Procurement Terminology is a Mess!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Procurement language article originally published by, and permission to publish here provided by, Sam Jenks at From one Procurement organization to the next, terminology differs. The way we buy and sell procurement technology needs to reflect this new era.

Procurement Terminology is a Mess!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Hey Procurement! From one Procurement organization to the next, terminology differs. Procurement is a function, that is undergoing transformation; technologically and ideologically. The way we buy and sell procurement technology needs to reflect this new era.

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Paving the Way for Sustainable Public Procurement


Directing this spending toward more sustainable goods and services can have a huge impact on sustainability performance across the world, helping drive innovation and transition toward a green economy. National Procurement Standards. ’s In-procurement Magazine

Logipharma 2014

Supply Chain Movement

It caters to professionals from across the spectrum of innovative pharma, generics, animal health as well as bio tech companies, tackling the most relevant, pressing challenges and opportunities present in the industry. Ryan Viegas, VP Supply Chain & Procurement, Watson Pharmaceuticals, India. Tobi Krige, Head of Distribution, Africa, Addcock South Africa. Logipharma 2014. Date: 07-10 April 2014. Venue: Congress Center Basel (CH). Organiser: WBResearch.

Marion Kohlmeier: ‘Expansion in our global footprint has been a big step’

Supply Chain Movement

Swiss company, Weidmann Plastics Technology has more than 70 years experience in injection molding and has a range of unique and innovative technologies that allow plastic materials with different flexibility, elasticity and strength to be joined in one process step.

Looking at the sustainable supply chains behind some classic Valentine’s Day favorites


Hershey Company is also a founding member of CocoaAction, which helps build educational and community resources, and improve labor practices in West Africa, where improving cocoa sustainability is critical. by Teresa Chiykowski Chocolates, wine, flowers, jewelry?

Supply Chain Crystal Ball Gazing: Let’s Look Ahead to 2028

Logistics Bureau

While some sub-processes will still require human intervention and management teams will still take the bulk of strategic (and some tactical) decisions, many tasks in functions such as procurement, manufacturing, warehousing and freight-transportation will be handled mostly by automated means.

Sustainable Forestry: Can We Get It Right?


million tons) and Western Africa (2.4 Producing forestry and agriculture products for export, e.g. into global supply chains, is an attractive means for many developing nations to create economic growth. Done responsibly, this can succeed.

S&OP, a vision for the future. The expert interview series #7

Supply Chain Trend

The S&OP Pulse Check 2015 suggests S&OP practitioners are left behind in confusion: 62% of respondents think there is not enough innovation in S&OP systems. 64% think there is not enough coordinated innovation in S&OP processes. Introduction.

S&OP 104

A vision for a transparent global Rare Earth Element system using blockchain technology


There are currently mines in Europe, Australia, Africa and North America at the feasibility study stage (the final stage of pre-production, that determines whether to develop a mine), with some –– such as the Nolans Bore mine in Australia –– set to be operational within the next three years.

Navigating the Future in an Uncertain Political and Regulatory Environment


Participants also attended the Innovation Showcase in Nelson Hall,, featuring two winning supply chain teams in the undergraduate and graduate divisions! Following this session, we all proceeded to Nelson Hall, to participate in the Innovation Showcase.