Getting Inventory Right: Hope with Hype and Recycled Software?

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The LogicTools product was purchased for $15 million in 2007 by ILOG. Big data supply chains Demand Market-Driven New technologies HANA llamasoft logictools SAP smartops Terra Technology It is morning in Orlando. The sun is rising.

Reflections, Thank-you(s) and Rethinking the Future

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This includes: Sensors coupled with data from the Internet of Things (IOT). The world is no longer just about rows and columns and transactional data. As growth slowed post 2007 recession, companies fought back. It is about more than data sharing.

Building Outside-In Processes

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Map the data and the processes outside-in. Forms of Channel Data. To become more adaptive how can you mine customer/shopper and channel data to reduce latency? Explore how you can capture, harmonize and analyze this data to inform upstream processes.

The expanding scope of procurement analytics: Some initial thoughts


Even today, emerging research finds that managers observe the non-negligible level of inaccuracy in data for physical goods challenges and that such inaccuracy requires time-consuming practices to be corrected. This inter-organizational information flow entails new challenges in procurement analytics: organizational boundaries generate information friction and lowers the visibility of information (Barratt and Oke 2007).

Mapping Product Genomes: The Life Blood of Supply Chains


By 2007 it was $10M, and it has now dropped to $1000, and is expected to drop to a penny by 2020! This is one of the big questions to consider when we think about how supply chains evolve. And to be able to process it quickly, data should be in a “visual” form.

Managerial Practice Will Need to Catch up with the Emergence of Real-time Supply Chains


In my new book “ The Living Supply Chain ” co-written with Tom Linton, we reflect on the new capabilities required to be able to work with the evolving imperative of real-time data. The ability to respond to real-time data and derive supply chain performance improvements is closely linked to prior work in organizational information processing theory (OIPT). 2007). Much of the data is “integrated” (e.g.,

Supply Chain Operating Networks Create Supply Chain Rockstars

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EDI is historically a one-to-one exchange of information where companies focus on delivering data with a trading partner. The network is an ecosystem where once data is exchanged, all parties can see data in real time, modify process behaviors and collaborate with each other.

Will Warehouses Eventually Go Dark?

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”[2] He adds, “Freestanding big-box stores closer to population centers than they are to warehouse districts are the primary candidates for such conversions. According to Patrick, the right kind of warehouse is big and technologically advanced. Today’s warehouses are 143% larger than they were in 2007. The Internet of Things and Big Data. Thanks to the popularity of e-commerce, warehouses are some of the hottest properties in real estate.

Seasoned Leadership in Action™ – An Interview with Stephany Lapierre, CEO at tealbook!

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I launched my second business, a strategic sourcing and procurement consulting firm in 2007. With cloud technologies being increasingly accepted, I knew there was an opportunity to build a platform that could improve data for everyone. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

What € 30M funding really means to us: Accelerating sustainable procurement


In December EcoVadis announced some big news that — we hope — will change the trajectory of sustainable supply chain progress. When EcoVadis started in 2007, our customers were pioneers: Sustainable procurement was an esoteric niche.

50 Online Resources for Aspiring Supply Chain Scholars

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So let's have a look :) Find Valuable Data 1. Access public data from Supply chain management is part of complex economic activities. Then you need to understand the big picture. Data from will help you do just that. Resource: Google Public Data 3.

Top 2016 Supply Chain Strategy Posts from the Supply Chain Link Blog


View the full post or view the snippet below: I was talking to a director of demand planning for a big chemical company at a trade show a few months ago. In the post, he correctly argues that the case for big data is sometimes exaggerated. Will Big Data change the world?

Growing Challenges in Supplier CSR Monitoring are Being Met with Powerful Digital Solutions


Additional data such as sustainability indicators, can be attached at each step in the chain. Big Data : the diversity and volume of sustainability information being made available on social media, labor unions, environmental watch groups and other NGO’s is also generating mountains of data. This creates a huge opportunity to mine this data, and as well to analyze and map it against spend data to derive real-time insights to guide better business decisions.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Public Perception of & A Brief Timeline of Moments from the American Manufacturing Industry


A big part of that is because it is proven that the more labor productive and the more output the American Manufacturing industry produces, there is a large multiplier effect on the rest of the economy for creating jobs and economic sustainability. 2007: The first iPhone is released By Apple.

Why Is It So Hard to Find Good Help These Days?

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In recent years, firms both large and small have launched new “Data Science” or similarly named groups. The fear of competitive disadvantage and the promise of gaining competitive advantages through data analytics has stimulated enormous internal investments in labor (i.e.,

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