Hurricane Michael could bring spike in FEMA freight

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You can imagine what kind of damage that can do to buildings and highways, let alone a truck, so if you are in or near the Gulf Coast of Florida or Alabama, or anywhere in the path of the storm, PLEASE seek shelter and make safety your one and only priority.

Transportation Trends: What’s Going on in the Trucking Industry?


Coming into 2019, issues like the tariff wars, driver shortage, and rising freight rates were high on transportation managers’ radar screens. Freight rates have leveled off (and even retreated, in some cases). logistics supply chain transportation

2019 Carrier of Choice Excellence Award Winners: Helping Deliver Success to Transplace Customers


In addition, attendees had an opportunity to share new insights and discuss ways to improve shipper-carrier relationships through “preferred shipper” and “preferred carrier” initiatives, and how to leverage technology innovations to improve efficiency and real-time freight visibility. Freight.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Expert Reveals 7 Supply Chain Trends to Watch


As a transportation management third party logistics company, we know at Cerasis that transportation makes up a large portion of the costs and efficiencies of any supply chain. BONUS: INFOGRAPHIC: Supply Chain & Logistics Trends from 2014.

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5 Most Popular Supply Chain Blog Posts of 2015…So Far


Supply Chain is just one of our five main categories we are covering all this week, which consist of: Logistics, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Freight, and Transportation. We have already covered the top logistics blog posts and the top manufacturing blog posts by the most views those blogs in those categories have received in 2015. Like the logistics and manufacturing blog posts, the supply chain blog posts featured below are all also written in 2015.

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Supply Chain Disruptions? Everything’s Clearer with the Right TMS Technology


We’ve all been there—and it’s every logistics professional’s nightmare. Raw material shortages lead to delays in production, which decreases your lead time and makes your freight more critical than usual.

Lean Leadership: The Importance of Having All the Information


At one point, the air conditioner on our bus broke down in the hottest part of Alabama, forcing everyone to retreat into the nearest fast-food restaurant to avoid the heat. As someone pursuing lean leadership in logistics and supply chain management, the temptation to maintain agility is stronger than in most other departments. The default reaction is to panic and set up a recover for this freight with a dedicated truckload within the next minute.

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With New Fuel Tax Looming, Here’s a Way Logistics Directors can ‘C’ their ‘A’

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If I were a Logistics Director at a company engaged in high volume shipping, I’d be concerned that the resulting rise in transportation costs will be blamed on me and the transportation department.

Rhode Island Named Bottom State for Infrastructure and Transportation as US Underinvestment Takes Toll


This is a national issue that logistics providers should take notice of in terms of both the general economic drag it is creating, and the damage it is causing to their performance through shipping delays and added costs. Alabama. Alabama. #27.

[INFOGRAPHIC, REPORT, & INTERACTIVE MAP] The US Manufacturing Workforce & Making it In America


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