This Week in Logistics News (February 17-21, 2014)

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White House Directs the EPA and the Department of Transportation (DOT) to Set the Next Round of Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles. The 2006 SAFE Port Act required the Secretary of the Treasury to oversee an interagency initiative to establish a “single portal system,” to be known as the “International Trade Data System.” This is not only leading to stockouts, but also higher transportation rates.

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Combat Rising Transportation Costs and Driver Shortage With Supply Chain Analytics


Today’s driver shortage is helping to drive transportation costs higher. To put this in perspective, 2018 is the first year since 2006 in which driver shortage is the primary concern of the industry. On top of all these factors, the driver shortages, an almost 100% driver turnover rate, and increased demand further jam up the supply chain and limit transportation options. As the chart indicates, truck transport costs rose sharply in 2017 and aren’t slowing down.


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Accellos Names Bill Ashburn General Manager of Transportation Software Solutions

Supply Chain Network

Accellos, a leading provider of supply chain execution software solutions, has named Bill Ashburn General Manager of its line of transportation software solutions. Accellos has recently restructured into business units focused on Transportation, WMS, Third Party Logistics and Supply Chain Execution, a crucial step in its long-term strategy of building a unified suite of supply chain software through acquisition and organic development.

Supply Chain Management:Has Best of Breed WMS Won the Race?

Infosys Supply Chain Management

In 2006 the analyst community predicted that gap between the Best of Breed (BOB) WMS and ERP WMS has narrowed significantly and it was just matter of time before the ERP vendors caught up with the BOB vendors (1). RedPrairie which was once synonymous with WMS today offers packages for Warehouse, Store, Transportation, Workforce, Visibility, Performance and multi-channel commerce. About Us. Contact Us. Newsroom Investors Careers. Infosys Labs. Industries. Industries.

Make 2016 the Year of the TMS

Talking Logistics

One area that always seems ripe for improvement is the supply chain, and one of the best ways to accomplish that is with a transportation management system (TMS). While your competitors grapple with byzantine RFPs for complex on-premise solutions, you can be banking your transportation savings for your next round of supply chain improvements. If you’re serious about buying a transportation management system, however, you need to look beyond just features and functionality.

Early ‘Internet of Things’ Pilots Proved Supply Chain Benefits of RFID Pallets

Supply Chain Network

Two early pilots were facilitated by Supply Chain Network and carried out in 2003 and 2006 with both representing successful demonstrations of the potential supply chain benefits available through end to end ‘Internet of Things’ supply chain implementations. Emerging Trends Freight & Transportation Grocery Logistics Information Technology Matrix Commerce New Ideas

A Brief History of WMS in the Supply Chain


The 19 th Century: The Railroad Becomes a Major Player in Transporting Goods. During the 19 th century, the use of railroads to transport goods long distances had increased. The 2000s to 2006: Warehouses Become More Advanced, Relying on Evolving Technology to Meet Increased Demand and Avoid Overstocking. 2006 – Present: Cloud-Computing Overhauls Traditional Warehouse Management Further, Continuing the Process Through the Internet of Things (IoT).

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How to Create a Truckload Strategy That Works in Any Market

Talking Logistics

We have been studying truck freight attributes and strategies since 2006. Once you’ve selected a mix of asset-based carriers, the next step is to choose an optimal 3PL to work with as part of your transportation strategy. Transportation involves numerous risks, with responsibility typically landing on the shipper if something goes amiss during transit. Guest Commentary Guest Commentary - CH Robinson Transportation Management C.H.

3PL 69

RFID in the Supply Chain: Fizzling Technology or the Future of Effective SCM?


In 2003, Walmart announced that all of its suppliers would need to have Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags on all pallets and cases by 2006. Wal-Mart CIO Linda Dillman oversaw the implementation of the retailer’s first electronic product code (EPC) compliance program in 2003, and by the end of 2006, Wal-Mart had deployed RFID chips on pallets for its top 100 vendors and suppliers. appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis.

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This Week in Logistics News (September 29 – October 3, 2014)

Talking Logistics

It’ll come to me eventually, but in the meantime, here’s the news that caught my attention this week: Kewill Acquires the IBM® Sterling Transportation Management System (TMS). One of the early pioneers of software-as-a-service (SaaS) transportation management systems (TMS) was Nistevo, which was acquired by Sterling Commerce in May 2006 (Sterling Commerce had become an AT&T company in late 2005).

LTL Carrier Profile: UPS Freight

The Logistics of Logistics

Now, UPS has aggressively grown into freight and other transportation solutions through a series of strategic acquisitions. The latest addition to this portfolio includes LTL and truckload freight services, which complements UPS’s global capabilities to provide customers a single source for multiple modes of transportation. In 2005, UPS acquired the less-than-truckload (LTL) trucking company Overnite Transportation. The Overnite subsidiary was renamed as UPS Freight in 2006.

