The Top 10 Manufacturing Blog Posts from 2014


Today, we kick off our annual year end series highlighting the top blog posts in each of our 7 main categories: Manufacturing , Supply Chain , Logistics , 3PL , Business , Transportation , Freight. Top Manufacturing Blog Posts for 2014. Like last year, reshoring and the idea of a US Manufacturing comeback, or revivial, or rennaisaince (whatever you want to call it) was of huge interest to our readers of the Cerasis blog. Is Manufacturing Really a Good Career Choice?

Reimagine Supply Chain of the Future – agile, resilient, and balanced – LogiSYM July 2020

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

As the fabric suppliers require the longest lead times, ZARA approves designs & initiates manufacturing after it gets feedback from its stores. Optimize global manufacturing capacities : Carry out a structured view of Mfg capacities by each plant, self as well as outsourced.

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Transportation Network Modeling: A Powerful Tool in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Strategy

Talking Logistics

The USA says it intends to reduce emissions by 26-28 percent below its 2005 level by 2025 , trying hard for the upper limit. In 2010, Walmart announced its goal to eliminate 20 million metric tons of GHG emissions from its global supply chain by the end of 2015. million metric tons to date, saying that some measures had led to a doubling of fleet efficiency.

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Lora Cecere Asks: Why Do People Question the Value of S&OP?


In 2005, I engaged with Sonoco Products, a packaging products and services company, to initiate some work on Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP). Alignment on a Metrics Portfolio. OI) is a $7 billion manufacturer of glass bottles while Sonoco Products is a $5 billion manufacturer of paper packaging. The leadership team at Sonoco Products aligned a metrics portfolio against a business strategy in 2010.

Podcast: Marcia Williams on Supply Chain Optimization and Digital Transformation


For example, say I recommend an application that gives them full visibility into the supply chain, so that when they place an order, they know how much is in the inventory, how it’s coming and by what date, so they can start using it in manufacturing.

What Is Old Is New Again. Maybe, Just Maybe, the Emperor Is Getting Some Clothes.

Supply Chain Shaman

It was funded by 50 large consumer products manufacturing companies (CPG). In the dawn of e-commerce, conservative manufacturers, anteed up $240 million in four months. It ceased to exist in 2005 when it merged with 1Sync. Founded as the Global Healthcare Exchange in 2000 by five of the world’s largest medical product manufacturers—Johnson & Johnson, GE Healthcare, Baxter International Inc.,

What Should Be the Role of the Store?

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To understand the pervasive nature of this change, consider Amazon’s 2012 announcement: “We now have more than 15 million items in Amazon Prime, this is up 15x since we launched in 2005. The traditional metrics within each silo are a barrier. The Omnichannel approach that they are implementing encourages shoppers to execute returns at the store; however, the metrics within the store discourages returns. I love retail research.

New Bookends: The Tale of Supply Chain Global Leaders in Consumer Products

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Overall Results on the Supply Chain Metrics That Matter. With a strong manufacturing culture, much of the focus was on lean production systems. Now, based on this analysis, I can clearly see that P&G made incredible gains over competitors until 2005; but this performance could not be sustained. Lora has written the books Supply Chain Metrics That Matter and Bricks Matter , and is currently working on her third book, Leadership Matters. Definition.

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The Lenovo Way

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The Journey from the initial acquisition of IBM PC business in 2005 to our recent acquisitions of IBM X86 business and Motorola X business has driven our culture, our style and our structure. “. Instead, it is constant learning from other industries like AUTOMOTIVE, RETAIL, HEALTHCARE, and FOOD Manufacturing. Lora has written the books Supply Chain Metrics That Matter and Bricks Matter , and is currently working on her third book, Leadership Matters.

My Take: E2open Buys Terra Technology

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The product naming convention changed to Demand Sensing (DS) in 2005. In July 2013 E2open announced it acquired supply chain vendor icon-scm , and in June 2014 E2open announced its acquisition of SERUS Corporation, a “cloud-based manufacturing and product management provider.” There is greater dependency on third parties for manufacturing and sourcing.

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Judging Supply Chain Improvement: Campbell Soup Case Study

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We have found that supply chain metrics are gnarly and complicated.During Dave joined Campbell Soup Company in 2005 after a 24-year career in product supply at Procter & Gamble. In our program, cost avoidance, while desirable, does not count towards the metric. Our approach simply breaks accountabilities and goals across the areas of Manufacturing, Logistics/Network Optimization and Ingredients/Packaging.

The DNA of a Digital Supply Chain

Aera Technology

By Shariq Mansoor Over the past decade, in an effort to keep up with an accelerating pace of business, manufacturing companies have invested billions of dollars into optimizing and automating their supply chain. Having a set of standardized metrics that are accurate and in real-time can deliver tangible benefits across entire organizations in terms of inventory reduction, service level improvement and agility. Aera Technology announces the launch of its Cognitive Skills.

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Supply Chain Management:Smarter Partnering for Smarter Business

Infosys Supply Chain Management

Industrial Manufacturing. He also emphasized on analytics and mentioned that IBM has done more than 16 BUSD acquisitions since 2005 in this area. Some of those are Cognos, iLog, SPSS, Core Metrics, Emptoris, Vivisimo and many others, as world is moving from reactive to proactive. About Us. Contact Us. Newsroom Investors Careers. Infosys Labs. Industries. Industries. Aerospace and Defense. Airlines. Automotive. Communication Services. Consumer Packaged Goods. Education.

Getting Ready for 2017: Reflections on Telling Lies

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As I study research methods, and the market, I realize the lies I’ve spun for prior employers (Gartner and AMR Research) are untrue: The AMR Research Hierarchy of Supply Chain Metrics. This research, released in 2005, gives a compelling view of a metrics hierarchy. My problem is I see many organizations working hard on the forecast, but not improving inventory and replenishment processes; and, I think that the Hierarchy of Metrics did not go far enough.