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China’s Historic Silk Road is Resurrected from the Rubble


In 2013, President Xi Jin Ping introduced an initiative to construct a modern-day equivalent of the Silk Road as part of the country’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. If completed according to plan, it will reintroduce ancient land routes connecting China with Europe via parts of Central Asia and the Middle East. China is leading an initiative to revive one of the largest feats of trade infrastructure the world has ever known.

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Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2018

Material Handling & Logistics

It will allow for the automation of more complex warehousing tasks, such as unloading shipping containers and picking packets or individual e-commerce orders. cities have launched Smart City Logistics innovations and protocols, following the lead of Europe and Asia. ?

Global electric vehicle demand drives scramble for fresh supplies of vital metals


Investment bank Goldman Sachs predicts that sales of batteries to power EVs will rise from under $10 billion to $60 billion by 2030, which will require that the global availability of battery metals expands to meet swelling demand. CATL) ranked as the world's top EV battery manufacturer.

Outlook on U.S. Exports: Forecasting the “Perfect Storm” or Something Else?

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Other commodities, such as textiles and glass, will remain in demand to Southeast Asia and Middle Eastern countries with heavy construction projects underway. export growth between now and 2030. Global Forwarding Global Transportation Logistics Exports Shipping SOLAS