Budget Planning 2021: 5 Supply Chain Recommendations

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The ability for organizations to respond to these challenges will determine the strategies required to maintain profitable performance in 2021. Read more Budget Planning 2021: 5 Supply Chain Recommendations.

Performance During the Pandemic: A Warehouse and Logistics Update

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In April I discussed the widespread impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on supply chain and fulfillment, and provided a WMS market update in which I predicted a market downturn in 2020 to be followed by a rebound in 2021.

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The Top 5 Changes That Occur With AI in Logistics


There’s no other way to describe it: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world of logistics. In general, the predictive analytics solutions in logistics and supply chain are on the rise. billion by the end of 2021. Logistics

This Week in Logistics News (September 7 – 13)

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After next Thursday (9/19/19), there will not be an official palindrome week until 2021 (we don’t count putting a 0 in front of the month around here). The post This Week in Logistics News (September 7 – 13) appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Supply Chain News This Week in News Logistics NewsAh yes, it is officially palindrome week. This year, however, palindrome week takes on a whole new significance.

This Week in Logistics News (October 22-26, 2018)

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Eight days to go until I and my Logistics Leaders for Type 1 Diabetes Cure teammates set out to cycle 100 miles in support of JDRF and its quest to create a world without T1D. Moving on, here’s the supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention this week: E2open to Acquire INTTRA.

This Week in Logistics News (July 4 – 10)

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When I initially heard that Hamilton was set to hit the big screen in 2021 with a filmed performance by the original cast, I was pretty excited. The post This Week in Logistics News (July 4 – 10) appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints.

Will Robotics Emerging Technology Improve Logistical Efficiency?


paints a future where “humans have been entirely removed from the logistics business, which is now coordinated by machines and software.” In short, robots are now more apt to improve the logistical efficiency of a company’s supply chain. Will Robotics Improve Efficiency?

Most Important E-Commerce Logistics Trends To Watch


Because global e-commerce retail sales are expected to exceed 6 trillion dollars by 2021 every business wants to be a leader in their own niches. How Surface Mode Shippers Can Compete in E-Commerce Logistics. E-Commerce Logistics Trends

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Technologies are changing the Logistics Picture

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According to Steve Geary, President of the Supply Chain Visions family of companies and Chief Operating Officer at ROSE Solutions, logistics is the key tool in the supply chain professional’s kit. He explains, “Sun Tzu said, ‘The line between disorder and order lies in logistics.’ With the advent of digitalization, the logistics and supply chain industry is getting a complete makeover.”[2]. Emerging Logistics Technologies and Trend.

4 Tips for Managing Your Ecommerce Orders for Multichannel Marketplaces


billion customers by 2021. E-Commerce Logistics Managing your ecommerce ordersEditor’s Note: Today’s article is from Alexa Lemzy from TextMagic who gives us 4 helpful tips for managing your ecommerce orders for multichannel marketplaces.

The top 3PL providers for eCommerce in the USA


billion by 2021, the writing is on the wall: eCommerce in the US isn’t going anywhere. Logistics eCommerce ShippingWith eCommerce sales in the United States reaching USD$360.3 billion in 2016 and projected to surpass US$603.4

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The Top 5 Impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Logistics!

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There’s no other way to describe it: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world of logistics. Here are the top five ways in which Artificial Intelligence is transforming the logistics industry as we know it: 1) Predictive Capabilities Skyrocket When AI in Logistics is Implemented. In general, the predictive analytics solutions in logistics and supply chain are on the rise. billion by the end of 2021. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Rakuten Super Logistics expands national presence into six additional US markets


By 2021, worldwide retail e-commerce sales are projected to be 4.9 Primary Event: The 10th Annual North American Supply Chain Summit Précis: Rakuten Super Logistics (RSL) announced that it will open six additional fulfilment centres in 2019, expanding its operations to a total of 18 markets Premium`: Freemium`: Channels: Supply Chain Industrial Logistics Region: North America Article Type: Press Releases Publish as a report

Connecting the Dots on Amazon's patents in Logistics


I've dug into Amazon's patent filings over the last five years and mined the patent titles for keywords related to inventory and logistics. By 2021, Cowen and Co., So, what are other large retailers and logistics companies doing in this space?

Logistics: Automation and the Future of Work


Robots and artificial intelligence are poised to displace jobs in various industries, and the logistics industry is highly vulnerable to job loss. It is also clear that existing logistics jobs will be replaced by machines.

How will logistics chains be affected by China’s Belt and Road projects?


The electrified passenger and cargo railway, which started construction in December 2016 with the full application of Chinese management standards and technical standards, is scheduled to be completed and open to traffic in December 2021.

6 Tips for Improving Warehouse and Distribution Center Efficiency

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billion industry, and it’s expected to balloon to $22 billion by the year 2021. distribution #logistics #warehouse #productivity #lean #supplychainmanagement. Subscribe Here! Email Address. Struggling with Process Ownership? Perhaps it’s a Failure to Communicate!

The logistical consequences of a soft, hard or no-deal Brexit


During the European 3PL & Supply Chain Summit he outlined the impact of Brexit on logistics and what we can do to work within a soft, hard or no-deal Brexit.

