Vendor Managed Inventory? Think twice and consider the risks!

Supply Chain View from the Field

Historically, businesses have used one of two extremes for inventory management: push-based or pull-based. Push-based inventory management uses demand forecast to manage inventory and replenish from the supply base. Pull-based inventory management, on the other hand, uses consumption to replenish from the supply base and manage inventory. Inventory levels actually increased at downstream (buyer) facilities. 11, 2009. [5]

The Digital Supply Chain: Making The Leap With A Ball and Chain

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Master Data is No Longer a Barrier. Cognitive learning and rules-based ontologies will redefine master data management technologies making them obsolete. Instead, the data model is inside out.

Supply Chain Scope: New Study Shows Rise in US Inventories; California Estimated to Improve Freight Efficiency by 25% in 2030


A new study by the SupplyChainDigest analyzing the main components of working capital: Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), Days Inventory Outstanding (DIO), and Days Payables Outstanding (DPO) revealed an uptick in DIO. New Study Shows a Rise in US Company Inventories.

Transforming Consumer Value Chains: Navigating The Power Shift to the Shopper

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For December 2015, retail sales were the lowest since 2009. When we do these types of analysis, we look back at the data as far as we can reach (Y chart data is available only back to 2006 in a reliable form) and then we look at the period of 2006-2014 and the more recent period of 2011-2014.

Three Lies and a Truth

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Here is the list: Supply chain technology implementations have reduced inventory. Here they are: The Lie of Inventory Reduction. Repeatedly, I heard that supply chain applications have saved costs, reduced inventory and improved customer service. The data is hard to get.

This Week in Logistics News (March 9-13, 2015)

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business inventories flat, inventory-to-sales ratio highest since 2009 (Reuters). Institute for Supply Management data indicated that growth in production, orders, and inventory slowed in January…January 2015 freight shipments were up 5.6

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Welcome 2019

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The teams in these seats did not experience the down market in 2007 or the start of the market run in 2009. Companies cannot save their way to supply chain excellence with cost-cutting and inventory management — customer back capabilities. Welcome to a new year. Congratulations.

Visibility in Transportation Management Leads to Supply Chain Excellence

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If you’re not able to clearly see, examine, impact and manage every aspect of your supply chain and inventory processes – order status, shipments, in-transit goods, trade documents, costs, exceptions and more – you might as well be operating with blinders on.

6 ways to improve warehouse productivity

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The right picking methodology for your operation depends on your warehouse layout, the types of inventory you manage (large pallets, small and lightweight items, etc.), That said, many companies have data that exists in silos, making it difficult to analyze data from multiple sources.

Agility Does Not Grow on Trees: Start Building Today

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Only one in five companies has a balanced process, and most companies struggle to get to data. Most companies lack the ability to manage data and develop a feasible plan. Many have different data models due to multiple M&A activities. Companies want to be agile.

Machine Learning in Supply Chain Planning


Machine learning computer programs teach themselves to grow and change when exposed to new data. One powerful example is the use of Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO) to automatically adjust inventory positions. Are we ready? And if so what's involved?

Supply Chain Management:Increase in Operational Efficiency.

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Cloud & Big Data. One of the biggest time consuming and mundane activities in warehouse management is the pick up of inventory and the appropriate shelving of inventory. Imagine picking up inventory from the warehouse without having any paper lists or even any barcode scanners. Yes, voice technology enables hands and view free inventory pick up, stock put away and inventory management in the warehouses in real time. December 2009. October 2009.

What is the Hyperconnected Era & “The Internet Of Things” and What does it Have to Do with Manufacturing & Logistics?


Chips attached to individual items will transmit data such as identification, location, temperature, pressure, and humidity. Not only that, they will also be able to transmit traffic conditions and drive-specific data, such as average speed and driving patterns back to the central office.

BASF: A Story of a Supply Chain Leader

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The composite of metrics includes growth, operating margin, inventory turns and Return on Invested Capital.) We group companies by NAICS codes to study year-over-progress at the intersection of operating margin and inventory turns. Inventory Turns. BASF creates chemistry.

Minerva on track with Slim4

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Since CEO Peter Bruggeman took over the company in 2009, the number of SKUs increased from 3,000 to 7,000. We were looking for a professional tool to improve the inventory management of our growing range. The initial goal was to lower the inventories so cash could be released.

This Week in Logistics News (September 26-30, 2016)

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Elementum Expands Supply Chain Management Suite with New Inventory App Powered by World’s Product Graph™. Global Container Volume on Track for Worst Year Since 2009 (WSJ – sub.

This Week in Logistics News (July 4-8, 2016)

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More data points this week confirming what we already know: demand for freight transportation is weak, which is leading carriers to cut back on capacity. Global trade volumes fell for the first time since 2009 by 1.7

Nine Myths of S&OP Technology Selection

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When I wrote a summary report at AMR Research in 2007 and 2009, there were two or 6% of the market. In addition, 85% of the vendors in the multi-tier inventory optimization market that I wrote about in 1995, are now part of larger platforms. Data cleanliness takes rigor and discipline.

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Winners in business: Supply Chains to Admire 2016

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Most companies are moving backward on the Supply Chain Matrix That Matter (growth, operating marging, inventory turns and Return on Invested Capital). The source data for the analysis is public reporting of balance sheet and income statements.

What is an Outside-In Supply Chain?

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As companies utilize collected data to analyze consumer behavior, they begin to focus their supply chains on the customer. With an outside-in supply chain network, transaction data is captured across the entire network, creating a critical mass of real-time business information allowing trading partners to better respond to customer demands and drive value out of their supply chain network.

