Who said supply chains are boring?: 6. Winfield Scott: A Native.

Supply Chains Rock

Long before UPS and third-party logistics companies, these historic logisticians were laying the groundwork that powers commerce today. Over the next several weeks I will unveil seven of historys most innovative logisticians as told by Philip Rudy a contractor for Diakon Logistics. Last week we highlighted Christopher Columbus: A Logistical Pioneer. During the Civil War, Ulysses Grant used logistical strategies that he learned from Scott. EU Logistics Hub Blog.

FMCSA Grants $1 Million to Veterans Who Want to Be Trained as Truck Drivers


million veterans exiting the military since the beginning of the war in Afghanistan means that significantly more work is needed. They’re expected to fully cover training in truck driving rules and regulations, safety, logs, defensive driving, cargo handling, personal finances, business, preventative maintenance, emergency equipment and safe operations — all in all, complete truck driver training — for around 400 veterans.