Four Ways Blockchain Will Transform Supply Chain…and Beyond


This provides an immutable record of the truth while also preserving the integrity and security of the data. inventory) which all saves money. . According to Gartner, 80% of supply chain block chain initiatives will remain at a proof of concept (POC) or pilot stage through 2022.

Why Blockchain Within The Supply Chain Makes Perfect Sense


Instead of having to deal with an ineffective point-to-point communication system like EDI and the complexity of reconciling multiple data sources with multiple permission models, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) provides a singular mechanism to securely integrate, harmonize, and synchronize data for all participants. Outcomes: improved inventory management; More accurate determination of re-order points; Better on-shelf availability. from the global economy by 2022.

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Trends and Predictions 2020: Supply Chain

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“Blockchain democratizes the supply chain, enabling a secure, transparent network with all participants. Intelligent order management: Supply chains will orchestrate the perfect order and master inventory visibility. Process Automation : “By 2022, firms will dedicate 35% of their logistics business process outsourcing services budget to process automation, focusing on order, inventory and shipment tracking.”

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10 Ways IoT Can Improve Supply Chains


in 2022, achieving a 10.7% Blockchain shows potential for increasing the speed, scale, and visibility of supply chains, eliminating counterfeit-goods transactions while also improving batching, routing and inventory control.

Blockchain in the Supply Chain is Only a Few Links Long

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As a result, a blockchain could not only digitize shipping supply chain data, but also make transactions more secure, standardized and universal — even those without credit cards could participate in blockchain-based transactions.” Rock-solid Security : “Another important benefit of integrating blockchain on the supply chain discipline,” User notes, “is the high level of security offered by the distributed ledger.

The Internet of Things is over 30 Years Old and still in Its Infancy

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Other benefits include inventory tracking, product tracking, process improvement, and optimization. “Currently,” he writes, “there are approximately 10 billion connected devices, with the number reaching 20 billion in 2020, 29 billion to 42 billion in 2022, and 75 billion in 2025. Principal among those reasons are a lack of standards and concerns over security and privacy. How can something over 30 years old still be considered in its infancy?

[INFOGRAPHIC] Industry 4.0: Powered by the Internet of Things & Digital Manufacturing


Companies will be able to do predictive maintenance to reduce downtime, better manage their inventories, and also to become more flexible and responsive to changes in market conditions. Security concerns surrounding the Internet of Things are due to two factors, El Adl says.

5 Disruptions Shaping the Digital Transformation in Distribution and Logistics

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Macpherson predicted that the figure will easily be 80 percent by 2022. The ability to gain insight from the data provides real-time visibility, security and efficiency, as well as the opportunity to predict and proactively act on supply chain risks.

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