Three Lies and a Truth

Supply Chain Shaman

In 2009, the definition of supply chain resiliency was driven by the impact of the Great Recession. Materials and commodities are becoming the new supply chain constraint, and there are few technologies to guide direct procurement visualization and optimization.

Sustainable Forestry: Can We Get It Right?


Zero-deforestation pledges have reached an impressive scale: The New York Declaration on Forests was endorsed by 36 national governments, 53 companies and 54 civil-society organizations and the Consumer Goods Forum represents 400 companies across 70 countries.

Reducing Supply Chain Costs

Logistics Bureau

Supply chain costs often represent a considerable percentage of the sales price of a good or service. In the consumer packaged goods sector, this problem is big enough to have prompted the use of collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR) between manufacturers and retailers.