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Top 15 Logistics Blog Posts of 2014


We continue our top blog posts of 2014 from our main categories today by focusing on something at Cerasis we are experts in : Logistics. Some logistics involves transportation or warehouses or both. In fact, the logistics space is so broad, we couldn’t give you only the top 10 blog posts of 2014, but we had to include the top 15. Top 15 Logistics Blog Posts of 2014.

Insights from MercuryGate User Conference 2014

Talking Logistics

What do you get when you bring together shippers, logistics service providers, and a transportation management system (TMS) vendor in New Orleans? Lots of interesting conversations, insights, and networking opportunities, which is exactly what took place earlier this month at the MercuryGate User Conference 2014 (MercuryGate is a Talking Logistics sponsor). On the surface, Freight Friend has similar features to other online load boards.


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Electronic Data Interchange or EDI in Transportation: Breaking Down What it is and How It Works


Today begins our series about electronic data interchange or EDI in transportation. We take pride at Cerasis, as a third party logistics company who has developed a proprietary web-based transportation management system , to offer technology solutions to our shippers so they may remain as efficient as possible and have access to information at their fingertips. Let’s back up a bit before we specifically address EDI in transportation. EDI In Transportation.

How to Be a Preferred Shipping Customer: Strategies for the Coming Capacity Shortage

Talking Logistics

Freight companies are eventually going to face severe challenges finding drivers to get your shipments where you want them when you want them there. One challenge to this approach, however, is that many shippers focus exclusively on price when making their transportation decisions. Customers with a strict ‘procurement mindset’ overlook important factors like consistency, overall experience or past performance. Business has been improving for the U.S. trucking industry.

Google Will Acquire a 3PL – And Other Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2015

Talking Logistics

Brent crude oil prices Dec 2009 – Dec 2014 (Source For related commentary, see Insights from Ryder Innovate 2014. Big Data and Analytics for Oil and Gas Transportation. At an MIT conference last year, Tom Linton, Chief Procurement and Supply Chain Officer at Flextronics, presented his top 10 list of supply chain trends. — Adrian’s Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2014.

Experts Discuss How to Streamline Global Supply Chain

Supply Chain Opz

Research from APQC’s Open Standards Benchmarking in procurement shows that organizations without formal SRM programs report 121 percent longer supplier lead times. Work with your broker to see if you can get priority on unloading the ship and inland transport. Supply Chain Execution excellence (warehousing and transportation) improves asset utilisation, capacity and throughput whilst reducing the variable costs associated with warehousing and distribution.

Building the Business Case for a TMS

Talking Logistics

In a past episode of Talking Logistics , Nicholas Carretta, President at UltraShipTMS (a Talking Logistics sponsor), discussed some of the barriers companies face in implementing a transportation management system (TMS), and “building the business case” was one of the main challenges he talked about. The first step is to do an accurate self-assessment of your supply chain and transportation network. Intelligent procurement. Freight payment accuracy.

Solving Franklin’s Freight Dilemma: Cure or Prevent Disruptions?

MIT Supply Chain

Walmart Stores and the MIT FreightLab have collaborated to create a tool that reduces truck transportation planning time and lowers costs. This may be a great rule of thumb for life generally, but not necessarily for freight transportation. Is it more important to prevent disruptions from occurring by building robustness into a freight network (i.e. Transportation managers often lean towards prevention. Department of Transportation driving rules.

More Challenges for the Transportation Network: Day 2 of the SCRC Meeting

Supply Chain View from the Field

Speakers are the SCRC meeting yesterday and today continued to speak more on the topic of transportation strategy given increasing challenges in the transportation sector, and the need for an effective transportation management strategy. As opposed to increasing ports to ship massive containers of bulk items, regions like North Carolina need to think differently, and to consider new possible locations for transport-driven logistics portals statewide.

How Bad Weather Can Take Supply Chains by Storm—and How You Can Prepare

CH Robinson Transportfolio

The most surprising thing to me about last year’s bad weather was how it caught transportation professionals off guard. They wanted to talk about why the transportation budget was so out of whack, but many transportation professionals were unprepared to explain it. Conduct a procurement exercise at the same time of year, every year. But before you choose, measure how much freight your carriers are actually hauling, compared to what they promised.

Finding Global Transportation Optimization Opportunities

Talking Logistics

When considering your global transportation network, do you have the infrastructure needed to effectively and efficiently optimize it? Typically, this means freight consolidation, mileage reduction, and proper carrier selection. Is your organization sophisticated enough to manage your international freight in house, or do you depend on freight forwarders? How does expedited freight fit into this?

The Million Dollar Transportation Strategy Question – When Do You Need A Multi-Carrier Parcel Solution?

