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Reflections, Thank-you(s) and Rethinking the Future

Supply Chain Shaman

Last week I spoke at the CLX Logistics Conference in Philadelphia on the future of Supply Chain Management. This includes: Sensors coupled with data from the Internet of Things (IOT). Open Source Technologies (Examples include Hadoop, Spark, Kafka). The world is no longer just about rows and columns and transactional data. It is about more than data sharing. …or pretty visualization on enterprise data.

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Mindmap High-Tech Supply Chain 4.0

Supply Chain Movement

Afghanistan. With emerging ground-breaking technology, such as Augmented and Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence with thinking robots, Internet of Things by interconnectivity between machines, 3D printing and Big Data analysis delivers threats and opportunities to high-tech companies at the same time. Supply chain planning has become more problematic because demand volatility, a lack of common Point Of Sale data and increasing number of new product launches.