Imagine the Supply Chain of 2025


Recently, I attended the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit. The theme of the event was to imagine the Supply Chain of 2025. The size of the group allowed for some good networking and very passionate conversations among colleagues who care about the supply chain industry. One central theme that seemed popular was the acceptance that any and all projections about the supply chain of 2020 were very likely going to be wrong.

Top Megatrends to Adopt by 2025

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Freight Management Omni-Channel Ecommerce Megatrends Trends Omnichannel Supply Chain VisibilityToday, business operates in a digital world – one that changes at a rate seemingly impossible to keep up with. In order to succeed in this business climate, a company needs to adapt to the pace of change.


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Supply Chain of 2025: Global with Strong Regional Characteristics


Recently, I participated in a podcast with Lora Cecere where we discussed the following question: What would the supply chain of 2025 look like? It is here I believe the supply chains will make the biggest improvements in the next 10 years. I believe the supply chains of the future will look at the strengthening portions of the long tail and decide to actively engage with them. It will be designed to cater to the long chain of local demands.

Perfect Security by 2025?

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New technology enables new advances in supply chain security. What will security look like in 2025

Two Million Vacant Manufacturing Jobs by 2025…How Can We Tackle the Skills Gap?


Updating recruiting methodologies — It is clear, based on analyses linked herein, that manufacturers should market the career opportunities they offer in ways that innovatively feature these resources and methods: Social media supplies prospective job applicants with an exceptional array of information about manufacturers' business profiles, including personnel practices, operating models, corporate culture, and much more.

“Best” E-commerce Distribution Network for 2025 [Infographic]


Are you looking to (re)design your APAC supply chain to keep up with growing e-commerce demand? Using the 2025 estimated population for China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand (approx.

50,000 warehouses to use robots by 2025


By lowering the barriers to adoption for robots in the warehouse, vendors are disrupting the wider logistics value chain,” explained Finill. “If The rapid rate of adoption will be driven by the need for flexible, efficient, and automated e-commerce fulfillment as same-day delivery becomes the norm.

Supply Chain Artificial Intelligence Offers Wisdom to Supply Chain Management


Our previous discussion on augmented reality revealed a new trend in supply chain management , the use of computer-simulated imagery to enhance production and efficiency. However, the supply chain tends to forget how augmented reality will naturally transform the entire supply chain, and supply chain artificial intelligence is one of the key driving forces behind supply chain augmented reality.

Supply Chain Megatrends: Looking Ahead to 2025 - Value Unchained

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Announcing the Supply Chains to Admire 2015

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Tomorrow, I present the Supply Chains To Admire 2015 Analysis at the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit in Scottsdale, AZ. The theme is “Imagine the Supply Chain of 2025.” At the event, we will also announce the winners of the Supply Chains to Admire methodology for 2015. Today, supply chain excellence is easier to say than define. Sharing of the Supply Chains to Admire Work.

Top 3 Supply Chain Planning Buzzwords


When it comes to supply chains, certain words seem to be bandied about like the ball at a championship tennis match. Back and forth, over and over, these supply chain buzzwords seem to have an endless lifespan. But are they just creative marketing spin (after all, developing them is kind of part of the job), or is what they stand for actually making a difference in your supply chain planning?

Vaccinating the Supply Chain with Andrew Kelley

The Logistics of Logistics

Vaccinating the Supply Chain with Andrew Kelley. Andrew Kelley and Joe Lynch discuss vaccinating the supply chain. Key Takeaways: Vaccinating the Supply Chain. Vaccine Supply Chain and Logistics Challenges.

Attracting Millennials in the Supply Chain Means Getting Your Digital Supply Chain In Order


Ignoring this generation is impossible and attracting millennials in the supply chain is an even bigger hurdle. Since e-commerce has flooded the industry with more orders and stringent delivery expectations, supply chain leaders must think outside the box to attract and retain the next generation. Unfortunately, failure to recognize the role millennials will play in the future of the world of supply chains will result in catastrophe. Supply Chain

Traditional Supply Chain Models Will be Extinct in 2025, Thanks to These 10 Disruptors

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Companies must formulate a strategic plan that includes core competencies and future business objectives to prepare to meet the challenges of the next decade

Three Reasons Why SAP Supply Chain Planning Is a Risk to Your Business

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High-tech manufacturers in the Silicon Valley of the United States are some of the best at supply chain planning. With changing product profiles, short life cycles, constraints with downstream suppliers, and changing markets, being good at supply chain planning matters. In this tough market excellence in supply chain planning is a critical element to be competitive. Supply chain planning and the discipline and rigor is a different way of working.

