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Digitized Trucking: Turning The Logistics Value Chain Upside Down


Imagine that you own a truck and you receive an order from a soft drink manufacturer in Missouri to transport around 5000 kilograms of freight. The truck, after dropping off 2000 kilograms in New York, will be left with empty space that can be filled up if we could somehow find out if someone needs around 2000 kilograms of freight cargo to be transported from New York to Atlanta on the same day. By 2025, 63.5 Freight Technology Transportation

FreightWaves Classics: I-17 serves Arizona’s ever-growing population

The Supply Chain Journal

According to an article by David Rookhuyzen of the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) that quotes the Federal Highway Administration (FHwA), “the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, which created the system, called for uniformity in construction standards.


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This Week in Logistics News (May 27-31, 2013)

Talking Logistics

Department of Transportation Releases Policy on Automated Vehicle Development. Trucks Transported 60% of U.S.-NAFTA Under CI Capital Partners, Transplace made several acquisitions to grow its business and service footprint, including Celtic International, SCO Logistics, and Torus Freight Systems (now Transplace Canada). After a cold and wet holiday weekend, summer has arrived with a vengeance, with temperatures in the 90s yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Supply Chain and Sales alignment increase responsiveness


As Scott says in the podcast, a lot of companies are accelerating technology deployments to try to keep up, such that things they were thinking about implementing in 2025 are rolling out now.

Transmission: Electric delivery trucks from Volvo, Lion get ready to roll in California and Canada

The Supply Chain Journal

The first truck was delivered as part of the Volvo LIGHTS project, a public-private partnership with a mission to turn “battery electric freight movement” from an idea to a “widespread reality,” in Volvo’s words. It’s a good day to breathe a bit easier.

Full List of President Trump’s Tariffs on $34 Billion of Chinese Goods

Freight Plus

The aim of the Trump administration's tariffs look to disrupt China's Made In 2025 initiative to become a dominant leader in those industries. Parts suitable for use solely or principally with passenger or freight elevators other than continuous action, skip hoists or escalators. The looming trade conflict between the US and China escalated to a full blown trade war on Friday after the Trump administration announced new tariffs on 1,102 product lines.

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