Early ‘Internet of Things’ Pilots Proved Supply Chain Benefits of RFID Pallets

Supply Chain Network

Two early pilots were facilitated by Supply Chain Network and carried out in 2003 and 2006 with both representing successful demonstrations of the potential supply chain benefits available through ‘Internet of Things’ implementations. In an 8 hour shift a transport delivery truck could only do 2 deliveries based on 4 hour receiving times.

Panama Canal Expansion: Everything You Need to Know

PLS Logistics

In 2006, the Panamanian government authorized the first major expansion of the Panama Canal since it opened in 1917. Transportation Rates Ports transportation newsHistory of the Panama Canal. During the 1800s, businessmen didn’t have an efficient or quick way to ship goods between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

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Where Do We Go From Here? Taking a Look at the 2016 State of Logistics Report


Instead, annual transportation costs rose continued to rise by 5.5 GDP has changed since 2006. Transportation and Storage Cost Insights From the 2016 State of Logistics. Changes in transportation and storage of inventory costs made up significant portion of the 2016 SOL. Overall transportation costs rose by 1.3 However, ocean and rail transport saw significant decreases in previous demand, but these modes still managed to see slight growth of 2.1

Report 170

Don Ralph of Staples Awarded Salzberg Medallion for SCM

Supply Chain Network

The Salzberg Medallion has come to be recognized as one of the most prestigious awards in the field of transportation and supply chain management—in part because of the caliber of past honorees and in part because of the program’s rigorous selection process. Staples has focused on many fuel efficiency initiatives within its delivery fleet since 2006. A speed reduction program has saved over five million gallons of fuel and 35,000 tons of CO2 since 2006.

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The Future of Freight and How Brokers Fit In


Although our claim to fame is our web based TMS freight rating technology, the Cerasis Rater , which includes a technology suite of products and integrated managed transportation services , it is in our interest to understand the future of freight and how we as freight brokers fit in. Author information Eric Halsey Eric Halsey is a historian by training and disposition who’s been interested in US small businesses since working at the House Committee on Small Business in 2006.

Why Having a Green Supply Chain Has Become a Necessity


As a result, transportation costs dropped 44%, carbon emissions were reduced by 55%, and retailer and customer satisfaction levels increased. DHL has also made efforts toward a green supply chain with the implementation of an aerodynamic trailer, first deployed way back in 2006. by Alexa Cheater In honor of Earth Day I thought I’d take the opportunity to outline in my humble opinion why having a green supply chain is no longer a nice-to-have – it’s a necessity.

Label MasterClass


In 2006, Christine joined Zebra Technologies to market thermal printing supplies in North and Latin America. Blog Inventory Management Manufacturing Transportation & Logistics durable labels efficient labels label assessment labels masterclass zebra technologies

The State of Supply Chain Trends Part IV: Data Analysis, Wearables, and the Cloud


In other words, greater access to identical systems prevents organizational silos from inhibiting visibility, asserts Alex Whiteman of Eye For Transport. While this idea seemed ground-breaking in 2006, it has become a commonplace aspect of nearly all Walmart locations. LinkedIn The post The State of Supply Chain Trends Part IV: Data Analysis, Wearables, and the Cloud appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis.

FMCSA Grants $1 Million to Veterans Who Want to Be Trained as Truck Drivers


This situation has prompted people like Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx to see that “we can think of none more appropriate to safeguard our highways as commercial vehicle drivers than the thousands of veterans who have already proven they can safely handle large vehicles under extremely stressful circumstances.”. The FMCSA, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Department of Transportation all agree, seeing this as a win-win. Transportation trucking

Driver Shortage in Trucking: Time for Plan B

Talking Logistics

As reported in the New York Times : Factoring in June’s increase and upward revisions for estimated hiring in April and May, employers added an average of 231,000 workers a month in the first half of 2014, the best six-month run since the spring of 2006. “We’re What is the Future of Truckload Transportation? Transportation Management driver shortage driverless trucks Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 self-driving trucks transportation trucking Wolfe Research

Successful Cargo Space Delivery


NASA awarded the company a commercial orbital transportation services contract in 2006, to design and demonstrate a launch system to resupply cargo to the ISS. We’re huge fans of innovation in the logistics space. Which is why we’re taking our hats off to SpaceX for delivering 7,000 lbs of cargo to the International Space Station (ISS) this week using a reusable rocket – the Falcon 9. As a result, the launch costs “only” $90 million (of which $200,000 went to fuel).

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The History of the Shipping Container


US Army uses the “Transporter” container, developed four years earlier for removals, for Korean War supply movements. First intermodal cargo transportation (containers are stacked on deck). Development of intermodal container shipping is impacting other transport modes. Airline Deregulation Act becomes law, the first of a wave of American transport deregulation that continues through until the mid-1980s. The History of the Shipping Container.

