Supply Chain Execution Convergence: Rethinking, Redesigning, and Re-evaluating the Traditional Supply Chain

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Supply chain execution convergence is a topic that has been gaining in popularity. It’s time for organizations to take a step back and evaluate their overall supply chain approach and to consider how supply chain execution convergence can bring their supply chain to the next level.

VTech: A Story of a Supply Chain Leader

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Financial balance sheet improvements cannot be driven by traditional supply chain processes. In the words of a supply chain leader yesterday, “Lora, please give me stories of success. About the Supply Chains to Admire Research.

Stories of Supply Chain Leadership: An Interview with Joan Motsinger of Seagate

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Many companies talk about Supply Chain Excellence, but most leaders struggle to define it. One supply chain leader, in a discussion last week, likened supply chain excellence to fitness. He felt that supply chain excellence was analogous.

Why I No Longer Believe in the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25

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This week, Gartner is hosting their annual supply chain conference. It is now the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25. While the name has changed, the methodology has remained fairly constant, with a only a few changes, since 2004.

What Kindergarten Lesson Applies Best to Supply Chain Technology?

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Similarly, in supply chain applications, you are heavily reliant on connectivity and communication with your supply chain partners including carriers, suppliers, and customers. For supply chain applications, this often means faster, better optimization, more robust reporting, and quicker response times, which all contribute to increased effectiveness.

7 Rules of Fashion Supply Chain Management

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Fashion industry is one of the most primitive form of supply chain management and its practices have been extended, adopted and become the best practices that we use today. One year later "Kurt Salmon Associates" was assigned to investigate the whole apparel supply chain.

Supply Chain Convergence Making Collaboration and End-to-End Visibility a Reality

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It’s been decades since the term ‘Supply Chain Management’ was coined to define the coming together of internal and external supply chain players, as well as the planning and execution teams within supply chain businesses. Many supply chain players are still not operating on interconnected systems, or using a common end-to-end process to connect all of their partners.

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10 Books Logistics And Supply Chain Experts Need To Read


There are tens of thousands of books about logistics and supply chains. Amazon has 31,817 books about supply chain and 24,934 about logistics. That’s 56,751 supply chain and logistics books. Why this Supply Chain & Logistics Book List Rocks.

Gartner: Supply Chain Led the Last Decade


We are at Gartner's 2014 Executive Supply Chain Conference this week and the opening keynote just wrapped up. Noha Tohamy, research vice president, and Debra Hofman, research vice president, discussed where the supply chain is headed by taking a retrospective look at where we have been.

Auto Manufacturers Struggle with Mexican Supply Chains


In fact, one in five vehicles produced in North America is made in Mexico , according to the Detroit Free Press - double the rate recorded in 2004. Mexico plays an important role in the North American auto industry.

Top 2016 Supply Chain Strategy Posts from the Supply Chain Link Blog


Over the past year, the Arkieva Supply Chain Link Blog provided thought leadership and informative posts on supply chain strategy tips, trends, and news. Here is a list of the Top 20 Supply Chain Strategy Blog Posts from 2016. My Vision for Supply Chain 2020?

Will your supply chain lead in the next decade?


Yesterday was the first day of Gartner’s Supply Chain Executive Summit. The conference theme is “supply chain will lead in the next decade.” Gartner noted the increase in chief supply chain officers (CSCO), with 40% of them reporting to the CEO.

Managing End-to-End Supply Chain Security Like A Pro

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Managing End-to-End Supply Chain Security Like A Pro. While this remains valid, the new treats such as terrorist activities demand more comprehensive supply chain security beyond the four walls perspective. Supply Chain Security. NAVIGATE. Basics.

Creating a Cognitive Supply Chain

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The speed of business is now computer speed and supply chains need to run at the same speed as the rest of the business. Supply chain professionals are not as interested in how cognitive technologies work as they are in what cognitive technologies can do for them. 1] This is just as true for supply chain operations as it is for any other business operation.

Late Night Thoughts on Productivity, Efficiency and Global Supply Chain Effectivness

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So many thoughts in my mind… Yesterday, I signed a contract for Robert Gordon, author of the book, Rise and Fall of American Growth to speak at the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit on September 5th-8th in Lake Oconee, Georgia (north of Atlanta). It is late. I cannot sleep.

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How Do You Define a Mature Supply Chain Planning Organization? (Part 1)

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I have worked with this client since 2004. Their goals were lofty, but their understanding of supply chain planning was hazy. In 2006, they made a decision to implement a supply chain planning solution. Tactical Supply. Supply Chain Design. Ad hoc design planning often focused on a function of the supply chain. Frequent and systemic supply chain design. Supply Chain Planning Data.

Welcome 2019

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Bear markets drive heightened interest in supply chain management. These supply chain groups are more global and diverse. Gradually companies realize that the supply chain is a capability, not a function. However, supply chains don’t play by hard-coded rules.

Gartner: Supply Chain Led the Last Decade


We are at Gartner's 2014 Executive Supply Chain Conference this week and the opening keynote just wrapped up. Noha Tohamy, research vice president, and Debra Hofman, research vice president, discussed where the supply chain is headed by taking a retrospective look at where we have been.

Supply Chain Future: Anticipating the unknown

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Closing supply chain loops and creating flexible and transparent chains which operate at the right speed are possible response strategies. Never before have companies been so uncertain about the future of the supply chains in which they operate.

