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The Logistics of Logistics

There is also a list of great logistics blogs and supply chain websites. Air Cargo World - aircargoworld.com. Air Cargo – How it Works - air-cargo-how-it-works.blogspot.com/. Supply Chain Websites. Supply Chain Standard – supplychainstandard.com. Supply Chain Brain – supplychainbrain.com. Supply Chain Management Review – scmr.com. Below is a list of useful logistics websites.

This Week in Logistics News (November 4-8, 2013)

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As was confirmed for me yet again this week at a conference, the most utilized supply chain and logistics application, the reigning champ of them all, is the Excel spreadsheet. XPO Logistics Announces Third Quarter Earnings 2013. NAFTA Trade in August 2013 than in August 2012.

Important Updates on Cargo Security and Customs Compliance

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In this episode, Kevin Gavin , VP of Supply Chain Compliance at Descartes, provides an update on several important cargo security and customs compliance initiatives, such as the Importer Security Filing (ISF) and Air Cargo Advance Screening (ACAS) program, along with some recommendations for shippers, freight forwarders, and 3PLs on how to create best-in-class cargo security and customs compliance processes.

This Week in Logistics News (September 30 – October 4, 2013)

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While the stalemate continues in Washington, things keep moving forward in the world of supply chain and logistics. Robinson Strengthens Anti-Cargo Theft Strategy. Citi fined $30 million for leaking Apple iPhone supply chain data ( CNNMoney ).

This Week in Logistics News (May 13-17, 2013)

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In the enterprise software world, Netsuite is becoming the Pitbull of the industry, with various supply chain and logistics software vendors forming partnerships with the company to help expand their presence in the small and midsize business (SMB) market.

This Week in Logistics News (November 18-22, 2013)

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Port truck drivers on West Coast protest costs, working conditions ( Cargo Business News ). The company will offer the HighJump® Supply Chain Advantage suite to customers in the region. Yesterday morning, I stood at my kitchen window and watched leaves fall from the trees.

7 Supply Chain Cost Saving Ideas from SpaceX

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And on 25 May 2012, they made a very remarkable achievement by being the first privately-fund company who could send cargo from the earth to the International Space Station. During the period of slow economic growth, many manufacturers have to deal with the cost pressure.

This Week in Logistics News (February 4-8, 2013)

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LLamasoft Introduces Supply Chain Sherpa Mobile Design and Visualization Modeling Tool. New ISF (10+2) Rule May Be Coming in May ( Supply Chain Management Review ). Cass Freight Index Report – January 2013.

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Putting the WoW! Into Service Supply Chain

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In the past, supply chain professionals are trained to handle the service issues through a planning of inventory , service level and after-sales operations. Supply Chain Perspective Service supply chain has recently emerged as the new research area.

This Week in Logistics News (March 4-8, 2013)

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Descartes Reports Fiscal 2013 Fourth Quarter and Annual Financial Results. Signs of Stabilization as Air Cargo Grows in January ( IATA ). billion messages each year” — further proof of the rise of supply chain operating networks.

Managing End-to-End Supply Chain Security Like A Pro

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Managing End-to-End Supply Chain Security Like A Pro. While this remains valid, the new treats such as terrorist activities demand more comprehensive supply chain security beyond the four walls perspective. Supply Chain Security. NAVIGATE. Basics.

Beyond Asset Tracking: RFID For An Accelerated Supply Chain

The Logistics of Logistics

Today’s supply chain and logistics management executives are tasked with managing multiple supply chain configurations, maximizing flexibility and incorporating complex technology systems into the mix. At the end of the chain, this can translate to a supply of goods to the customer 40% faster than your competitor, a 20% rise in sales capacity, and “out of stock” becoming a thing of the past. Supply chains without RFID & supporting technologies.

