Sustainability: How do Food & Grocery Supply Chains Stack Up?

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trillion by 2030 if nothing is done to stop it. Nearly 900 million people around the world are malnourished. Yet every year we waste 1.6 billion tons of food – fully a third of all the food produced globally. It's estimated to be worth US$1.2 trillion now and may grow to $1.5

Supply Chain Scope: New Study Shows Rise in US Inventories; California Estimated to Improve Freight Efficiency by 25% in 2030


Sustainable Freight Action Plan for California is estimated to Improve Freight Efficiency by 25% in 2030. Targets for 2030 Include: Improve freight system efficiency 25 percent by 2030. California Sustainable Freight Action Plan.

Sustainable Development Goals: Four Years On, the Challenges Remain


It’s been exactly four years to the day today since, the Sustainable Development Goals — the breakthrough international agreements on climate change and sustainable development — were adopted by the United Nations Global Compact. With world hunger on the rise and more than 800 million people reported to be experiencing undernutrition only two years ag o, we are also off track when it comes to improving livelihoods and ending poverty by 2030.

Sustainability pays off, but it’s not always traceable

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Therefore, most buyers are attempting to safeguard raw material supplies by investing in sustainability, primarily through independent certification schemes. Starbucks is one company at the forefront of sourcing sustainably produced commodities.

The State of Sustainable Supply Chains

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The Sustainable Development Goals not only identify where we have to be in 2030 to create a sustainable world that leaves no one behind; they also outline new markets and opportunities to innovate for companies everywhere

From Greater Production Traceability to Combating Biodiversity Loss and Meeting UN Sustainable Development Goal 15


This is why one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), SDG 15 is committed to protecting, restoring and promoting “sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably managed forests, combating desertification reversing land degradation and halting biodiversity loss” by 2030.

Supply Chain News on Walmart to Pressure Suppliers to Reduce CO2 Emissions by a Gigaton by 2030

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Latest Move in Effort that Started with Sustainability Index for Suppliers in 2009

EcoVadis Scientific Committee Reviews Sustainability Milestones, Outlooks and Challenges


Climate change, Sustainable Development Goals and blockchain were just some of the hot topics discussed in the latest EcoVadis Scientific Committee meeting. Integrating Sustainable Development Goals. Looking at Achievements and Pinning Sustainability Challenges.

How Hong Kong is Enhancing its Sustainability Efforts


Ever since China ratified the Paris agreement, Hong Kong is under the spotlight to align with the global agenda and respond to the increasing stakeholders’ demand on sustainability effort. Climate Action Plan 2030+.

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Sürdürülebilirlik kar??l???n? veriyor – Sustainability pays off

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Therefore, most buyers are attempting to safeguard raw material supplies by investing in sustainability, primarily through independent certification schemes. yor: KPMG, 2030 y?l?na Management article sustainability. Kakao ve palm ya?? zincirleri genellikle ay?rt rt edilmiyor.

Sustain 2018: Now Is the Time to Change the Mindset and Embrace the Impossible


More than 500 procurement and CSR professionals along with representatives of international organizations and NGOs gathered for EcoVadis’ annual conference in Paris on April 10-11 to collaborate, exchange best practices and discuss their shared vision for sustainable supply chains. .

How private companies are aligning their business activities to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals


The Sustainable Development Goals: 17 Goals to Transform Our World. These 17 Goals , comprising of 169 targets to be achieved over the next 15 years, are known as The Global Goals or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and form part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

3 Ways Fresh Retailers are Helping the Planet

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Millennials are the largest consumer block and they’re moving the retail environment forward in a more sustainable way. And social good and sustainability are high on the agenda for the new consumer majority. It’s official.

Sustainable Procurement Goals Top the Agenda at the EcoVadis Scientific Committee Meeting


Sustainable Procurement Goals and public procurement were among some of the most important topics discussed by the EcoVadis Scientific Committee at a recent annual meeting. Integrating Sustainable Development Goals. Toward Sustainable Public Procurement. .

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As attention grows – and rightly so – for these wildfires around the world, sustainability is increasingly making its way onto the agendas of not only governments but also businesses. But truly embracing sustainability as part of your strategy calls for leadership with a long-term vision.

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10 things eft’s been reading this week


Emissions standards, investor pressure and potential savings are starting to put sustainability in the spotlight. In this week’s 10 things we look at why you need to be looking at this area, how you can make a supply chain more sustainable and what the advantages of doing so are.

Lego's Sweet Sustainability Plan: Plastic Made from Sugar Cane

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The beloved maker of plastic toy blocks wants to inspire a new wave of manufacturers to take a more creative approach to sustainable manufacturing. The company hopes to solely use plant-based polyethylene by 2030.

Companies Not Living Up to UN Sustainable Development Vows

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While more than 9,000 companies globally have pledged to support UN sustainable-development goals such, one-third haven’t set any measurable targets and just 55% are monitoring progress.

The March of the Lemmings.

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Be aggressive in driving process excellence to build sustaining value. Imagine Supply Chain 2030. The focus is on Imagining Supply Chain 2030. At the event, technologists and business leaders work shoulder-to-shoulder to Imagine Supply Chain 2030.

