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Top 3 Supply Chain Planning Buzzwords


estimates the number of IoT-enabled devices will surge to more than 30 billion by 2020 and 75 billion by 2025. For example, if you have a temperature sensitive product being shipped in climate-controlled containers on a cargo ship, sensors on the ship can tell you right now its relative location, and sensors within the containers can tell you the current temperature inside. by Alexa Cheater Marketing spin or actually making a difference?

Supply Chain And Logistics Trends That Could Be Big In 2020

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Again, this might include recycling or refurbishing items damaged in storage or transit, or placing undamaged returns back into a sales inventory. Forecasters such as McKinsey estimate potential savings as being worth over $1 trillion (US) by 2025. According to the Shipa Freight report, the primary challenges faced by internationalizing SMEs, from a shipping perspective, are as follows: International shipping costs are too high, and cost-visibility is inadequate.