The 11 Transportation Service Offerings

The Logistics of Logistics

Transportation Service Offering 2 – Air Cargo. Air transportation is used to transport air cargo by plane. Air cargo or air transport is a vital component of many international logistics networks. There are many different types of cargo that are moved in various types of ships. Bulk carriers are cargo ships used to move bulk cargo like coal, ore, grains and liquids. Bulk cargo is commodity cargo that is transported unpackaged in large quantities.

Highlights of 2012 and looking forward to 2013…

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With the end of 2012 (and not the end of world in Mayan way) and advent of 2013, I was looking back to note some important events that happened last year. That one thing was achieving greater Supply Chain Efficiency for a food trading company.

Cargo 78

JDA Software’s Annual EMEA Conference, FocusConnect 2013, Kicks Off Today in London, and We Could Not Be More Excited!

Supply Chain Nation

FocusConnect 2013 General Session keynote presentations will feature Sir Stuart Rose, chairman of Ocado and former chairman of Marks & Spencer. Additional general session speakers include Harris Mustafa, executive vice president, supply chain, planning and allocation, DSW Inc.,

5 Podcasts for Supply Chain and Logistics Professionals


These podcasts bring the latest news and thought leadership in the supply chain and logistics industries right to your earbuds. If you’re looking to increase your podcast listening , here are five that highlight topics of interest to supply chain and logistics professionals.

Guest Commentary: What Logistics Technology Providers Can Learn from Social Media

Talking Logistics

Agility has become a critical success factor as companies try to exploit the arbitrage that exists in their supply chains. There is not one supply chain for any enterprise or role for any company. All companies operate across multiple supply chains, and depending upon where you are, your role is different and the behavior and parties are too. There is no escaping the social media hype in today’s press.

Guest Commentary: P.O. Management Programs – Know Pain, Know Gain!

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As a participant in managing all or part of your company’s supply chain, you may know the pain of answering sometimes difficult questions. Besides providing fast, thorough answers to customers, today’s ERP, cloud-based SaaS, or 3PL-operated systems enable companies to manage the order lifecycle, control information and cargo flows, and reduce the total cost of goods. Are we a good supply chain partner or customer?

Ready for Full Enforcement of Importer Security Filing?

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Starting on July 9, 2013, U.S. CBP may withhold the release or transfer of the cargo. Additionally, noncompliant cargo could be subject to further inspection on arrival. Last week on Talking Logistics , I interviewed Kevin Gavin, VP of Supply Chain Compliance at Descartes Systems Group (a Talking Logistics sponsor) about various cargo security and trade compliance programs, including ISF.

Peak Season Resurgence to Test Pared-Down Global Supply Chain

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Yet this poses questions about the ability of the global supply chain, which has by necessity streamlined the availability of scheduled cargo services in recent years due to low or volatile demand, to cope with a potential increased spike in peak season demand.

US Spending Cuts to Create Issues for Freight Forwarders Through Cargo Processing Delays

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And the resulting delays in processing cargo imports are set to impact heavily on the logistics industry, with logistics services providers of all types affected, in particular freight forwarders.

The 7 Warehouse Service Offerings

The Logistics of Logistics

Pick and Pack services are offered by many businesses that specialize in supply chain management solutions. Pick and pack is a part of a complete supply chain management process that is commonly used in, but not limited to, the retail distribution of goods. A 3PL can also be involved to make sure that the buyer has the required level of inventory by adjusting the demand and supply gaps. VMI also helps manage inventory and react to changes in supply and demand.

The Fashion Supply Chain: Unraveling the Reality


And whether you realize it or not, the garment industry supply chain is changing – both for the better and for the worse. This really speaks to the heart of the issue – global supply chain visibility and transparency.

BVL Carolinas Chapter is Launched: More than 100 participants at Volvo in Greensboro.

Supply Chain View from the Field

The first inaugural meeting of the BVL International Carolinas Chapter was held on August 12, 2013 at the Volvo facility in Greensboro, NC. Center for Global Logistics and the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative at NC State University. Supply Chain Management

Missing Information. What are the Repercussions?

