The Importance of Transparency in Supply Chains

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The article cites Dr. Darren Prokop, of the University of Anchorage Alaska, who explains supply chain visibility involves seeing “a particular activity with access to information at selected nodes.” performance-based metrics. In the information age, it’s difficult to hide things you would prefer to remain undiscovered. This is as true for businesses as it is for individuals.

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What are America’s Most Inventive Cities?


In fact, in the 52 years covered by this data, California inventors have been issued more patents than the 33-lowest-patent-earning states (Maryland through Alaska in our ranking) combined! Unsurprisingly, the western part of the country finished first in every metric including total patents issued, patents issued per year, and patents issued per 100,000 people. The Northwest came in second, remarkably close to the West in every metric.