Made in China 2025 Promises a Manufacturing Revolution


At the end of May the Ministry of Industry and Telecommunications Technology announced the introduction of China’s own manufacturing legislation: Made In China 2025. According to Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology (MITT), success of the initiative will mean that by 2025 China will be at a level of industrialization on par with “Germany and Japan at their early stages of industrialisation". Supply Chain Impact. Martin Abegglen/ Flickr.

China 60

Preparing Skills for the Future of Supply Chain Management


by Bob Ferrari The following guest blog commentary is contributed by Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor of the Supply Chain Matters blog and Managing Director of the Ferrari Consulting and Research Group LLC. My topic was: Positioning Your Skills for the Future Needs of Supply Chain Management , and in this 21 st Century Supply Chain guest blog, I wanted to share some of my key messages to this audience as well, since this is a topic frequently brought up.

Technology and the Supply Chain: What Does the Future Hold?


So what does my nostalgic look back at my childhood have to do with the future of supply chains? And all of them, once they reach critical mass in the marketplace, will have a staggering impact on the future of supply chain. The WEF report focuses on five shifts that will directly influence supply chain. According to WEF, in the next five years, we’ll see 30 billion Internet-connect physical devices, which will considerably impact supply chain operations.

A Connected Supply Chain is Essential in Today’s Environment


This is especially true in the area of supply chain operations. Business Disruption in the Supply Chain. We’ve heard the recent stories where supply chain performance plays an increasingly important role in a period of business disruption.

Circular Supply Chain: the Politics of Pollution


In previous posts, I wrote on the emergence of circular model supply chains , and the likely impacts they may have. Why are circular model supply chains any different to the myriad of other supply chain sustainability banners that have come and gone over the past decade? Companies embark on sustainability initiatives such as circular supply chains for many reasons. There is no one single reason to adopt circular supply chain models.

The State of Supply Chain Trends Part III: Circular Supply Chains, Collaboration, and Risk


Supply chains have traditionally followed a linear path, manufacturing products and sending them through warehouses and distribution centers to consumers. However, the age of the internet and omnichannel sales has created vast opportunities to change how the supply chain functions, creating more cohesive, collaborative, and circular supply chains. More companies were taking steps before 2016 to improve collaboration across entire supply chains.

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Material Handling Institute US Roadmap for 2015: Can’t Wait for 2025!

Supply Chain View from the Field

MHI (“The Industry That Makes Supply Chains Work”) publishes an annual U.S. Roadmap for Material Handling & Logistics calls the Physical Internet an “ambitious, comprehensive vision that addresses a wide variety of [supply chain-related] problems.” . The roadmap predicts 2025 as the date when standards emerge… as well as appropriate forms of data sharing across boundaries to ensure real-time data. Supply Chain Management

Yowza! A Nine-Step Decision Process to Help Guide Supply Chain Planning Selection

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<Bear with me… > Here I share a nine-step process in an attempt to help companies unravel the process for buying supply chain planning software. Let’s face a hard fact: the supply chain planning market is a mess. They center on how to make a good decision in the purchase of supply chain planning solutions. The most common questions include: What should I do about the discontinuation of SAP APO in 2025? Supply Chain Analytics.

The Top 6 Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2017

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The supply chain is affected by the globalization of business, and those who work with international suppliers don’t have the same competitive advantage they once had. More markets are emerging in the global economy, and traditional supply and demand is changing. Industry Week reports that by 2025, global companies will have procurement managers based in China to source materials and services not only for their operations in that country, but for their entire organization.

