Assess your Inventory Optimization Process with This Quiz


Inventory management has always been challenging. Too often, inventory is viewed from an aggregate position, likely driven by finance, who are concerned about working capital implications. It also provides an assessment of your current approach to inventory optimization. .

Top 6 Predictions for Supply Chain Planning in 2021 and Beyond


Of course trade-offs of higher manufacturing costs are balanced against reduced inventory costs, lower freight/logistics costs, lower duties and taxes, etc. For example, you could have an Oracle database and ToolsGroup inventory optimization, all integrated in a Google data lake.


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Inoculating 2021 E-Commerce with Fulfillment Best Practices

Logistics Viewpoints

These shifts led more fulfillment teams to identify and embrace emerging best practices as part of their 2021 planning. They studied the value of getting inventory closer to customers. All around, 2020 lessons learned are fueling improvements in this new year.

Supply Chain Risk Management: Risks of Relocating a Business ‘China to Vietnam’

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Customer service, parts shortages, unprecedented inventory growth, and warrant management can actually take up internal sources and affect profit margins. This could cause failure to manage inventory, causing disruption to the business, resulting in stock-outs.

Wired for Success: Optimizing Sales and Operations Planning for the Wire & Cable Industry

DELMIA Quintiq

In addition, vendor-managed inventory can be actioned where planners, suppliers and customers are connected to allow for more effective and collaborative planning and decision-making.

The Beer Supply Chain in 2021 and Beyond


Post pandemic, evolving pressures will endure to disrupt the beer supply chain in 2021 and beyond. Software solutions replace manual methods of inventory tracking to provide access to better management tools and accurate financial data.

2021 : The year of Supply Chain Planning


What are the news trends for Supply Chain Planning in 2021? We could not have predicted 2020, but we can anticipate and plan 2021. We could not have predicted 2020, but we can anticipate and plan 2021. 2021: Planning the future of the Supply Chain.

10 Small Business Inventory Management Tips!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Featuring Our 10 Best Inventory Management Articles! Small business inventory management tips article and permission to publish here provided by Simcha Michael. Let’s look at our highly recommended small business inventory management tips! Subscribe Here! Email Address.

5 Biggest Supply Chain Levers for 2021

Logistics Bureau

Benchmarking Cost to Serve Customer Service Distribution Network Design Inventory - S&OP Supply Chain Transport Trends VideosSuppose you want to fix up your supply chain business and make the whole thing more efficient. What do you think you need to work on specifically?

Chinese New Year 2021: Is Your Supply Chain Prepared?


How to Prevent Chinese New Year Shipping and Inventory Disasters. Is your supply chain prepared for the 2021 Chinese New Year? It’s the most important question you should be asking as soon as the Western holiday season ends.

China 52

The Future of Drones in the Supply Chain


While drones are commonly applied in warehouses to help with inventory management, their purpose is starting to extend further down the supply chain to final […].

How 3PL warehouse companies can support your supply chain in 2021

Kanban Logistics

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the logistics industry are still being felt as we enter 2021. In this article, we’ll look at some of the ways 3PL warehouse companies can help take the warehousing burden off of you and support your company’s growth in 2021 and beyond.

Do You Have Confidence in Your Hospital Inventory Management Data?


To gain comprehensive control of your supply chain, pinpoint your hospital inventory management issues and where there are gaps in your processes and data. The post Do You Have Confidence in Your Hospital Inventory Management Data?

Start-up founders are focusing on operating costs in 2021


More than half (55%) of the start-up founders were shown to prioritise inventory expenses, including anything related to the product the company sells, from raw materials to the finished product.

Reimagining the Food Supply Chain with Eric Ristow and Luis Pajares

The Logistics of Logistics

Due to customer demand for faster transit times, food inventory must be stored closer to customers. Reimagining the Food Supply Chain with Eric Ristow and Luis Pajares. Eric Ristow , Luis Pajares , and Joe Lynch discuss reimagining the food supply chain.

Seasoned Leadership in Action™ – An Interview with Stephen Beard, VP at Flexe!

Supply Chain Game Changer

I’ve recently been working on transportation partnerships in same-day courier space and small parcel as we turn the page to 2021 to help us bring more options to market for our clients. This takes a lot of soul searching and a personal inventory of your priorities, for certain.

A Year of Poor Planning Led to Carmakers’ Massive Chip Shortage

Supply Chain Brain

Near-sighted planning, supply-chain complexities and a tradition of keeping inventories low caused the semiconductor shortage that is now forcing carmakers to idle production lines and straining their relationship with chip manufacturers

2020 Elections, COVID-19, Supply Chain Challenges Inventory Planning


What a triumvirate

What is Integrated Business Planning (IBP)?