Artificial Intelligence Enlisted in Fight to Eradicate Poverty

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a day, by 2030 is among the sustainable … Continued. “Eradicating extreme poverty, measured as people living on less than $1.25 The post Artificial Intelligence Enlisted in Fight to Eradicate Poverty appeared first on Enterra Solutions.

One Year After U.S. Withdrawal From Paris Agreement


would secede from the Paris Agreement sent shockwaves through the global sustainability community. based organizations still uphold their corporate missions to promote sustainability despite no governmental intervention requiring it? Sustainability Leaders, Fear Not: U.S.

Packaging and the Road to a Circular Economy


This sheer volume of packaging means the industry has a significant potential to impact the sustainability of supply chains, and makes it a crucial element to achieving a circular economy. Nearly everything we touch has packaging.

Charting the Future of Transportation in Europe

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The European Union (EU) has launched a major project to build a road map of these trends up to 2030 that will ultimately be used to develop a toolkit for policymakers.

Step inside Project Gigaton at Walmart

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With the majority of a company’s real environmental impact sitting, not within its direct operations, but along its supply chain, helping suppliers to improve their sustainability performance is key if a business is to show true leadership. Supply chains are the new frontier of sustainability.

Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery: Are You Measuring the Risks in Your Supply Chain?


At the same time, however, businesses are in a unique position to help eradicate human rights violations, improve millions of lives globally and protect their operations by implementing sustainability collaborative platforms.

The Future of Supply Chain Management


That was the perfect lead-in for a great Supply Chain Insights webinar I attended recently – Journey to Supply Chain 2030. Admittedly, 2030 is a few years out. by Alexa Cheater Closed Today. Fresh out of Supply Chain Talent.

What’s Next For Battery-Powered Electric Vehicles?


It is undeniable; Tesla Motors has demonstrated that there is rising and profitable consumer demand for battery-powered electric vehicles (EVs), and the company’s sustained success with designer electric cars has spurred investments into the industry.

The best of Quintiq World Tour London: Chickens, skydiving & business planning

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million to 10 million by 2030! Katharine Strain, Supply Chain Planning Project Manager at Moy Park, revealed how they supply their products to leading retailers while supporting the farmers in the use of sustainable methods.

The (Potential) Value of Labeling in the Lithium Ion Battery Supply Chain

The UCLA Anderson Global Supply Chain Blog

Battery consumption/availability: estimates based projected global battery consumption from BNEF through 2030. 8] “The future of automotive lithium-ion battery recycling: Charting a sustainable course,” Sustainable Materials and Technologies.

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Overcoming the Warehouse Talent Crisis to Meet Peak Season Demand

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As explained by Gary Forger of Logistics Management , labor remains a top concern for supply chain leaders, and the severity of the problem is not expected to change until 2030 or later. Ultimately, employees do not want to work for companies that have a history of failure to support employees, and inability to track employee performance, lack effective tools to improve performance, or fail to meet employees’ fundamental sustainability beliefs.

A vision for a transparent global Rare Earth Element system using blockchain technology


Provenance has partnered with the Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis Agency (Growth Analysis) , to explore how blockchain technology can help to valorise sustainable practices in the Rare Earth Elements mining sector. 1kg of estimated pure elements of sustainably mined REE = 1 credit.

Retailers, Shippers, Manufacturers to Reduce Fashion Supply Chain Emissions

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Industry suppliers will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030 and will phase out coal-fired boilers in their own companies and direct suppliers from 2025.

Why Workforce Productivity for Third Party Logistics and Wholesale Distribution Can’t Just be an Operational Issue Any Longer – Part 1 of 3

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This 3-part blog series will take a deeper dive into the importance of warehouse workforce management for wholesale distribution and third party logistics (3PLs) and how to create and sustain a high-performance workforce culture. Leverage accurate data and insights to drive a high-performance culture: Sustain a high-performance culture with fair and competitive pay, incentives and clear, objective accountability. Workforce productivity can’t just be an operational issue any longer.

Big Tech and Auto Battle for the World’s Cobalt Resources


Cobalt demand will exceed supply by 42% in 2025 and 170% in 2030. Tesla: Hope for a Sustainable Solution. With more attention now being given to sustainable sourcing and close partnerships with mining communities, it remains to be seen just how much longer this finite resource will last In 2006, lithium-ion batteries consumed only 20% of the global cobalt supply. Ten years later, that number has more than doubled.

Big Tech and Auto Battle for the World’s Cobalt Resources


Cobalt demand will exceed supply by 42% in 2025 and 170% in 2030. Tesla: Hope for a Sustainable Solution. In 2006, lithium-ion batteries consumed only 20% of the global cobalt supply. Ten years later, that number has more than doubled.

Circular Economy in ICT – Completing the circle of supply


Besides material and equipment, energy efficiency improvement of internal processes and networks comes on the agenda when realizing that the carbon footprint generated through ICT in 2002 will more than double by 2030, as it was estimated by the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSi).

IKEA Group commits to zero emissions targets for home delivery in five major cities by 2020


Inter IKEA Group, the worldwide IKEA franchisor, said in a press release that it “Commits to become climate positive by 2030, as well as to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from the IKEA value chain by at least 15% in absolute terms, compared to 2016.”. For us it's crucial to grow our business in a sustainable way– that's why we're speeding up the transition to EV in five inner city areas.