COSO – Sarbanes-Oxley and Supply Chain Fraud

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COSO – SARBOX – SUPPLY CHAIN FRAUD. The Committee Of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO) internal controls framework highlights the following 5 key components which are a useful guide for the detection and reduction of supply chain fraud. In terms of supply chain fraud, supplier metrics and the vendor scorecard are useful tools in determining suppliers that may be putting the organization “at risk�. An Introduction to Supply Chain Fraud.

Budgeting For the Repercussions of Supply Chain Fraud

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In much the same way as supply chain fraud cuts across the operations of the enterprise, the repercussions from supply chain fraud are just as far-reaching, (if not actually more so), and much more damaging and costly: - Manufacturing Downtime. The ramifications and costs of supply chain fraud can leave your organization left hanging for dear life. Other articles in this series: An Introduction to Supply Chain Fraud.

Dreaded Shrinkage: Bottomless Pit or Grave?

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Other articles in this series: An Introduction to Supply Chain Fraud. Supply Chain Fraud and Sarbanes-Oxley. COSO – Sarbanes-Oxley and Supply Chain Fraud. Definition of Supply Chain. Who’s Involved in Supply Chain Fraud? What Are the Causes of Supply Chain Fraud? Where Does Supply Chain Fraud Happen? Assessing the Impacts of Supply Chain Fraud.

A new report published by the United Nations highlights the importance of sustainable supply management for CEO’s


At the same time, there are important “performance gaps” in implementation, as highlighted by a complementary survey of chief executives participating in the Global Compact: 59 per cent of CEOs said corporate responsibility should be embedded into global supply chains, but only 27 per cent think they are doing so.

Staples and its partners get full visibility with RFID

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Together with its supply chain partners, this retailer of office equipment and supplies has embarked on a unique RFID pilot project. Falling in are other members of the SCN, including Unisource, UPS Supply Chain Solutions, ACCO Canada Inc., From Purchasing b2b: One thing is for certain, RFID has been talked about enough—in the media, at trade shows and industry conferences.

Global Cargo Monitoring / Cargo Tracking: Networked Supply.

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Sunday, 25 November 2007. Networked Supply Chains Require Better Visibility. As manufactures and retailers increasingly depend on extended rosters of sourcing companies, the resulting networked supply chain requires improved visibility. With this increased sourcing agility comes the increased risk of delivery failure due to a supply chain disruption and, concurrently, the increased importance of visibility into each step of the supply chain.

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Supply Chain Operating Networks Create Supply Chain Rockstars

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Secondly, even though internal integration can be achieved through executive command, external supply chain partners – customers, suppliers and service providers – have their own way of doing business and won’t change their processes.

Frequency of “Supply Chain” in Books

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The following Google Ngram Viewer graph shows the frequency of the terms “supply chain”, “logistics” and “procurement” in books published between 1975 and 2008. Practice Research Logistics Procurement Supply Chain Management

VTech: A Story of a Supply Chain Leader

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Financial balance sheet improvements cannot be driven by traditional supply chain processes. In the words of a supply chain leader yesterday, “Lora, please give me stories of success. About the Supply Chains to Admire Research.

Walmart: 3 Keys to Successful Supply Chain Management any Business Can Follow


However, one thing that should come to mind is the prowess of the retail giant’s supply chain excellence. million employees without a focus on good supply chain management. ” The Key’s To Walmart’s Supply Chain Management Excellence over the Year.

Horsemeat Supply Chains

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Food supply chains are affected by supply chain trends such as globalization, consolidation, and commoditization. Supply chain managers have eagerly sought to apply textbook knowledge to these supply chains. However, the horsemeat scandal is just another example to reveal that food supply chains got out of control. The more complex supply chain systems become, the less controllable they seem to be.

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3 Ways Crowdsourcing Is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management


Here are three ways that crowdsourcing is revolutionizing supply chain management today—and in the future. Amazon consistently ranks on or near the top of lists touting the best supply chains—and for good reason.

Supply Chain News on MAPI Projects US will Finally Surpass Peak 2007 Manufacturing Output in 2019

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MAPI Nearly Doubles its Forecast of Manufacturing Growth through 2021, with Even the Apparel Sector Seeing Some Goods News

Top 25 Supply Chains Pt. 1: Masters category


by CJ Wehlage On May 29, 2014, I posted a blog about the Top 25 Supply Chains predictions for 2015. The 2015 Top Supply Chains were #1 Amazon , #2 McDonald’s, #3 Unilever. I went back five years to the 2011 Top 25 Supply Chain rankings.

Balance and Segmentation – What the Election Can Teach Supply Chain


In my opinion, these are factors that led to the pollsters being so far off on the 2016 US election, and how supply chain practitioners can help these pollsters to improve. Balance is also critical for supply chains. Source: © 2007 AMR Research, Inc. | Page 5.

Ooh, Scary Stuff, Kids. Tales from the Supply Chain Crypt.


Often, unexpected events such as suppliers failing to deliver, software glitches and even Mother Nature can wreak havoc with even the best supply chains. By 2007, after various delays and issues – Walmart changed its RFID strategy. Tales from the Supply Chain Crypt.

How Prepared Are You Really? Supply Chain Black Swans


by Alexa Cheater Supply chain risk. We’ve covered it here extensively on the 21 st Century Supply Chain blog, and Kinaxis has even produced a great infographic about it. There’s no denying it’s a very important subject when it comes to good supply chain management.

Becoming a High Performing Sense and Respond Enterprise: End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility is Key

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As supply chains extend globally, they become more complex. The flow of supplies, finished goods, and information are widely distributed, presenting significant challenges across a manufacturer’s entire supply chain network of customers, suppliers, and logistics providers.