This accurate forecast is used as part of a structured, repeatable process to create production plans that will drive manufacturing efficiencies and ensure sufficient inventory is produced to meet all customer demand until the next production run.

Making Supply Chains Fit for Function

Enterra Insights

” Cecere writes, “Align the functional metrics to reliability and drive cross-functional collaboration on a few and meaningful metrics (growth, market share, margin, inventory turns, ROIC, and on time and in full shipments).” With so much being written and discussed about supply chain transformation, it’s good to remind ourselves what supply chain management is fundamentally about.

SCM 109

10 COVID-19 Lessons for a Resilient Supply Chain


In 2021, COVID-19 and Resilient Supply Chain will not be incompatible. As of this writing, as we enter 2021, between Pfizer and Moderna products more than 4.2 This places the focus on supply and inventories (see Takeaways section below).

Four Keys to Successful Technology Adoption in the 3PL Industry


Automated Catalog Listing Inventory & Order Management Warehousing & Fulfillment Brands 3PLs Sellers Industry Insights Warehouse management systemThe challenges of maintaining a strong value proposition as a 3PL service provider are quite formidable.

3PL 52

How EazyStock Enhances Acumatica ERP Inventory Management


Inventory management is crucial to ensuring businesses have agile and efficient supply chain operations. This is where an inventory optimization tool comes into play. Inventory optimization is the next level up from basic inventory management processes.

How POS Data Improves Supply Chain!

Supply Chain Game Changer

It Helps with Inventory Monitoring. Today, a lot of businesses still monitor and stock their inventory manually. POS data can remarkably increase supply chain management and enable you to monitor inventory. Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer.

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Introducing ThroughPut Demand Sensing : Your Toolkit for a Resilient & Agile Supply Chain


The ThroughPut Demand Sensing Module is your data-driven, go-to planning and forecasting tool to accurately analyze and correlate demand insights and respond to fluctuating margins and inventory needs. Accurately forecast and respond to fluctuating margins and inventory needs.

The 5 step guide to a winning cross border commerce strategy


Selecting the right 3PL partner can provide valuable support in terms of order and inventory management, payment reconciliation and returns management. Introducing your products to new markets comes with major challenges.

S&OP: A 7-Step Business Process


This includes whether there are any inventory shortages from the last production run that need to be compensated for in the upcoming run. An underlying concept of the What Is S&OP? article is the commonality of an S&OP plan and process.

S&OP 52

The 6 Greatest Challenges to your Supply Chain


Have plans to maintain your physical resources – property, plant, equipment and inventory stocks – as your human and financial resources. Ensure sufficient material and inventory stocks Plant and equipment integrity.

How to get started with Direct to Consumer selling


D2C sellers need to have in place visibility of inventory & sales in real-time across multi-locations and warehouses. Sell on Marketplaces Globally Inventory & Order Management Omnichannel Experience Brands Multi-brand Retailers Marketplaces Sellers Seller on Marketplaces

Distribution Management: Top 6 Factors That Influence Distribution Management Strategy

BR Williams Supply Chain Management

Warehouse inventory management systems (WMS). The ideal situation for any retailer or manufacturer is to have just enough inventory on hand to sell or to keep production lines running smoothly. Warehouse inventory management systems (WMS). What is Distribution Management?

Advantages of S&OP for Supply Chain Management


Non classé Business Process Demand Planning Digital Supply Chain Planning Forecast Forecasting IBP Inventory Buffers Material Requirements Planning MRP Replenishment S&OPWhat are the advantages of S&OP? As noted in the What is S&OP?

S&OP 52

Seeing Supply Chain Visibility through Different Lenses


However, I did like the unique tiles and the expert design assistance offered by the first retailer and thought through what could have been an ideal customer experience for me: The tile retailer having the ability to look up the current inventory of the distributor online.

3 Predicted Warehouse Management Trends for 2021

PLS Logistics

While every supply chain executive is looking for ways to build resilience, inventory, and warehouse management become another top priority for businesses in 2021. Blog inventory management supply chain warehouse management

Trends 130

Stand Out Digital Supply Chain Strategies!

Supply Chain Game Changer

With the advent of 2021, AI unveils new avenues for revolutionizing SCM across automation, planning, logistics, inventory, fleet & freight. We may see more companies outsourcing activities like inventory management, logistics and supply chain management, as a whole.

The Demand Powered Supply Chain: How to Win as the Bar Continues to Rise in the Retail Industry

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Robinson’s recent partnership with SAS , a trusted analytics powerhouse, to bring end-to-end supply chain processes and technology solutions that connect demand and inventory planning data with procurement and transportation data, in real-time. Reduce inventory.