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This methodology, termed the Supply Chain Index, was developed in partnership with the Operations Research team at Arizona State University. General News Sales and operations planning (S&OP) Supply Chain Events Supply chain management Detroit Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference LinkedIn LogiPharma London North America Original equipment manufacturer Sales and operations planning Supply chain

Who Should Be In The Winner’s Circle?

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Only 29% of manufacturers easily manage total cost trade-offs. Total cost analysis is more difficult than it sounds and most technology implementations automated functional measurement systems (manufacturing or procurement), but leave the organization blind on the management of total costs.


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It's All About the Customer Experience

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Last week I attended the annual Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, which took place in Scottsdale, Arizona. Conference, which took place in Scottsdale, Arizona. Manufacturing big chain cloud data iot management manufacturing supplyOne interesting thing that stood out to me is the ever-growing importance of the customer experience.

What is Supply Chain Compliance and Why is it Important?


In addition, several agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) require unique device identifiers (UDI) usually in the form of barcodes to contain information such as manufactured date and lot number to provide traceability. Arizona. Asset Management Blog Inventory Management Managed Services Manufacturing RFID Transportation & Logistics asset management barcode verification compliance labeling GS1 harsh environment labeling UDI

Autonomous e-commerce robot maker Nuro secures $500 million in funding


Nuro co-founder Dave Ferguson said that the funding will help Nuro expand its team but also scale up manufacturing. Currently vehicles are operating in Houston, Texas, Scottsdale, Arizona, and nine cities in California.

Autonomous e-commerce robot maker Nuro secures $500 million in funding Self-driving delivery vehicle maker


Nuro co-founder Dave Ferguson said that the funding will help Nuro expand its team but also scale up manufacturing. Currently vehicles are operating in Houston, Texas, Scottsdale, Arizona, and nine cities in California.

Chuck Intrieri Executive Profile

The Logistics of Logistics

Chuck has significant operational experience having served as the Chief Procurement officer for The Schwinn Bicycle Company, Ping Golf, Troy Built as well as a procurement officer for Maricopa County Arizona. Evolve Dental Technologies, Inc, Virtu USA, and many other large and medium sized companies in Illinois, Michigan, Arizona and Orange County, CA. Experienced logistics and supply chain consultant, Chuck Intrieri is a new contributor to TheLogisticsofLogistics.com.

Committed to the Supply Chain Index

Supply Chain Insights

But, with the help of the operations research team at Arizona State University (ASU), we now think that we have it right. In July our focus will be on the healthcare sector (hospitals, medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies). Finally, in August, our focus will be on the industrial value network centered on automotive, industrial equipment, communication equipment, semiconductor, metals and mining and contract manufacturing.

The Benefits of Evolved Vendor Managed Inventory Model Led by Web-Based VMI


Distributors will inbound to a manufacturer the inventory needed and transportation management, especially inbound freight management, efficiency is paramount to an effective vendor managed inventory model. Each blog post written is distributed into groups that reach the supply chain community as well as professionals in manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and more. The Ford Motor Company led by Henry Ford and The Toyota Manufacturing Company led the way to VMI.

Top 15 Supply Chains to Admire from the Supply Chain Insights Conference


by CJ Wehlage The Supply Chain Insights annual conference was held on September 10-11, 2014 at the Phoenician in Scottsdale, Arizona. At the conference, Lora held a session, “The Math Behind the Supply Chain Index” with Dr. George Runger, Arizona State, and Abby Mayer, Supply Chain Insights. This end-to-end focus allows EMC to manage the end customer environment, using manufacturing results to predict customer installed product events, and EMC pre-event resolutions.

Defining Supply Chain Excellence: One Column at a Time

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This work is based on a collaborative project with Arizona State University. My question for the Arizona State team was, “ How do I best define a technique that can represent the randomness of this pattern?” And, as shown in our prior reports, the variation in contract manufacturing and third-party logistics providers should be a stay-awake issue for companies worried about corporate risk. “Lora in your own way, you are helping. You tell it straight.

Driverless Trucks: Heading Somewhere or Nowhere Quickly?

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Today, there are 8 states in the country, including Nevada, California, Michigan, Florida, North Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and Arizona that are allowing the testing of self-driving vehicles on certain roadways.”. Vehicle performance guidance uses a 15-point Safety Assessment to set clear expectations for manufacturers developing and deploying automated vehicle technologies. Will there be a future for driverless trucks in logistics?

