Global Cargo Monitoring / Cargo Tracking: Networked Supply.

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Sunday, 25 November 2007. He said many large air carriers and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) have opposed air waybill temperature requirements and temperature records, in large part because of liability concerns. The problem comes in transport. Monday, December 03, 2007 8:01:00 am. ▼ 2007. (4). Global Cargo Monitoring / Cargo Tracking. International trade is the engine of global prosperity today.

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7 Trending Transportation Updates: November 2016

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The same-day delivery window requires a new way of thinking about transportation and logistics. Busiest Thanksgiving Since 2007. increase over 2015, and the most Thanksgiving travelers since 2007. Transportation Supply Chain NewsLittle Change in Economy, but Rate Increase Coming. Next year, the US economy won’t change much, growth expected to be about 2%. FTR predicts more of the same, but when you factor in low expectations, 2017 will feel like a good year.

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3 Initiatives Driving Sustainable Transportation and Logistics Management

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Recent studies have shown that transportation is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. In 2007, the U.S. Department of Energy calculated that CO2 emissions from transportation surpassed two billion metric tons ; it’s hard to imagine what that number looks like today. Using a modern transportation management tool that fuses flexibility into distribution networks is effective in creating cleaner, smarter transportation strategies.

Rangel Invests In BluJay Software To Manage Air, Sea And Road Transport Operations

BluJay Solutions

Technological platform is leader in logistics and transport software. 1 October 2020 – Rangel Logistics Solutions announced today the adoption of the BluJay Solutions technological platform to manage its air, sea and road transport operations. BluJay Solutions is a leader in software for logistics and transport operations as well as supply chain management, enabling to optimize the future of companies in an increasingly globalized economy. SOURCE: Rangel Logistics Solutions.

The State of the Industry: A Mid-year Look at Transportation and the Economy

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At Transplace’s recent Shipper Symposium, a diverse group of shippers, logistics experts and analysts came together to discuss the latest industry trends and obstacles faced by supply chain and transportation professionals, and identify strategies for addressing these issues and improving operations. During the event, we had the opportunity to examine how the transportation world is shifting and what it all means to attendees’ business strategy.

Out with the Old, In with the New: Technology Logistics

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The very first Apple iPhone™ was released eight years ago on June 29, 2007 1. Transportation. Distribution, Global , Supply Chain, Transportation. Distribution Distribution Global Global Supply Chain Supply Chain Transportation TransportationSince then, Apple has worked tirelessly to keep the latest. Read more. 06/23/2015. Distribution. Global. Supply Chain.

This Week in Logistics News (January 27-31, 2014)

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UltraShipTMS: New Features for Cloud Based TMS and Transportation Optimizer. First, as in previous years, he called for increased investment in transportation infrastructure. We’ll need Congress to protect more than 3 million jobs by finishing transportation and waterways bills this summer. The ongoing debate, however, is how to pay for transportation infrastructure projects. Atlanta. 2 inches of snow.

The Better Goal: More Fuel Efficient Trucks or Using Fewer Trucks?

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) jointly proposed standards for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles that would improve fuel efficiency and cut carbon emissions. Over the past five years, our transportation department in Mexico has demonstrated continued improvement in the area of efficiency. Put differently, in FY 2007, Del Monte left 11.2 Last Friday, the U.S.

Twitter Insights from GT Nexus Bridges 2015 Conference

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One area in particular, which both Sean Feeney and Kurt Cavano (Vice Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer at GT Nexus) highlighted in their keynote presentations, is Transportation Management Systems (TMS). On top of this platform, GT Nexus has provided various transportation management applications, such as transportation sourcing, which has been a strength for the company, especially in facilitating ocean transportation bids. Transportation Analytics.

Add These 3 Transportation Industry Shows to Your Watch List

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3 Great Shows about the Transportation Industry. When the demands of daily life in the transportation industry get too heavy, give yourself a break with some industry-focused television. Over the years, many networks have developed great shows that get to the heart and soul of the trucking and transportation industry. Ice Road Truckers debuted on the History Channel in 2007 and has been immensely popular since its first airing.

The Impact of SOLAS on Ocean Shipping and Data Management

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Still, the requirement is not new and has been under development for a number of years following a milestone vessel collapse in 2007. Each of these supply chain participants may use various protocols, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Transportation Management (TM) systems, and information may be transmitted at different times. The Regulation’s Impact on Ocean Shipping and Data Management.

