Strong Freight Forecast Expected Thru 2026, What It Means for Shippers & 5 Things to Get Prepared


Freight Transportation Forecast to 2026. percent by 2026. This means the increased revenue by 2026 would amount to more than five percent of the total current US National Debt. million by 2026. According to the NADA Used Car Guide , the average retail price for Class 8 trucks with 999,999 miles or fewer stood at approximately $56,000. On July 27, 2015, the American Trucking Association s released the U.S.

The Future of Retail Supply Chain: What’s in Store?

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The world of retail has never seen the degree of change that’s being experienced today. Retailers have little choice but to respond, often without the luxury of breathing space in which to reimagine or repurpose their supply chain networks. The majority of retailers that have been successful in capturing consumers’ hearts and minds of late, are those that took a “just do it” approach to bringing online sales and home deliveries to consumers.

Transportation Innovation 2018


Major retailers such as Home Depot and Walmart are installing lockers in retail stores for buy online, pickup in store (BOPIS). Low unemployment, an increase in online sales, and an overall increase in retail spending will create the perfect storm for fulfillment technology evolution.

Looking Back at Previous Capacity Crunches & How Shippers Responded


Also, the driver short has continually grown worse for the last eight years, and it is expected to continue through 2026, asserts Iris Kuo of Some of the tightest of the previous capacity crunches have occurred within the last two decades.

Tectonic Shift: From Audits/Compliance to Due-diligence & Collaboration: Recap of the Forum on UK Modern Slavery


The Institute for Human Rights in Business has set a goal to eradicate worker fees by 2026, through the “employer pays” initiative.

Truck Driver Shortage: Getting Better, Worse, or No Problem at All?

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In the report, ATA projects the shortage to reach 50,000 by the end of 2017 and if current trends hold the shortage could grow to more than 174,000 by 2026. This past October, the American Trucking Associations warned that the trucking industry could be short 50,000 drivers by the end of 2017.

A vision for a transparent global Rare Earth Element system using blockchain technology


It is forecasted that by 2026, demand will mainly be linked to the rise in clean energy technology, in particular for neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnets –– critical components for electric and hybrid vehicles as well as wind turbines.

Amazon vs. Flipkart: The Race to Dominate Indian E-Commerce


Indian e-commerce company Flipkart is in fierce rivalry with Amazon over the country's online retail market. the Indian e-commerce market is estimated to reach $200 billion by 2026. Flipkart has made several high-profile acquisitions over the past few years including eBay India, PhonePe, and online fashion retailers Mynta and Jabong, although talks to acquire e-commerce engine Snapdeal fell through late last year.

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