Insights from Elemica reveal 2014 Frankfurt

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The German team overcame disappointments in 2006 and 2010 to win the World Cup this year, while favorites Spain (the defending champion) and Brazil (the host country) were humbled by the competition. Moving forward, BASF is working on different projects to improve end-to-end supply chain visibility, like track and trace for products from BASF to end users and transport visibility. What do the Germany World Cup Team and the Boston Red Sox have in common?

How Can We Heal the Global Supply Chain?

Supply Chain Shaman

The combination of technology along with the advancements in transportation made it possible. Corporate report data is not readily available before 2006. To illustrate the point, let me ask, “ If lean is the answer, why are Toyota and Honda results (Honda and Toyota are strong proponents of lean) at the same levels of operating margin and inventory turns in 2015 as they were in 2006?” Today, I unpacked my bags.

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Doing Business in Thailand


Thailand’s transportation and communication pathways are well-developed for manufacturing supply chains. The country has a robust network of roads, waterways, rail and air transport, including several major seaports. In addition to its well-developed air freight infrastructure, Thailand also has a modern and robust transportation infrastructure of paved roads, rail and waterways. Once known as Siam, Thailand became a constitutional monarchy in 1932.

Intelleflex Announces Cellular, GPS-equipped RFID Reader & Cloud-based ZEST™ Data Services Platform

Supply Chain Network

Ease of implementation is a critical factor in the implementation of RFID solutions in global transportation processes, especially when RFID readers need to be installed on different continents,” said Eelco deJong, Managing Director of Antaris Solutions, a global provider of cold chain management solutions for the pharmaceutical and food industries and an Intelleflex partner. 1 “Shelf Life,” Forbes, Suzanne Hoppough, May 12, 2006.

Big Tech and Auto Battle for the World’s Cobalt Resources


In 2006, lithium-ion batteries consumed only 20% of the global cobalt supply. Supply chain is not just about the procurement and transportation of goods from source to consumer. Ten years later, that number has more than doubled. It’s expected that market demand for the metal will increase to more than 120,000 tonnes per year by 2020 — 60% of which will account for battery production alone.

Why Energy Supply Chains are Transitioning to Renewables


In spite of the increased spend, production has not risen but declined 6% between 2006 and 2012. Royal Dutch Shell has been developing a hydrogen fuel cell program that offers alternatives for passenger vehicles and perhaps even rail, commercial transport trucks, shipping, and heavy industry.

New Bookends: The Tale of Supply Chain Global Leaders in Consumer Products

Supply Chain Shaman

The shift from 2004-to 2006 is impressive. It is exciting to see a country so excited about building global transportation infrastructure. Definition. Bookends: To be positioned at the end or on either side of (something). Colgate. Procter & Gamble. Kimberly-Clark. Unilever. These consumer products global leaders paved the road for supply chain excellence by defining new supply chain practices. Over the last decade, each company took a different path to power global growth.

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Illegal Supply Chains: selling stolen and counterfeit drugs

The UCLA Anderson Global Supply Chain Blog

billion between 2006 and 2012 to fight Malaria in Africa that kills 600,000 annually.    In many instances, counterfeited drugs can be deadly and stolen drugs were not effective because they were not stored and transported with proper temperature control. [1]. Christopher S. On February 27, 2014, the US House of Representatives Subcommittee had a public hearing to discuss the issue of counterfeit drugs and the underlying illegal supply chains. 

Notes from ProcureCon Indirect West at the Wigwam in Phoenix Arizona

Supply Chain View from the Field

The software was founded in 2006, and is based on the Amazon model of being able to quickly access data…because of how new the platform was, it is better able to drive solutions that are truly mobile and accessible to sourcing and contract managers from their iPhones. I also met with a firm that specializes in negotiating third party contracts with transportation providers, ACSPE.

My Take: The Role of Anaplan in Defining the Art of the Possible in Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Shaman

Founded in 2006, Anaplan is attempting to redefine decision support. They had 300 supply chain planners across demand, supply, production planning and transportation execution. “…the art of the possible, the attainable — the art of the next best” ? Otto von Bismarck. This morning I landed in Frankfurt. Keeping with my normal Sunday night ritual, I poured myself a cup of tea to pen my weekly post for the Supply Chain Shaman.

Transforming Tribes


From a cautious toe in the water in 2006 when they achieved £1 million in online sales, they had, by 2012 achieved £1 billion. Image: Column 3PL/Logistics Freight Transport General Supply Chain Technology/IT Retail/CPG/Fashion Many retail organisations are essentially tribal. They are all too often made up of separate and often competing groups. These tribes worship different gods.

Coronavirus Increases Supply Chain Risk Management Priority

Enterra Insights

” Moritz warns, “Supply chain leaders should prepare for additional disruptions in supply and transportation.” Van Hull notes, “Shortly after Dr. Osterholm’s article, in May 2006, AMR Research (acquired by Gartner in 2009) published Supply Chain Saves the World with a chapter dedicated entirely to preparing for pandemics.