expanded to 10 ships from the eight ordered in the previous batch of boats which first entered service in 2004. Cost learning curve Manufacturing Purchasing Supply Chain Risk Supply Chain StrategyDiscussion Questions: Read the following article carefully. What are the details of the contracts that that the Navy struck with General Dynamics and Huntington Ingalls?

Brewers Supply Group Selects BluJay’s Transportation Management to Deliver Best-in-class Service for Customers

BluJay Solutions

We’ve been supplying select ingredients at competitive prices to craft brewers, winemakers, craft distillers, and home fermentation retailers in North America since 2004. Through a blend of Data, Networks, and Applications, delivered in the BluJay Way, our DNA platform powers the Frictionless Supply Chain for thousands of the world’s leading manufacturers, retailers, distributors, freight forwarders, customs brokers, carriers, and logistics service providers.

10 Books Logistics And Supply Chain Experts Need To Read


I threw in a healthy dose of interesting (globalization, shipping trends and the business of logistics), a dash of history (the evolution of longitude), a sprinkle of next generation manufacturing (lean manufacturing) and some great company success stories (FedEx, Walmart. Read if you’re interested in: How the creation of a metal box can change major world ports, power the rise of Asian manufacturing and flatten the world. 2004). Ever hear of Lean Manufacturing?

VTech: A Story of a Supply Chain Leader

Supply Chain Shaman

Today the Company’s core businesses are cordless phones, contract manufacturing services and children learning products. The North American operation is the top manufacturer in the US cordless market. The second presentation given in 2004, shared the results. In 2001, we were in trouble, but in 2004, we had made a lot of progress. Our sockets for the kits were items with low volumes, and the manufacturing leader would target for 85% asset utilization.

Gartner: Supply Chain Led the Last Decade


The presentation began by asking the audience to think back to 2004 - when MySpace was still king and the supply chain really focused on logistics. It was a part of manufacturing. We are at Gartner's 2014 Executive Supply Chain Conference this week and the opening keynote just wrapped up. Noha Tohamy, research vice president, and Debra Hofman, research vice president, discussed where the supply chain is headed by taking a retrospective look at where we have been.

The March of the Lemmings.

Supply Chain Shaman

The first report was published when I working at AMR Research (now Gartner) in 2004. Manufacturing companies are statistically less satisfied with their S&OP processes in 2019 than they were in 2016 at a 90% confidence level. A manufacturing company with annual revenues greater than 5B$ operates seven S&OP processes and is dependent on five technologies. A large food manufacturing company has fourteen poorly implemented JDA instances.

Will your supply chain lead in the next decade?


Gartner highlights three reasons: Necessity – Too many organizations, especially manufacturers, rely on stale data and old processes that could be streamlined and enhanced with technology. In 2004, Walmart wasn’t concerned about Amazon; it was just an upstart online bookstore. Remember Walmart and Amazon in 2004 and look at them now. Yesterday was the first day of Gartner’s Supply Chain Executive Summit. The conference theme is “supply chain will lead in the next decade.”

Supply Chain Execution Convergence: Rethinking, Redesigning, and Re-evaluating the Traditional Supply Chain

Talking Logistics

The idea is to bring together the individual silos within a business, from the front end to the back end, from warehousing, manufacturing, logistics, purchasing, etc. Evan has been with Kewill since 2004 in senior Marketing and Product Management roles, most recently as Chief Operating Officer for Kewill Asia Pacific. Supply chain execution convergence is a topic that has been gaining in popularity.

PINC’s Rafael Granato accepted into Forbes Communications Council


Since its founding in 2004, PINC has been a pioneer in providing real-time visibility and workflow orchestration to yard operations across distribution centers and manufacturing plants worldwide – achieving Gartner’s “best of breed” status in this category.

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

Supply Chain Shaman

Hau L Lee, Triple-A Supply Chains, Harvard Business Review, October 2004. “The idea of the value chain is based on the process view of organizations, the idea of seeing a manufacturing (or service) organisation as a system, made up of subsystems each with inputs, transformation processes and outputs. ” Institute for Manufacturing, 2013. __. Contract manufacturers operate at low margins and lack resiliency.

Gartner: Supply Chain Led the Last Decade


The presentation began by asking the audience to think back to 2004 - when MySpace was still king and the supply chain really focused on logistics. It was a part of manufacturing. We are at Gartner's 2014 Executive Supply Chain Conference this week and the opening keynote just wrapped up. Noha Tohamy, research vice president, and Debra Hofman, research vice president, discussed where the supply chain is headed by taking a retrospective look at where we have been.