BluJay Solutions

When reviewing their transportation strategy and calculating shipping budgets, they are forced to ask,“Do we want to or can we afford to be held hostage by our carrier?”. Whether you want to admit it or not a carrier knows if they are the only game in town and therefore when a company commits to moving most, to all parcel freight with a single carrier they are signing away their freedom to be flexible, and to negotiate. .

Finding Truckload Capacity: Insights on Managing the Spot Procurement Process

Talking Logistics

If you’re going out to the spot market, you’re really under the gun to get your freight covered, so having that gray area — the ability to waiver some of your stringent due diligence [requirements] — really comes into play. . Over the years, however, software vendors have enhanced the spot procurement capabilities of transportation management systems (TMS), thus enabling shippers to better integrate the process with their overall operations.

Handfield’s Supply Chain Analytics Predictions for 2014

Supply Chain View from the Field

I’ve had the good fortune to be presented with opportunities for compelling discussions with a significant group of leading thinkers, senior executives in procurement, logistics, and technology management over this past year. As 2013 comes to a close, here are some of my thoughts regarding the supply chain trends we are likely to see emerge in 2014. Procurement will play a key role in monitoring supply base conditions. 2013 has certainly been an interesting year!

Challenges and possible solutions for local seafood supply chains

Supply Chain View from the Field

Contracts and investments will be needed to drive standard pricing, and to ensure access to freight and other equipment. Today no one is ready to make these investments, and as we have stretched out the supply chain, transportation and going to mainstream markets will be an issue. Food Supply Chains Local Food Systems Procurement Sustainability Supply Chain Economics Supply Chain Management Supply chain Relationships Sustainability

Does Your Business Suffer From any of These Five Profit-Killing Confusions


However, this can go too far, and lead to too much complexity not only in the customer decision making process, but also in the entire supply chain - from purchasing to manufacturing those products, and then selling, transporting and storing them down the supply chain in the channels. Image: Column 3PL/Logistics Freight Transport General Supply Chain Technology/IT Vivek Sood Features & Opinion There is no doubt that confusion results in loss of action.

Four Ways to Secure Carrier Capacity Using Bid Optimization

Talking Logistics

Freight volumes have exceeded pre-recession levels with the ATA Tonnage Index setting record highs the past two months. Here are four ways brokers, third-party logistics providers (3PLs), and shippers can use the technology to procure fair and reasonable rates across all modes of transportation, especially from carriers that hold the upper hand. The top 20 less-than-truckload carriers move about 95 percent of LTL freight in the market. Transportation centric.

3D Printing Set to Streamline the Retail Supply Chain Through Reduced Lead Times and Inventory

BluJay Solutions

Anyone involved in retail procurement is acutely aware of the importance of correctly predicting consumer/end-user requirements and ordering the right goods at the right time, in the right quantities. Supply chain software providers such as Kewill have made it their core business linking up the retail supply chain through order management , multimodal transportation and visibility software solutions that enable the retail supply chain to collaborate.

Pricing Power in a Cargo Bazaar: Does Revenue Management Add Value?


Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) were the center of the cargo transportation universe and the shippers were fully reliant on them for all their logistics needs. Air and ocean freight carriers were reliant on these LSPs to provide them with a view of the market; in most cases they had no transparency into the shipper’s needs and thus were completely cordoned off from the true source of demand. Those were the good old days.

Cargo 58

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Benchmark and Bid Your Carrier Rates

Talking Logistics

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, understanding how your company’s procurement strategy and results compare with industry peers is critical. Whether you need to inform management that your performance is superior or has improved, or identify opportunities in the procurement process to drive additional economic value – there is no better time to benchmark and bid your carrier rates than now.

How to Plan for Common Disruptors in Ocean Freight

Talking Logistics

Peak season for ocean freight shipping is underway. This blog examines the “red” times, like the roughly three-month period we have just entered that is historically one of the regular disruptors in the ocean freight market. All of this will cause a tightening of space for ocean freight shipping. These disruptors are not regular; they may or may not create significant impacts on ocean freight service that would increase your business risk.


How Are Shipper-Carrier Conversations Changing Today?

Talking Logistics

With so many factors impacting truckload transportation, including increased regulations and driver shortage, where are we today compared to a year ago? It seems like we’ve had a little bit of an [economic] recovery, at least a freight recovery, from an econometrics standpoint. Within the routing guide, if you weren’t first, you probably weren’t getting a whole lot of freight, and there wasn’t a whole lot of routing guide disruption.

Time to Squeeze Carriers for Better Rates?

Talking Logistics

There was a deceleration in freight volumes during the second half of 2015 which continued into the first month of 2016. So, that tells me that the inventory situation continues to weigh on truck freight volumes. The Freight Transportation Services Index (TSI), which is based on the amount of freight carried by the for-hire transportation industry, dropped 0.4 percent in December from November , with December 2015 freight shipments down 2.0

The State of the Industry: A Mid-year Look at Transportation and the Economy

Talking Logistics

At Transplace’s recent Shipper Symposium, a diverse group of shippers, logistics experts and analysts came together to discuss the latest industry trends and obstacles faced by supply chain and transportation professionals, and identify strategies for addressing these issues and improving operations. During the event, we had the opportunity to examine how the transportation world is shifting and what it all means to attendees’ business strategy.