How Vehicle Tracking can help Businesses Negotiate Emission Zones!

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While the area the ULEZ currently covers is comparatively small, the plan to expand the boundary significantly in October 2021 would see the zone cover the entire area encompassed by the North and South Circular Roads which run around London. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Square for the Transportation Industry

Aborn and Co.

According to a World Pay survey, 46% of global buyers will transition from a credit card to a digital wallet by 2021, but in the world of freight, most still operate via cash and fleet checks. or simply search your favorite podcast player for Consulting Logistics

Key Guiding Principles for Getting a Better Handle on Implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Supply Chain Management


In fact, Gartner predicts by 2021, 40% of new enterprise applications will include Artificial Intelligence Technologies, where AI and Machine Learning promise to solve a plethora of problems faced by enterprises today, from better decision making to increased efficiencies and cost savings. The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business activities has again emerged as a hot topic for 2017 and 2018.

What is the Best E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Service for You? Amazon FBA or 3PL?

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Guest blog by Dona Dimaculangan of 3P Logistics, your end to end UK logistics provider and e-commerce specialist at [link] uk/. dollars in 2016 to just over 485 billion US dollars in 2021. Third Party Logistics (3PL / TPL). Subscribe Here! Email Address.

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Can Digital Twins Result in Total Supply Chain Redesign and Innovation?


With the rapid growth of sensors through IOT within the supply chain and the connectivity of these sensors (estimated to be 25 billion sensors worldwide by 2021), the volume of consistent high quality data is increasing beyond our human capabilities to analyze in real time.

The need to know


Clorox won’t have enough disinfecting wipes until 2021, its CEO says. Study Shows Industrial and Logistics Sectors Likely to Rebound Faster Than Expected Beyond 2021. The need to know from Reuters global network of journalists.

The Internet of Things and the Retail Industry

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billion connected items, growing to 25 billion by 2021. billion by 2021. The online retailer is moving into bricks-and-mortar stores with its Amazon Go self-checkout concept, and has plans to open 3,000 of the small footprint outlets by 2021.

Long-Haul Trucking: The First and Best Use Case for a Level 5 Self-Driving Vehicles


Ford is working on Level 4 self-driving taxis , planned for 2021. autonomous cars logistics last mile robots self-driving cars supply chainIn July 2016 , inspired by Elon Musk’s Master Plan, Part Deux , I laid out a concept for self-driving vehicles for long-haul trucking. I thought I would expand upon that concept in this post.

Kearney reports post-COVID supply chains are battered but not broken


The logistics industry supporting that economy grew as well, to $1.652 trillion in expenditures. logistics spend, was already slowing down in 2019 after a troubled 2018 as years of scarce capacity and increasing rates reversed in favor of shippers.

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British International Freight Association expects Brexit extension after UK-EU negotiation delays


Robert Keen, the director general of the British International Freight Association (BIFA) said: “In light of the huge issues involved with a sharp change in trading conditions at the start of 2021, particularly if that were to coincide with another Covid-19 outbreak, we think an extension looks increasingly likely. It is unlikely that their companies and the clients they serve will have the capacity to increase readiness for a sharp change in trading conditions in 2021. “In

This Week in Logistics News (August 27-31, 2018)

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I’m on borrowed time this morning, so let’s go straight to the supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention this week, which was dominated by M&A, new startups, and investments news. Toyota invests $500 million in Uber, will partner to deliver self-driving cars by 2021 (USA Today). As an industry analyst, I have had the opportunity to see MercuryGate (a Talking Logistics sponsor) grow and evolve over the past 18 years.

Bringing Augmented Reality to Supply Chain


million headset shipments by 2021, almost double from 2016’s 10 million. by 2021 compared to US $2.1B After all, new technologies impact almost every industry, and logistics is no exception.

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Amazon by the Numbers! Time to find your place in an Amazon World! (Infographic)

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The infographic from Fortna in this post from Jeff Ashcroft provides a startling picture of where Amazon is at currently and how by 2021 they’re expected to handle over half of online e-commerce transactions with Walmart now only at 5% and growing! Subscribe Here! Email Address.

The build-up to Brexit and the state of global trade


The working assumption of the British Government and for most businesses is that there will be a ‘hard’ border between the EU and UK (except for Northern Ireland) from midnight on 1 January 2021, when the Transition Period is due to end.

Supply Chain Strategy and the Post-pandemic World

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With tightening budgets and a need to stay connected using technology, it is more important than ever for transportation and logistics companies to have an effective mobility strategy in place.”[2]

Bringing Augmented Reality to Supply Chain


million by 2021, almost double from 2016’s 10 million. by 2021 compared to US $2.1B After all, new technologies impact almost every industry, and logistics is no exception.

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Technology and the Supply Chain: What Does the Future Hold?


Big business are jumping on the bandwagon too – utilizing collaborative distribution, reverse logistics and cooperative sourcing to lower costs, improve efficiency and better optimize their supply chain. by Alexa Cheater Meet the Jetsons!