Russia 132

Conducting Business in India? Chances Are that You Could Be by 2025

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If projections and recent rhetoric are to be believed, India will join China as the only non-North American countries in the $500 billion club by 2025. Chances Are that You Could Be by 2025 appeared first on Transportfolio. Global Transportation Logistics Supply Chain India TradeThere are three countries that conduct in excess of 500 billion dollars of bilateral trade with the United States. Only one of them is outside North America: China.

India 54

Boom Time for the Shared Economy within Supply Chain

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In logistics and supply chain management, however, transport and warehousing are the most significant sharing processes thanks to a welter of economic benefits for all parties—and the trend is accelerating despite the dampening effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Conquering the Explosion of Supply Chain Planning Data


This article will discuss the opportunity generated from the explosion of supply chain planning data and the necessity for digital supply chain transformation. Exponential Growth in Supply Chain Data. In the middle 1990s, the supply chain was fairly linear with most planning data originating from a legacy or ERP system. Today, supply chains are complex and anything but linear with significantly more data streams to consider.

Three Reasons Why SAP Supply Chain Planning Is a Risk to Your Business

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High-tech manufacturers in the Silicon Valley of the United States are some of the best at supply chain planning. With changing product profiles, short life cycles, constraints with downstream suppliers, and changing markets, being good at supply chain planning matters. In this tough market being good at supply chain planning is a critical element to be competitive. Getting good at supply chain planning requires the adoption of a different paradigm.

How Gartner Sees the Future of Supply Chain Planning


Source: Algorithmic Supply Chain Planning: The Future of SCP , Amber Salley, May 2016. At the recent Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, two analyst presentations described the impact of algorithms on supply chain planning, and included three ToolsGroup clients as examples. Michael Burkett presented Supply Chain 2025: Planning the Future Supply Chain; followed by Amber Salley presenting Algorithmic Supply Chain Planning: the Future of SCP.

Transforming the Construction Materials Supply Chain

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If you stop to think about it, the construction industry supply chain is all around us — it’s the roads we drive on, our houses and commercial buildings, and all sorts of other infrastructure. But when you take a closer look at how this supply chain works, you realize that there is a lot of waste and inefficiency. Simply put, there’s probably no other supply chain that is in more dire need of transformation than the construction industry supply chain.

Observations on Artificial Intelligence in the Supply Chain Market


And where better to start than Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the supply chain market? As a result, we need to agree on some definitions before focusing on the supply chain space. Is research showing benefits of Artificial Intelligence in the supply chain market? But has it matured beyond science project status in the supply chain sector? Global research suggests that the AI-in-Supply-Chain market is expected to reach USD 10.11

Supply Chain Executives can’t have it all, here are 4 things they can aim for


‘‘I want highly automated systems, a value chain network that optimizes my service and costs, the best talent available and the necessary predictability so that I can smartly invest in physical infrastructure.’’. It’s becoming clear that supply chain executives aren’t going to get all that they want. It seems that the ‘art of supply chain’ would better serve its stakeholders by becoming ‘the science of supply chain scenarios.’

How to prepare for a transparent supply chain in 2021


2020 has been a defining year for transparent supply chains. On the contrary, companies seem to be more focused than ever on driving sustainability in supply chains. And in order to do so, you need to drastically increase transparency in your supply chain.

Future Engineering and Manufacturing Supply Chains

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According to a new DHL white paper, titled Engineering & Manufacturing 2025+ – Building the World , the Engineering & Manufacturing (E&M) sector is on the brink of change. These transformations will have substantial implications for our supply chains. And I agree: In this era of volatility and due to the need to create CO 2 -neutral business models , supply chains need to be adapted and redesigned soon.

Report expects 2.2 million delivery drones in the e-commerce sector by 2025


million units by 2025 says the new report. Primary Event: The 10th Annual North American Supply Chain Summit Image Caption: Commercial drone delivery [Credit: Frost and Sullivan] Précis: Frost and Sullivan report finds that there are opportunities developing from progress in drone technology and more widespread regulation frameworks Premium`: Freemium`: Channels: Technology Supply Chain Hi-Tech Logistics Article Type: Press Releases Publish as a report