Trucking Companies Are (Finally) Recruiting More Women


They’ve since been struggling to meet increasing demand for freight transport. Over 70 percent of consumer goods rely on transportation via highways to reach store shelves. Women In Trucking (WIT), a non-profit organization founded in 2007, encourages the employment of women in the trucking industry by partnering with carriers to minimize the obstacles faced and by creating realistic expectations of what the job entails. Logistics truck drivers transportation women

LTL Carrier Profile: Con-Way Freight

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Menlo provides supply chain solutions including: transportation management, warehouse management, and information technology. In 2007, Con-Way bought CFI and merged it into Con-Way’s existing truckload addition. Transportation company profile of Con-Way Freight Con-way Freight Con-Way Freight history Con-Way Freight info Con-Way Freight information Con-Way Freight Overview Con-Way Freight profile Con-Way Freight trucks LTL Carrier Profile

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The teams in these seats did not experience the down market in 2007 or the start of the market run in 2009. Examples include allocation, available-to-Promise, and transportation routing. Outside-in Transportation. Telematics and outside-in data redefines transportation. There will be growing tension between inside-out and outside-in transportation solutions resulting in a redefinition of supply chain execution making today’s transportation solutions legacy.

This Week in Logistics News (June 6-10, 2016)

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iContainers, Expedia for transporting freight internationally, raises $6.7 April 2016 Freight Transportation Services Index (TSI). Since launching in 2007, iContainers has pioneered the next phase in worldwide logistics services by removing the complexities of coordinating with multiple parties, varying processes, lag time, and other points of friction that come with the traditional shipping experience. My Little League team lost its first playoff game this past Monday.

A Step Closer to Automation: DOT Rule for V2V

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A 2007 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) study found that almost half of all two-vehicle crashes are rear-end crashes, and the primary reason for rear-end crashes is driver inattention. Transportation Regulations TechnologyMotor vehicle crashes continue to be a leading cause of death and injury in the US – killing more than an average of 32,000 people a year.

The Supply Chain Talent Drought

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The Supply Chain Talent Drought by Matt Magpantay, Evans Distribution Systems When the recession of 2007 hit the United States, it hit hard. It greatly impacted the middle class, bankrupt thousands of people, and it... The post The Supply Chain Talent Drought appeared first on 3PL Insights - Warehousing, Transportation, and Logistics.

5 Truckload Shipping Trends to Watch for in Today’s Freight Market

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ACT Research suggests the industry may be back to 2007 peak levels in truckload assets by the end of the year. Freight Capacity Freight Market Update Supply Chain Transportation Market Truckload Shipping 2019 Market Update Brokerage Trends Freight Brokerage Freight Brokerage Market Update Less than Truckload LTL Market update Shipping Trends Top Shipping Trends Truckload truckload fleets Truckload Market Update Truckload Shipping Market Update Truckload Shipping Trends

Can Co-opetition Save your Company?


While it may seem counterintuitive, co-opetition is slowly becoming a strategy that more and more companies are utilizing to widen their options—and survive.Particularly in the freight and transport industry, with shipping capacity low and demands increasingly stringent (customers who want to ship goods want it done quickly), the need for efficient routes is pressing but unsustainable. In 2007, it released the Kindle.

Distribution in China takes a detour

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In 2007, the Dutch producer of pushchairs relocated its factory from Taiwan to the free trade zone close to Xiamen in China. From there the pushchairs are shipped to local DCs in China, Japan and South Korea for crossdocking and transport to retailers. Logistics service provider DSV transports the rest from the new DC in Shanghai to the European DC, the sales offices in the US or Australia, for example, or directly to end customers in other parts of the world.

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3 Ways Crowdsourcing Is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management


Crowdsourcing transportation presents a solution for smaller enterprises to compete in this environment. The “last-mile” phase of the traditional fulfillment process is often the most expensive (accounting for as much as 50 percent of a company’s logistics costs), but crowdsourced transportation can sometimes enable same-day delivery at the cost of standard shipping. Dell has received more than 16,000 ideas through the site since 2007, and has implemented nearly 500 of those.

Help Supply Chain Planners Be More Successful In These Uncertain Times

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Time to Sense Market Shifts in the 2007 Recession. As companies outsourced—greater dependency on third parties for manufacturing and transportation—and asset utilization grew from 10% to 35% ROIC the management of the supply chain became more complex. As I flew to Dallas, I worked on this post. Before boarding the plane, I watched a traveler pull a diet Coke from the bin and thought about the struggle to source sweetener with the rise of COV-19.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act & F.A.S.T and US Infrastructure Facts


As a transportation management 3PL, the United States Infrastructure and the evolution of and investment of our infrastructure is of great importance to us and our carrier partners. In order for our freight economy to stay healthy, it requires a stable infrastructure, specifically in the transportation sector. What is the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act? Highlights of the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act. Cost to Economy: 2007: $22B.

