Strong Freight Forecast Expected Thru 2026, What It Means for Shippers & 5 Things to Get Prepared


On July 27, 2015, the American Trucking Association s released the U.S. Freight Transportation Forecast to 2026. percent by 2026. trillion as of 9:00 PM CST on July 30, 2015. This means the increased revenue by 2026 would amount to more than five percent of the total current US National Debt. million by 2026. This report, available for purchase here , poised some significant implications for the shipping, and by direct correlation, the logistics industry.

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China to Overtake US in 2026, India, Indonesia to Rise Sharply in New World Order

How Will Shippers Meet Growing Demand?

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The American Trucking Association (ATA) recently released a freight transportation forecast, predicting growth through the year 2026. According to Forecast , overall freight tonnage will grow 25.5% from 2013 to 2025 and freight revenues will surge 72%. 3PL Optimization Shipping Transportation Spend

Trucking Companies Are (Finally) Recruiting More Women


If the trend continues, the ATA predicts the industry could fall short by 174,000 drivers by 2026. In 2015, commercial fleet management company Ryder announced the release of a "female-friendly vehicle package" consisting of features such as "ergonomically designed seats and adjustable armrests, adjustable seat belt shoulder straps, and automated transmissions.". The American Trucking Association estimates that trucking companies are short by as much as 45,000 drivers.

Truck Driver Shortage: Getting Better, Worse, or No Problem at All?

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Here are some excerpts from the press release : According to the report, ATA’s first in-depth examination of the driver shortage since 2015, the driver shortage eased in 2016 to roughly 36,500 – down from 2015’s shortfall of 45,000. “We

The Future Is Now for Logistics

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In 2015 it was a dark story if you were a carrier. If things don't change, and we continue up this progression, by 2026, we will be at 170,000 drivers short. The capacity crunch and technology are reshaping ?the the supply chain.

Amazon vs. Flipkart: The Race to Dominate Indian E-Commerce


the Indian e-commerce market is estimated to reach $200 billion by 2026. In 2015 it introduced the Amazon Chai Cart , a mobile tea cart that navigated city streets, serving refreshments to small business owners while simultaneously spreading word of the benefits of selling online. Indian e-commerce company Flipkart is in fierce rivalry with Amazon over the country's online retail market.

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Time to Reimagine STEM Education from Bottom to Top

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The Executive Summary of the American Institutes for Research “ STEM 2026 ” report states, “The complexities of today’s world require all people to be equipped with a new set of core knowledge and skills to solve difficult problems, gather and evaluate evidence, and make sense of information they receive from varied print and, increasingly, digital media. A 2015 U.S. Education For the 21st Century and Beyond ,” Op Ed News , 10 January 2015. [5]