An Overview of the Freight Brokering Business in 2015


Editor's Note: This is a blog post about the state of the freight brokering business in 2015. Cerasis is a freight broker and holds a $250,000 TIA Broker Bond. Many shippers have been burned by freight brokers who work on behalf of the shipper for transportation procurement, accounting services , freight claims management , and more. If you are a shipper, this post will bring light to you on how the freight brokering business works.

Selecting a 3PL – 9 Things Every Shipper Should Know

The Logistics of Logistics

Pros: If the 3PL is good at procurement, they can build a large network of partners / carriers. 3PLs that specialize in other services like air freight, sea freight, warehousing, etc. 4, Transportation Management System (TMS). Bigger 3PLs will typically have a carrier procurement group and thousands of partner relationships. Custom’s requirements are ever changing, so hire a company that moves freight daily over these borders.

3PL 109

Selecting a 3PL – 9 Things Every Shipper Should Know

The Logistics of Logistics

Pros: If the 3PL is good at procurement, they can build a large network of partners / carriers. 3PLs that specialize in other services like air freight, sea freight, warehousing, etc. 4, Transportation Management System (TMS). Bigger 3PLs will typically have a carrier procurement group and thousands of partner relationships. Custom’s requirements are ever changing, so hire a company that moves freight daily over these borders.

3PL 100

What Do Recent HOS Changes Mean for 2015?

CH Robinson Transportfolio

As with any new change—but especially due to the speed of this change—you can expect there to be confusion about the suspended regulations, which could impact the timeliness of your freight deliveries. Procuring truckload fright remains the same and an annual bid with loyal, stable carriers remains a best practice as outlined in Stale Rates Research: Benefits of Frequent Transportation Bids. Still confused about what this means for you, your freight, or your business?

Study 66

Aspects of Shutdown Planning - Safety & Procurement

Infosys Supply Chain Management

Procurement: After identifying the equipment, for the detailed task that would be executed determine the list of spare parts required. Procurement considers and involves a gamut of factors and activities to be done beforehand. Itemize the spares that need to be procured and these are generally classified as MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operation) in manufacturing organizations.

3PL 25

Oil & Gas Companies Focus on Eliminating Supply Chain Waste

Talking Logistics

But by 2014, the U.S. One area where significant waste exists is transportation management. Simply put, many oil and gas companies manage their transportation operations in a highly decentralized and fragmented manner with little or no technology. In response, oil and gas companies are starting to take action to improve their transportation management capabilities, with many of them looking at implementing a transportation management system (TMS) for the first time.

Why Blockchain Within The Supply Chain Makes Perfect Sense


A simple example is that of a cold chain using blockchain within the supply chain to hold a transport node accountable for mishandling: Tracking provenance, traceability, and historical procurement for materials, assets, and products as they move downstream to retailer with blockchain finality. Outcomes: reduction in delays/human error in paperwork, visibility into procurement, international compliance. Blockchain Omnichannel Supply Chain Transportation Management

Supply Chain Visibility Not Just a Requirement for the C-Suite, But a Responsibility in Management


Better wages for truckers will attract more individuals to get their CDLs which will benefit the growth of transportation networks and provide additional availability from more truckers. Companies need to shift their attention to better supply chain visibility and management in terms of optimizing the use of technology to handle transportation managemen and investment in a streamlined transportation accounting service.

This Week in Logistics News (November 5-9, 2018)

Talking Logistics

project44 Announces Multimodal Integration with Oracle Transportation Management. enVista Joins Blockchain in Transport Alliance. Hunt Locked in Freight Revenue Dispute (WSJ – sub. Shipping Rates to Increase for FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight Services. The minivan passed me as I was cycling up a never-ending hill, arms waving from open windows. The van pulled over a few hundred feet ahead, arms still waving from the windows.

9 Key Topics to Understand to Frame A Shipper’s Mind for Effective KPI Management with a 3PL


Editor's Note: As of late you may have noticed we have written a lot about procurement and the future of procurement. A large part of procurement is finalizing the contract and then the follow through of the determined deliverables in that agreement. The next step in procurement is then managing vendors and keeping service providers accountable for continued improvement.

KPI 248

Can B2B e-commerce solve supply chain issues?

Cathy Roberson

The overall expansion was supported by the sharpest rise in new orders since June 2014. For international transportation, there is the additional requirement of clearing customs. If 2020 was the year of B2C, 2021 could likely be the year of B2B.