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This Week in Logistics News (January 14-18, 2019)

Talking Logistics

As reported by The Loadstar this week, “Blockchain logistics start-up OpenPort has notified shareholders it is out of funds and intends to proceed with liquidation.” In the meantime, here’s the rest of this week’s supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention: U.S.

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Digital Freight in 2019: The Next Chapter


In 2019, digital freight isn’t a vision; it’s a reality. So today, we’re going to dive into the vector that digital freight has followed, charting out the journey so far, highlighting the gaps (which are substantial), and projecting where 2019 will lead us.

26 warehouse pros reveal the most important factors to consider when moving to an automated warehouse

6 River Systems

The world of logistics is increasingly driven by technology , with artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and automation among the biggest logistics trends today. That said, there are many factors to consider when moving to an automated warehouse.

5 Ways to Put AI to Work in Your Supply Chain


At LogiPharma 2019 in Philadelphia, Deepak Ghodke, Vice President, Bristlecone Labs, spoke about how it is, therefore, not at all surprising that the increase in AI adoption has also extended to enterprises in recent years. Step 1: Digitize your documents.

50 expert tips on improving warehouse efficiency & productivity

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Most warehouses are on an ongoing mission to maximize productivity by optimizing workflows, automating processes and reducing waste (both time and resources). More than 50% of your warehouse labor is in pick and pack, so start there. Cross-train your warehouse workforce.

Logistics Blackbox: How Visibility is Crucial for Customer Experience

20Cube Logistics

It involves myriad and largely detached logistics vendors. The complexity doesn’t end here, there are plentiful of documents and Customs clearance rules that differ in each country. How tech-enabled software is paving way into logistics? Digital Logistics Logistics Technology

The Digital Transformation in Logistics: Technologies, Barriers and Predictions!

Supply Chain Game Changer

The path to increased operational efficiency and customer satisfaction lies in the digitalization of logistics workflows. Emerging Technologies in Logistics & Their Potential Impact. trillion on logistics and supply chain within the next five years. Smart warehouse.

26 logistics professionals reveal the biggest trends in logistics technology

6 River Systems

Logistics can be traced all the way back to the Greek and Roman empires , but it’s undergone several major transformations as new technologies provide opportunities to more efficiently manage the movement and storage of goods. ” Meet Our Panel of Logistics Pros: Brian Jessup.

Advanced Shipment Notification Best Practices


Thanks to modern automation, the semi-new concept of an advanced shipment notification (ASN) is improving accuracy and lowering costs for logistics operations. Best Practices for Receiving: Establish written policies at the warehouse level.

Seeking Logistics Perfection

Enterra Insights

Logistics professionals could adopt that statement as their motto. Half-a-decade ago, Apptricity analysts wrote, “In the world of supply chain and logistics management, perfection remains an elusive goal. ”[1] Between then and now, logistics has become a focal point in today’s e-commerce environment; but, the perfect order remains the elusive ideal. “Logistics companies cannot afford not to be innovative,” he explains.

Top 5 Practical Freight & Logistics Applications of Blockchain-Based Systems


While there is much truth to the hype, it is important to stay practical and understand the logistics applications of blockchain and what they mean for you and your organization. Logistics Applications of Blockchain Maintain Data for All Parties. Logistics applications of blockchain all derive from maintaining an incorruptible data resource. For example, an e-commerce warehouse using a blockchain-based system like a smart contract could automate payments processing.

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28 supply chain professionals share the biggest challenges of supply chain management

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Our supply chain involves a contract manufacturer, a third-party testing facility, warehouses to store inventory and a freighting company. After 12 years as an Air Force logistics officer, Michael got his PhD in a top 5 logistics program, and now teaches supply chain management and marketing.

Green Logistics: How to deliver efficiently while minimizing carbon footprint


Source The process and involvement of logistics department in every organization have become an essential part to the economic development for a long time now. How can companies enable Green Logistics?

Five Keys to Cold Chain Success with Tyler Hildebrand

The Logistics of Logistics

Growing up I worked in lots of warehouses and was very interested in art. As a freelance marketer, I often worked closely with clients in the transportation and logistics space, so I began to understand the business. WMS, TMS, documentation. Documentation.

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What Is The Mission?

Supply Chain Shaman

Keith postulated the need to connect logistics to business strategy through a new concept termed supply chain management. As a heads up, no company in the Gartner Top 25 in 2019 is outperforming their industry peer group while driving improvement. Ross Stores is a 2019 Supply Chains to Admire award winner posting better results on improvement and performance for two consecutive years. Logistics: Strategic Issues. Daily I see one.

The State of Digital Freight: The 4×4 Blueprint for Freight 2020


It should come as no surprise that we are running out the clock until Amazon competes with more aspects of the logistics industry. They’re licensed to be an ocean freight forwarder, and they’ve bought some aircraft and an airport; and of course they are a huge warehousing player.

The Ultimate Guide to Pick and Pack Methods!

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Your eCommerce sales channels are integrated with your warehouse systems. When one of your customers places an order, the software at your fulfillment warehouse generates a packing slip. You move around the warehouse, picking the items for the order off the shelves.

Supply Chain Digitization: Starting the Journey


According to a 2019 McKinsey report¹, “Among top-quartile supply-chain performers, strategic investment in supply chain correlates with strong financial results. Logistics are often the initial adopters for digital technologies because the benefits of automation are easier to understand.

