Supply Chain Crystal Ball Gazing: Let’s Look Ahead to 2028

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So I’ve decided to indulge my craving by daring to speculate about what the supply chain of 2028 might look like. Instead I’m just drawing on my consulting experience, a little research, and perhaps a tiny bit of imagination to surmise what we might see if we could gaze into a fully functioning crystal ball and view the supply chain environment of 2028. The supply chain talent gap will not be a concern in the supply chain of 2028.

In Logistics, the Last Few Feet are as Important as the Last Mile

Enterra Insights

Logistics providers know their job isn’t complete until every foot of the last mile is covered. Logistics providers sometimes feel anxiety similar to the anxiety neighbors experience when pit bulls are roaming uncontrolled in the streets. 4] In other words, the last foot of the logistics journey can be the most problematic. In order to succeed, retailers will have to orchestrate their logistics matrix strategically.” There are 5,280 feet in a mile.

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Podcast: Ben Cook – COO of MedMen


He has gone from being the Director of Supply Chain & Logistics at Apple, building the supply chain for iPhones and iPads, to leading the supply chain at Target, then Walmart, and now to shipping weed! Since cannabis is not legal in all states in the US, how does this impact your inter-state logistics? It’s 2028… what is MedMen up to and what does the cannabis industry look like? Episode 13: XPO chief Brad Jacobs on consolidation in the $2 trillion logistics industry.

Why Energy Supply Chains are Transitioning to Renewables


If the progress continues, electric vehicles will be within reach not only for consumers, but for commercial logistics as well. In this article: Market factors that are prompting investment in renewables by upstream energy. Examples of the renewable projects underway so far.

Defining the Future of E-Commerce! (Infographic)

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When popularized, 40% of parcels will be drone-delivered in 2 hours by 2028. SCM #SupplyChain #ecommerce #retail #logistics #supplychainmanagement. E-Commerce Guest Blog Post Omnichannel Retail Supply Chain ECommerce Logistics Retail SCM supplychain supplychainmanagementSubscribe Here! Email Address. Blog post created for Supply Chain Game Changer by, and permission to publish here provided by, Josh Wardini. Infographic originally published by Subscriptionly at [link].

Technological challenges and limited value holding back autonomous trucks but major change expected by end of decade


This is forecast, based on current trends, to rise to 160k drivers by 2028. According to statistics from G7, the largest commercial vehicle management platform in China, there is a major vehicle accident in every 25 logistic vehicles per year. For example, TuSimple has suggested that in China it is focused on low-speed autonomous solutions for port logistics.

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