Blockchain can make global supply chains more efficient and secure

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After the development of bitcoin invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, computer scientists, software industry, and the banking industry were intrigued by the potential applications of bitcoin’s underlying “blockchain” process. Christopher Tang.

Blockchain can make global supply chains more efficient and secure

The UCLA Anderson Global Supply Chain Blog

After the development of bitcoin invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, computer scientists, software industry, and the banking industry were intrigued by the potential applications of bitcoin’s underlying “blockchain” process. Christopher Tang.

VMI Today


VMI was widely hyped to dramatically reduce inventories, cut costs and improve efficiency across the supply chain. After reasonable fan-fare, these initiatives were more like “moving the inventory burden upstream” than reducing inventory throughout the network.

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Reasons For Logistics Pros to Be Thankful this Season

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percent higher than the low in April 2009 during the recession.” Specifically, gaining real-time visibility of shipments and access to real-time data and reporting.

5 signs You Should Invest in Saving Logistics Cost Now


Service failure occurring affects customer loyalty leading to revenue deduction because of high inventory cost, products return and expensive transport cost. Thus, high inventory level is a direct result of the larger numbers of SKUs.

36 innovative companies re-inventing and rethinking supply chain and logistics

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In higher-traffic markets, Advance Auto Parts has “hub” stores that keep more inventory in-stock to give customers what they need when they need it. Foot Locker @footlocker Foot Locker makes it easy for customers to shop the way they want to shop by improving inventory visibility.

Supply Chain Management:Leveraging Social Media for Improving.

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Cloud & Big Data. In this context, the social media can be leveraged effectively to analyze customer data and achieve more insight on forecasting, planning, scheduling and inventory management. This would help to stock appropriate quantity of inventory and also facilitate in computing the right value of safety stock. Social media helps in bringing real time data in terms of the percentage likes or dislikes posted by users of a social media site. August 2009.

Supply Chain Management:Get,Set,Go-Agile Implementation of.

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Cloud & Big Data. They understand the benefits derived from a unified view of customer orders and inventory across different fulfillment types. December 2009. November 2009. October 2009. September 2009. August 2009. July 2009. June 2009. May 2009. April 2009. March 2009. February 2009. January 2009. About Us. Contact Us. Newsroom Investors Careers. Infosys Labs. Industries. Industries.

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Key Factors to Consider When Planning and Designing Warehouses

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Since I first published this article back in 2009, warehouse design principles haven’t altered that much, but as we received many comments, including requests for more information, I figured it might be a good idea to expand on the original piece. How fast are your inventory turns?

And I thought last year’s Top 25 Supply Chain was a surprise


I am bolder on Samsung, simply because they had the highest 2016 Inventory Turns aside from McDonalds. All data aside, this new category was primarily to remove Apple and P&G, so the words “we have a new #1” could be stated.

Guest Post: Ignoring this Performance Metric is Risky


There is growing interest in incorporating weather forecast data from a variety of sources into supply chain planning. Companies can then prioritize their mitigation efforts based on parameters such as value-at-risk, customer importance, and field inventory.

Time to Squeeze Carriers for Better Rates?

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Various data points related to the trucking industry suggest we’re entering a shipper’s market. So, that tells me that the inventory situation continues to weigh on truck freight volumes. As reported in the Wall Street Journal earlier this month, “ freight truck orders plummeted 48% in January ,” according to data from ACT Research. Other data sources, however, suggest the market is in good balance.

How to Coach in Support of World Class S&OP #1

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McKinsey studies in 2009 and 2013 also supports this conclusion. Principles like open communications, transparent data usage, public information sharing make them nervous. An S&OP implementation requires many changes, not the least behavioural change.

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Supply Chain Management:Why not WMS App? - Infosys Blogs

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Cloud & Big Data. Todays WMS is a tightly integrated code between the intrinsic WMS functions like receiving, put away, inventory, picking, packing and shipping, which are the primary functionalities. December 2009. November 2009. October 2009. September 2009. August 2009. July 2009. June 2009. May 2009. April 2009. March 2009. February 2009. January 2009. About Us. Contact Us.

Supply Chain Management:E-retailers exploring same day delivery

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Cloud & Big Data. Traditionally supply chain model for e-retailers has been to stock inventory at downstream i.e. Distribution Centers (DC). To have centralized inventory visibility. · Retailers like Walmart, who have physical presence are feeding the inventory from stores to fulfill its online orders. No centralized inventory visibility. December 2009. November 2009. October 2009. September 2009. August 2009. July 2009.

Supply Chain Management:A New Lens for Supply Chain Roadmaps

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Cloud & Big Data. Let us take an initiative such as Inventory Optimization as an example. Somewhere along the year-long journey of cataloging requirements and assessing gaps, inventory optimization takes a SKU rationalization flavor and the goal turns to the avoidance of SKU proliferation. The resulting solution set focuses on master data management, demand planning and replenishment management systems, and the sequence in which they must be implemented. July 2009.

What Entrepreneur Media Wouldn’t Publish about ThroughPut: Why Industrial Operations Bottleneck Elimination is the World’s Greatest Mission


Dating back to 2009, bottleneck elimination came in the form of chemical engineering homework sets examining flow rates, pumps, and other levers. Inventory as a liability and not an asset was a big epiphany for impacting cash flows. This was as true as in hydraulic fracturing in 2011 as it was in managing telecommunications finished goods inventories in 2019. Every time I have leveraged existing data, I have made a professional impact in my company’s supply chain.