Putting the WoW! Into Service Supply Chain

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In the past, supply chain professionals are trained to handle the service issues through a planning of inventory , service level and after-sales operations. Supply Chain Perspective Service supply chain has recently emerged as the new research area.

The March of the Lemmings.

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So are supply chain leaders. As an industry analyst in the supply chain planning market for fifteen years, this month, I will publish my tenth report on S&OP. The first report was published when I working at AMR Research (now Gartner) in 2004.

Tackling Item Complexity

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Discontinuing products is a struggle with tension between supply chain and marketing functions. The lack of product rationalization results in the long tail of the supply chain with increasing complexity. Personalization. Market microsegmentation. New product launch.

Triple-A Supply Chain: 10 Strategies to Supercharge Performance

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Triple-A Supply Chain: 10 Strategies to Supercharge Performance. In previous article, we discuss how to use value chain analysis to formulate supply chain strategy. Supply chain professionals learn how to divide things into groups (segmentation) for a long time.

Supply Chain Maturity Model for Capability Assessment

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Supply Chain Maturity Model for Capability Assessment. The purpose of this article is to introduce readers to Supply Chain Maturity Model so you can use it to determine where you are and what you should do to improve supply chain operations. NAVIGATE. Basics.

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Reflections, Thank-you(s) and Rethinking the Future

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Last week I spoke at the CLX Logistics Conference in Philadelphia on the future of Supply Chain Management. The recent Supply Chain Insights Global Summit gave me new perspective and insights. We are witnessing the redefinition of supply chain practices and technologies.

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This Week in Logistics News (June 1 – 7)

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Of course, I am talking about James Holzhauer’s Jeopardy win streak, which ended earlier this week, about $60,000 shy of Ken Jennings’s record of $2,522,700 in a 74-game winning streak in 2004. Supply Chain News This Week in News last mile Logistics News trade warAfter 32 victories and $2,462,216 in earnings, the run is finally over.

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2016: The Start of the Third Act?

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Six years ago, on a snowy January afternoon, I wrote my first post for the Supply Chain Shaman. My goal is to write insights for the supply chain visionary. The Supply Chain Shaman is an independent blog. Overview of Supply Chain Insights.

Infor’s Acquistion of GT Nexus: If I Had a Magic Wand

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Founded in 2002 under the name of Agilisys, Infor rebranded in 2004. The most significant for the supply chain market are assets from Baan, Formation Systems, Fygir, Intentia, Lawson, MAPICS, Mercia, and SSA Global. Life is busy at Supply Chain Insights.

Strategic Benchmarking in the Supply Chain Triangle (Part 1)


In our previous blog “ Linking the Supply Chain Triangle to Strategy ”, we have shown how we can map the 3 strategic options proposed by Treacy & Wiersema to the Supply Chain Triangle. Figure 1 – Mapping Treacy & Wiersema to the Supply Chain Triangle.

Reducing Supply Chain Costs

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The Key Supply Chain Challenge of Cost Reduction. Supply chain costs often represent a considerable percentage of the sales price of a good or service. How Much Does Your Supply Chain Cost You Today? Three Fundamental Areas for Supply Chain Cost Reduction.

Why Learning Technologies will Fundamentally Transform Retail and Supply Chain

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Applications in supply chain and retail are only now beginning to be explored. Orders will propagate across the value chain instantly and without touch. I do not mean to paint a dry picture where computer algorithms replace most decision making across the supply chain.

S&OP: Can You Make Decisions at the Speed of Business?

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Eerily the case studies sound the same as the ones heard when I completed S&OP research in 2004. Excel–while widely used for planning–is not equal to the challenge of modeling complex supply chains. Clarity on Supply Chain Strategy. Yawn.

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Seeing Beyond the Firewall

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Supply Chain Operating Networks: The building of supply chain applications using many-to-many architectures to connect multiple parties to multiple trading partners to improve multi-tier supply chain visibility, planning and execution to improve relationships in extended value chains. .

Disintermediation in the Recorded Music Supply Chain

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They added great value to the entire supply chain, most significantly in providing artists with access to recording equipment, operational support for physical format manufacturing (vinyl, 8-tracks, cassette, CD, etc.), Tomo Hosoi, Joseph Kim, Dennis Stainken, and Felipe Caro.

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Supply Chain : When a bicycle is better than a Mercedes.

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The summer of 2004. It was a new (Supply Chain) position in an FMCG company with many people speaking native French. A Supply Chain is strong as long as it is integrated. It was 3 weeks after I had changed the job and the company.

Who said supply chains are boring?: AMR Research Supply Chain.

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Who said supply chains are boring? Whenever I tell a friend, colleague or family member about my job as soon as the words "supply chain" are muttered I immediately see glassy eyes followed by a yawn or two. Little do they realize that every time they discard or recycle a carton of milk they are completing the end of the supply chain cycle. Without supply chains consumers would be stuck using products that they had to make or grow with their own two hands.

4 Ideas To Make Your Supply Chain More Agile and Give Consumers Flexible Shopping Options


Traditional supply chains have survived a long time without requiring too much deviation. Adding flexibility to your supply chain is now a must-have to stay relevant with your customers. Supply chain managers are using this as a seasonal solution.