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This problem not only happens in traveling scenarios, but also in the cargo supply chain. Imagine, it is Christmas time and a retailer’s supply chain department has no clue on when clothing of new fashion line is going to reach their stores?

Air Freight Still the Best Option for Smaller Shipments

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In reality, the most recent figures announced by IATA in October 2013 prove there is continued growth in air freight, but that significant regional variances are in play (e.g. View our Kewill MOVE video to learn more about our supply chain software platform.

Ocean Rate Management – Avoiding the Icebergs

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As ocean freight continues to experience over-capacity on many routes, with spot market rates fluctuating accordingly, the lack of transparency in contract negotiation remains an increasingly thorny issue for the global supply chain.

A Model for Transporting Goods in Brazil

Supply Chain @ MIT

When shipping product into a country as large and complex as Brazil, the choice of transportation routes has a critical impact on supply chain costs. Second, it provided a foundation for analyzing LGC’s entire supply network. Spoilt for choice.

EU Directive Simplifies Inter-Region Customs Processes for Ocean Freight

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However the key improvement for freight forwarders and LSPs is likely to be the introduction of a standardized electronic cargo manifest (eManifest), which will prove EU-status of goods, even within a container ship with a mixed cargo which may have originated from different locations.

Global Logistics and the Transportation Management Center: The Next Phase in Network Agility

Supply Chain Nation

These trends are: Consumer Demand – Consumers now have greater control over the omni-channel buying process and their preferences change quickly, putting increased pressure on supply chains to respond agilely without raising costs.

Fighting for Enhanced Supply Chain Security

Global Trade Management

By Stefan Reidy Cargo theft has been around for centuries; unfortunately, though the crime has evolved together with transportation methods. Cargo theft is a global problem affecting manufacturers, logistics providers as well as customers.

New Definition of Logistics?

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Imagine a short shipped cargo is not reported to the importer, who in turn does not inform the logistics service provider (LSP), who may then make an incorrect or incomplete Customs Declaration. They use that data which benefits them as well as every trading partner in the supply chain. I remember as a new professional in Logistics , I was taught an academic definition; Logistics means the right goods, reaching the right people at the right time.

Identity Theft, Trucking Style

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One of the fastest growing forms of cargo theft is deceptive pick-ups (aka fictitious pick-ups). Here’s how the scheme works, as described in an AP article published last October ( Thieves Pose as Truckers to Steal Huge Cargo Loads ): Thieves assume the identity of a trucking company, often by reactivating a dormant Department of Transportation carrier number from a government website for as little as $300. Keep the cargo moving.

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Industry-Changing Views From the Cloud

Supply Chain @ MIT

Will the cloud enable industry-level supply chain collaboration? Cloud computing is gaining a lot of ground in the supply chain domain, with applications ranging from new analytics to dynamic routing and powerful track and trace features. percent in 2013 to total $131 billion worldwide, up from $111 billion in 2012. there is huge potential for making this critical segment of global supply chains more efficient. New performance horizons.

European Commission Questions Quality of Customs Data Provided by Logistics Services Providers for ICS

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In its recent communication on Customs Risk Management and Security of the Supply Chain (8 January 2013), the European Commission raised concerns around the robustness of the current risk management process for goods entering the EU under the Import Control System (ICS).

The Rise of China-Africa Trade: Why Transportation and Logistics Should be Front and Center

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Logistics planners would readily tell you that this is not a surprise; such imbalances are a reality in the cargo industry. But the impact of these ‘empty moves’ can be mitigated with smart supply chain planning disciplines. Poor infrastructure and lack of funds to develop modern transportation systems hinders efforts at creating efficient supply chains to seamlessly flow goods in and out.

Logistics Services Providers Shift Investment Focus Outside BRIC Markets

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According to a recent study with particular focus on logistics, logistics services providers are beginning to expand their strategic geographic focus (source: Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index 2013).