25 supply chain experts reveal the best tactics to optimize a supply chain

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From raw materials sourcing to warehouse operations , logistics technology , order fulfillment and beyond, there are dozens of points throughout the supply chain, all of which contribute to overall supply chain efficiency. Warehousing. Warehouse Operations

Blockchain in freight forwarding – Is it the next big thing?

20Cube Logistics

This is where Blockchain is ready to transform the way the supply chain and logistics industry works. Each time cargo is shipped, the transaction is documented, creating a permanent history of the shipment from order to delivery. appeared first on 20Cube Logistics.

What’s New with MMOG/LE Version 5?


The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) and Odette International are releasing the fifth version of the Materials Management Operations Guideline/Logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE) assessment this summer. supports version 4 today and will support version 5 by summer 2019.

Digitization and the Future of Supply Chains

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Claudio Diotallevi, a Partner Manager for Transport & Logistics at Ericsson, explains, “Participants in the supply chain are connected — just not to each other or not at the right time.”[3] ” Advanced Robotics and machine learning — “Modern warehouse management, plus ‘non-physical’ robotics, like database tools for deeper trend analysis that can help predict the future.”

11 Tips on How to Select a WMS

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The use of a warehouse management system (WMS) offers critical benefits to retailers and supply chains. According to Inbound Logistics , each WMS may contain hundreds of talking points, ranging from inbound freight management to customer service. Each vendor chosen should meet the minimum requirements within your requirements document, but requirements are subject to change. The Key Steps to Selecting the Best Warehouse Management System.

8 key benefits of effective supply chain management

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Data isn’t the only driver of effective supply chain management; other factors such as good vendor and supplier relationships, effective cost control, securing the right logistics partners and adopting innovative supply chain technologies make a big impact, too. Warehouse Operations

Importance of Technology on India’s Supply Chain Management

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Around 14 percent of GDP spent on logistics sector annually in India as compared to only around 5 percent of GDP in the developed countries logistics sector. Source: World Bank Logistics Performance Index 2018 ). Digital Logistics Technology

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50 expert tips on supply chain optimization

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Supply chain optimization, however, is complex, encompassing everything from warehouse operational performance to logistics planning and more. ” — Rob O’Byrne, Tips to Boost Supply Chain Performance , Logistics Bureau; Twitter: @LogisticsBureau.

3PL/Warehouse Process in Supply Chain


In most supply chains, warehouses and 3pl (third party logistics) providers are an essential part in ensuring that products arrive on time and are accounted for properly.

7 Mini Case Studies: Successful Supply Chain Cost Reduction and Management

Logistics Bureau

The company was replenishing dealers’ inventory weekly, using direct shipment and cross-docking operations from source warehouses located near Deere & Company’s manufacturing facilities. Inbound and outbound logistics planning.

3 Steps for Making Digital Transformation Happen in Supply Chain Planning


However, we often see business intelligence as a separate solution built on top of a data warehouse and used mostly for reporting, and dashboards, data visualization and extracting data for further offline analysis. What is Digital Transformation?

What are the components of fulfillment costs?

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This includes shipping all your inventory to the provider’s warehouse and/or connecting them with your drop shipper. The 3rd party logistics (3PL) service will set up your account and integrate their systems with yours. Warehouse Operations

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How to Perfect Your Ecommerce Holiday Advertising This Season


According to ShipBob’s 2019 ecommerce data , holiday shopping may start earlier than you think. Do you have a 3PL or logistics partner you work with? Nationwide warehousing.

The Best Accounting Software for Ecommerce Shops and How to Choose


The 7 best ecommerce accounting software picks of 2019. There are dozens of accounting software options available in 2019. Inbound and outbound logistics. Sage manages all the documentation and processes required in business payments such as price quotes, estimates, statements and invoices. A 3PL partner like ShipBob provides warehousing, technology, and the support you need to grow your ecommerce business. .

What is Drayage – Meaning, Definition & How to Reduce Drayage Costs


Drayage is often defined as the transport of goods over a short distance in the shipping industry and logistics industry. It is part of a longer overall move, such as from a ship to a warehouse. Unloading the delivery vehicle and completing inbound receiving documents.

Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2018

Material Handling & Logistics

Thanks to omni-channel distribution, 3-D printing, self-service logistics and other avenues of disintermediation, traditional supply chain roles are rapidly being transformed into all-new opportunities. Warehouse Automation. Self-Service Logistics.

You don’t need a Brexit bunker – streamline your supply chain instead

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While that may seem like sensationalism, there is a real concern among importing consumer-facing businesses that a cliff-edge Brexit could lead to supply issues in 2019, in medicine as well as food. The UK simply does not have the warehousing facilities to store the vast quantities of goods that would be needed to wait out long-term disruption, with the country only 60 percent self-sufficient.

3PL providers and shippers struggling to improve agility as infrastructure and workforce readiness hampers capabilities finds study


Supply chains are investing in integrated technologies to reverse this trend, which include: enterprise resource planning software (72%); warehouse management systems (56%); transportation management networks (38%); and supply chain visibility tools (34%).

Why Is It So Hard to Find Good Help These Days?

Material Handling & Logistics

WILL: Drone development over the past several years has resulted in a variety of applications and more recently use in the inventory and tracking of items in warehouses. The current limitation with drone technology use in warehousing is it’s only a two-dimensional scanner.

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