Supply chain innovation through the Nexus of Forces


In my last blog post, “ Will your supply chain lead in the next decade? ,” I talked about Gartner’s first-day focus at their Supply Chain Executive Summit in Phoenix, Arizona. This is an especially important message for manufacturers’ supply chain organizations. In sourcing, successful manufacturers exploit all available information and analytics to make informed, strategic decisions in support of future success.

Let the Qs Begin

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Supply Chain Improvement is based on the work that we completed with an Arizona State University Operations Research team to determine the Supply Chain Index. There are three reasons why: Vertical excellence—having the best manufacturing, procurement or transportation function—has not worked. What percentage of retail out-of-stocks could be prevented by the manufacturer in these industries? Last week was the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit.

ThroughPut Inc. Appoints the former Vice-Chairman of Bank of America and Distinguished Business Finance Expert, Luke Helms, to its Advisory Board


ThroughPut’s team is backed by some of the best domain experts from Operations, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Artificial Intelligence and Finance, who have put that knowledge to work in over a dozen successful startups. PALO ALTO, California, Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ThroughPut Inc.,

Evolution of the Warehouse: How it Adapted to E-Commerce and New Technology Trends?


Coronado added that e-commerce will impact distribution networks as much as companies building manufacturing plants in foreign nations to save money affected the networks in the past. A white paper by the Arizona State University W.P. The Arizona State white paper details the “evolution of warehouse types” but there has been so much change in the warehouse industry that “revolution” might be the more appropriate word. Today’s Warehouses Are Much Different Due To E-Commerce.

3 Logistics Technology Trends in 2016: Automation Leads the Way


Now, it's easy to think of technology as being a manufacturer-only realm. In fact, autonomous vehicles are already being used by a logistics provider in Arizona. Innovations in technology are changing how the world does business, and technology is dramatically changing how entities in the logistics industry function in nearly every aspect.

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The Impact of the Coronavirus Crisis on Reverse Logistics

Enterra Insights

Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, writes, “The coronavirus has disrupted U.S. ”[1] He adds, “Dependence on China for their manufacturing has put small and midsize businesses in jeopardy. Nearly thirty years later, the term has become firmly cemented in the lexicon of supply chain management professionals and the practice of reverse logistics continues to increase in importance to businesses, retailers, and manufacturers.

The $4,000 Transportation Question

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Editor’s Note: Today’s post is part of a new series we’re launching called “Practitioner Perspectives” — commentaries written by supply chain and logistics practitioners from manufacturing and retail companies who want to share their insights and advice on industry trends and topics. Is it worth overnighting that item from China just to make it to the middle of the desert in Arizona for a photo shoot?

ISM Report Says Tariffs Push Manufacturers to Consider Production Outside US

Material Handling and Logistics

“Uncertainty is the biggest enemy of business,” and escalating tariffs on more and more products are causing “concern about where to invest and how much,” said Timothy Fiore, chairman of the ISM manufacturing survey. The Institute for Supply Management’s July survey is flashing a disturbing signal: While manufacturers are experiencing healthy demand in the U.S., We’re seeing a lot of comments from the respondents about evaluating whether to manufacture something in the U.S.

My Video Call with Santa Claus


Our call was scheduled quite early for me in Arizona since Santa’s HQ had adopted GMT as the standard time. I could tell by his jolly tone that Santa is very excited about the prospect of building a ‘digital twin’ of the CESC and utilizing the information available in the SC Planning Platform to optimize his network of 30+ manufacturing plants and more than 100 distribution centers. Update on the Christmas Express Supply Chain.

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A Chocolate Addict’s Plea: Know Your Supply Chain Risks!


That means manufacturers will likely be scrambling to find enough cocoa to satisfy their chocolate producing needs. My colleague John Westerveld has previously written about the subject of supply chain risk, outlining how massive flooding in Thailand in 2011 had a large-scale impact on the manufacturing of hard drives. Hazardous chemical spill, Arizona, US ($900+ million, 10 weeks). by Alexa Cheater Hi, my name is Alexa and I am a chocoholic.

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This culminated over the course of the last four months into a methodology that we developed along with the Operations Research team at Arizona State University. August 12th at 11:00 AM Industrial Value Chains the review of semi-conductor, industrial manufacturing, automotive supply chains, B2B communication equipment, and high-tech/electronics. Mush is a thick cornmeal pudding boiled in water or milk. It sits until the gel forms a semisolid state.