Segmenting Supply Chain using Portfolio Matrix (2x2 Matrix)

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Segmenting Supply Chain using Portfolio Matrix (2x2 Matrix). Supply Chain Segmentation is the planning process that links a corporate strategy to the executions. It incorporates various concept and can be used to manage demand side of supply chain. NAVIGATE.

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6 Strategies for Better Supply Chain Management in the Current Economy

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The years from 2007 through 2009 were notable for their economic volatility, reflected not only in the global economic recession but also the instability of customer demand and rapid movement in raw material, fuel, and commodity prices. Strategy 6: Ensure a reliable and predictable supply.

And I thought last year’s Top 25 Supply Chain was a surprise


by CJ Wehlage On the bus ride back to the McDowell Marriott after the 2016 Gartner Top 25 Supply Chain event, I plugged my ear phones into my cell and listened to some Pearl Jam. So, the supply chain version of Last Kiss would go something like this…. “Oh

Supply Chain News on US Still not Back to 2007 Manufacturing Levels Eight Years Later

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Revisions to Federal Researve Data in 2015 Now Show US Output Still a Couple of Percentage Points Below the Peak

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Friends with Fitbits: Fitness Tracking and Taking Supply Chain Planning to the Next Level

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What does this have to do with supply chain planning? In supply chain planning, we are driven by metrics. Using manual spreadsheets or even a supply chain planning system that generates reports based only on what took place in the past is a rearview mirror approach.

7 Laws of Successful Supply Chain Alliances - SupplyChainOpz

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7 Laws of Successful Supply Chain Alliances. In order to increase the efficiency of the whole supply chain, modern businesses relies on the stronger and closer relationship with their trading partners. Supply Chain Case Study: Executives Guide. NAVIGATE.

Sales and Operations Alignment: Often The Missing Link

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I first met Shane in 2007 at the beginning of his work with Syngenta’s value chain. Seldom do I see a commercial leader transition to supply chain, and I wanted to gain his insights. Note the improvement and the resiliency in supply chain performance.).

Origin of Logistics & Supply Chain Revealed! - SupplyChainOpz

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Origin of Logistics & Supply Chain Revealed! What do we know about "Logistics" and "Supply Chain" to date? Frankel et al 2008 indicated that " supply chain " and "supply chain management" first recognized in the 1980s. NAVIGATE. Basics.

Have You Given Your Planner Love Today?

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The most unloved employees in the back office are supply chain planners. As supply chain leaders, I would encourage you to send each of them some love for Valentine’s Day. Some Thoughts: Supply chain management is heady stuff.

10 Books Logistics And Supply Chain Experts Need To Read


There are tens of thousands of books about logistics and supply chains. Amazon has 31,817 books about supply chain and 24,934 about logistics. That’s 56,751 supply chain and logistics books. Why this Supply Chain & Logistics Book List Rocks.

Top 2016 Supply Chain Strategy Posts from the Supply Chain Link Blog


Over the past year, the Arkieva Supply Chain Link Blog provided thought leadership and informative posts on supply chain strategy tips, trends, and news. Here is a list of the Top 20 Supply Chain Strategy Blog Posts from 2016. My Vision for Supply Chain 2020?

Major Trends Impacting the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Ecosystem

Supply Chain View from the Field

The issues supply chain executives face in this environment are significant, but also represent opportunities for those who know and think about how to embrace this complexity. Looking at global figures, growth in the consumption of drugs has increased 32 percent from $735 billion in 2007 to $965 billion in 2012, and consumption is projected to reach about $1.2 Supply chains have gone from local to global.

Controversial 2007 Prediction that RFID Would not Replace Bar Coding in the Supply Chain Still Proving Accurate More than 10 Years Later

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Noteworthy Blog Post by Ronan Clinton of Heavey RF is More Right than Wrong more than 10 Years Later

Global Cargo Monitoring / Cargo Tracking: Greater Globalization.

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Monday, 19 November 2007. This trend raises critical challenges for international supply chain, quality control, traceability and logistics management. At the same time, considerations on these advantages have to be balanced against higher logistics costs, supply chain fulfilment and supplier management risks. I am a big supporter of supply chain management, particularly when it comes to security. Wednesday, November 21, 2007 2:44:00 pm.

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Supply Chain News on Federal Reserve Changes Baseline Year on US Industrial Production from 2007 to 2012

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Move Actually Make Current Numbers Look a Little Better in Comparison

Global Cargo Monitoring / Cargo Tracking: Compliance with.

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Thursday, 22 November 2007. Compliance with these regulations requires end-to-end visibility, accurate and timely data capture, custody audit trails and effective control of traders’ global supply chain. ▼ 2007. (4). Networked Supply Chains Require Better Visibility. Global Cargo Monitoring / Cargo Tracking. International trade is the engine of global prosperity today. The size of global trade has nearly doubled since 1990.

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Mapping Product Genomes: The Life Blood of Supply Chains


By 2007 it was $10M, and it has now dropped to $1000, and is expected to drop to a penny by 2020! Can you track the DNA of your supply chain at a part number level, globally? This is one of the big questions to consider when we think about how supply chains evolve.

Global Cargo Monitoring / Cargo Tracking: The Inspection Chimera

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Wednesday, 28 November 2007. ▼ 2007. (4). Networked Supply Chains Require Better Visibility. Global Cargo Monitoring / Cargo Tracking. International trade is the engine of global prosperity today. The size of global trade has nearly doubled since 1990. The healthy growth continues as world merchandise trade continues to grow with an average of 10% per year.

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7 Laws of Successful Supply Chain Alliance

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In order to increase the efficiency of the whole supply chain, modern businesses relies on the stronger and closer relationship with their trading partners. In this article, the basic supply chain alliances concept together with the critical success factors will be presented.