Reflections, Thank-you(s) and Rethinking the Future

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Last week I spoke at the CLX Logistics Conference in Philadelphia on the future of Supply Chain Management. This includes: Sensors coupled with data from the Internet of Things (IOT). The world is no longer just about rows and columns and transactional data.

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Building Outside-In Processes

Supply Chain Shaman

On Monday, I would speak in Orlando Florida at the Terra Technology event; and on Wednesday, present the keynote at the Logistic Summit & Expo in Mexico City. Map the data and the processes outside-in. Forms of Channel Data.

Managerial Practice Will Need to Catch up with the Emergence of Real-time Supply Chains


In my new book “ The Living Supply Chain ” co-written with Tom Linton, we reflect on the new capabilities required to be able to work with the evolving imperative of real-time data. The ability to respond to real-time data and derive supply chain performance improvements is closely linked to prior work in organizational information processing theory (OIPT). 2007). Much of the data is “integrated” (e.g.,

Supply Chain Operating Networks Create Supply Chain Rockstars

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EDI is historically a one-to-one exchange of information where companies focus on delivering data with a trading partner. The network is an ecosystem where once data is exchanged, all parties can see data in real time, modify process behaviors and collaborate with each other.

Will Warehouses Eventually Go Dark?

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”[2] He adds, “Freestanding big-box stores closer to population centers than they are to warehouse districts are the primary candidates for such conversions. Major retailers who are choosing to expand their omni-channel platforms are transforming underperforming retail properties into e-commerce-driven logistics spaces. According to Adam Mullen ( @AdamPMullen ), senior managing director, industrial and logistics, for CBRE Group Inc.,

50 Online Resources for Aspiring Supply Chain Scholars

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So let's have a look :) Find Valuable Data 1. Access public data from Supply chain management is part of complex economic activities. Then you need to understand the big picture. Data from will help you do just that. Resource: Google Public Data 3.

Why Is It So Hard to Find Good Help These Days?

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In recent years, firms both large and small have launched new “Data Science” or similarly named groups. The fear of competitive disadvantage and the promise of gaining competitive advantages through data analytics has stimulated enormous internal investments in labor (i.e.,

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