Staying Ahead of Supply Chain Paradigms – LogiSYM September 2020

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Bain & Company finds that “Across industry sectors, companies that took bold and effective action during the 2007–08 global financial crisis performed much better than those that retreated to precrisis approaches and activities”. He is Industry Advisor Logistics of Anchor Group and Advisor of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT). “Nothing will be the same” headlines are mushrooming.

Origin of Logistics & Supply Chain Revealed! - SupplyChainOpz

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Muller explained in a very comprehensive manner about how "movement" of each type of soldiers should be done which included marching, transportation, wheeling, advancing, formation, transport of heavy guns, how to cross the river etc. Larson et al 2007 indicated that, based on a literature review, there are 4 types of interaction as below, Reproduced from Larson et al 2007. (1) NAVIGATE. Basics. Case Studies. Graphics. All Posts. About. Copyright. Privacy. Blogroll.

4 Important Benefits of a Sustainable Reverse Logistics Strategy


In fact, the EPA asserts that up to 40% of “tossed” computers were recycled in 2013, which has risen significantly from a startling 18% in 2007. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn The post 4 Important Benefits of a Sustainable Reverse Logistics Strategy appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Business owners face endless decisions throughout all aspects of the supply chain.

Supply Chain Leadership Driving Industry 4.0 & Resilience During Crisis – LogiSYM July 2020

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2007) in IFIP International Federation for Information Processing, Volume 246, Advances in Production Management Systems, eds. Dr. Nicolas Hubbard is Director of Programmes in the Faculty of Transport and Logistics at Muscat University.

The Changing Face of Manufacturing: How US Manufacturers are Looking Homeward


While this is bad news for oil producers, it is good news for US manufacturers who will see a significant fall in the cost of manufacturing and transportation. In July 2007, the price of natural gas rose to an astronomical $14 per MMBtu. This is the first post in a two part series on the “Changing Face of Manufacturing.”

Top 25 3PL warehousing companies in 2020 (by revenue)

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The company has operations in more than 40 countries and specializes in integrating different modes of transport in logistics solutions. DSV Panalpina DSV Panalpina is a Dutch logistics company with services offering road, rail, sea, and air transport founded in 1976.

2020 Requires Big Wings and Feet

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Ironically, inventory levels today are higher than they were in 2007; yet customer service levels issues abound. Most can only measure functional costs—transportation, manufacturing, and procurement. It has been awhile. After the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit , I took the time to recharge and took a month off from writing. The presentations from the Summit are posted now on the Supply Chain Insights You Tube Channel.

Distribution Models in Vietnam: Primary, Secondary, and Last-mile Distribution


Source: Department for Transport [DfT] (2007). Instead of selling directly to customers, which is now challenging, manufacturers usually transport goods to intermediaries and delegate the right to distribute products to them. Secondary Distribution Secondary distribution is the flow of products being transported from the primary distributors to smaller distribution centers, supermarkets, retailers, or customers (delivery points).

Current State of the Capacity Crunch


Gilroy of Transportation Topics News , shippers are looking to the future through investment into current operations to ensure long-term success and stability. Since 2007, the Panama Canal has been under construction to allow larger ships to pass through the gates, which will bring a huge shift in the amount of ocean freight being delivered to both sides of the country, asserts Staff.

Has China lost its relevance as a production location?

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It’s true that, on your first request, you will be given higher MOQs than, say, in 2007. 4 “Transportation time is too long and no longer competitive”. In other words, the location itself – and hence the transportation time – is the same as it was. If you choose China as a production location, it shouldn’t be for the transportation time; I don’t believe it ever has been.

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Getting Inventory Right: Hope with Hype and Recycled Software?

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This includes LogicNet Plus, the Inventory and Product Flow Analyst and the Transportation Analyst products, as well as the related technology and support team. The LogicTools product was purchased for $15 million in 2007 by ILOG. It is morning in Orlando. The sun is rising. I am speaking this morning at the Terra Technology conference and doing a book signing of my new book, Supply Chain Metrics That Matter. It is my seventh year of speaking at this small, and intimate event.

An Uneven Road Ahead for Driverless Vehicles

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Recently, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will issue guidelines for driverless cars by the middle of this summer. There were subsequent challenges in 2005 and 2007. Today’s Google self-driving car is not far removed from the vehicles that competed in the DARPA Challenge in 2007, according to Sertac Karaman, Assistant Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.