Digital Freight in 2019: The Next Chapter


Failures like sub- 30% adoption of e-AWB in 2015 (twelve years into the program), a less-than-stellar digitalization effort at DHL or Maersk’s 2009 abandonment of reinforced the attitude that inertia was the best policy.

Garmaise Appointed Dean of Full-Time MBA Program - UCLA.

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UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate. As a corporate finance scholar, Garmaise has focused his academic research on using empirical data to investigate the effects of asymmetric information and incomplete contracting as they relate to real estate markets and entrepreneurial firms.

Ship Mate App Finds Smooth Sailing - UCLA Anderson School of.

The UCLA Anderson Global Supply Chain Blog

UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate. From that humble start in 2009, the brothers found that people loved their idea. Quarterly Forecast Predicts Uneven Growth for Economy, Commercial Real Estate. UCLA Anderson School of Management Blog. Archives. July 2014.

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This is certainly an exciting area, and one that is starting to mature, but from our Asset Management centric perspective we realize that the majority of the work around making buildings "smarter" is being done by manufacturers of sensors and devices and by software application developers of building management software systems, such as IWMS (Intelligent Workplace Management Systems) and RESP (Real Estate and Space Planning). December 2009. November 2009. October 2009.

Panama Canal Expansion

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But in reality, there has been much more vessel traffic than anyone ever envisioned: in 2009 alone, the traffic in the canal reached a whopping 299.1