The Avnet Tech Games IX Welcomes The Inaugural JDA Supply Chain Challenge


Saturday, April 12, the University of Advancing Technology campus in Tempe, Arizona will once again serve as the host for the Avnet Tech Games , now in its ninth year. What started out as an opportunity to inspire the next generation of technology workers has become a cornerstone event of the Arizona SciTech Festival , an annual statewide initiative devoted to getting students of all ages engaged and excited about science, technology, engineering and math.

Beer Marketing Strategies in a Global Pandemic and the Best 5 Tactics Heading into 2021


AB InBev partnered with Somnis Bedding , a Belgian mattress manufacturer, to buy and operate a custom-built machine to produce face masks for employees, customers, and partners. Data-driven decision making in beer manufacturing [expert Q&A].

Judging Supply Chain Improvement: Campbell Soup Case Study

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Dave will be speaking on his journey along with other supply chain leaders at the Supply Chain Insight sGlobal Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona on September 10th and 11th. These interviews of supply chain leaders will be collated into our fourth book on supply chain excellencewhich will publish at ourconference in September 2015. Our approach simply breaks accountabilities and goals across the areas of Manufacturing, Logistics/Network Optimization and Ingredients/Packaging.

This Week in Logistics News (October 27-31, 2014)

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It was a great costume, and we looked great — except we were living in Arizona at the time and nobody outside of New York City (the only place the Blue Man Group was performing at the time) had heard of them, so every time we showed up at a party that night, people would yell out, “Hey, look, Smurfs !” Nulogy & GENCO Announce Production Command Center for Manufacturing & Packaging Suppliers. Ralph and Me (right) as Blue Men.

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Seven Misconceptions on Managing Inventory in a Market-Driven World

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And, when they do, the focus on network design is still on bricks and mortar–where to put manufacturing and distribution locations–not on form and function of inventory, and the design of inventory flows. Network with your peers on the insights and relax under the Arizona skies as you wrap up a couple of intense days with your peers at the final reception. When it comes to the management of inventory in value chains, frustration abounds.

Takeaways from the 2018 Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference


I just returned from the highly engaging and inspiring Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Manufacturers that are used to shipping pallets and cartons to retailers will need to be prepared for the world of shipping eaches to consumers and do so economically. by Dr. Madhav Durbha Supply chain insights from leading industry experts.

Was Integrated Planning a Hoax?

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However, what is clear from our recent study of 73 manufacturers using supply chain planning is that companies using best-of-breed solutions implement faster, achieve a quicker Return-on-Investment (ROI), and are more satisfied. These solutions require greater insights and understanding by the manufacturer and implementing company. In addition, with over 30% of manufacturing and 55% of logistics outsourced, it is now a business network, not an enterprise, planning problem.

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Time for a Mea Culpa?

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Because he had reduced his buffers—both inventory and manufacturing—and had built a push-based supply chain using a forecasted demand signal, he was failing in many markets. The one next week focuses on the work that we have been doing on the Supply Chain Index with Arizona State University (ASU). It is a slow week. Most of my friends are on vacation. I would like to be on vacation with them, but it is not in the cards.

5 Ways Automation Will Change the Business Landscape


Almost all business functions and industries are being affected by automation, believes Hitendra Chaturvedi, a professor at the Arizona State University W.P. This includes retail, manufacturing, healthcare, financial, publishing, banking, accounting and real estate,” he says. Automation, including robots and artificial intelligence, promise to change business as we know it. Discover how the business landscape will look in the coming years. Julie Bawden-Davis.

SCM Technology Leaders JDA and RedPrairie to Merge

Supply Chain Network

To address ever-increasing complexities, manufacturers and retailers increasingly seek best-of-breed solutions and specialized domain expertise for planning and execution. This unique combination will provide retailers and manufacturers with extraordinary capabilities to meet the needs of hyper-connected, mobile consumers. It will be the single best source of software products and domain expertise for manufacturers and retailers.

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Gartner Supply Chain Event 2019: a New Era


On May 16, QAD DynaSys made their annual pilgrimage to Phoenix Arizona to join 3500 other supply chain leaders and analysts from all corners of the globe for what is touted as the largest supply chain gathering in the world. With all of the additional data and technology available, many manufacturers struggle to leverage their data for fact-based decision making and actionable insights. The QAD DynaSys Pilgrimage.

2019 Logistics & Supply Chain Events to Attend in the US


ProMat is where manufacturing and supply chain professionals come to find their supply chain WOW. Phoenix, Arizona. LogiChem is one of the top networking events for supply chain, logistics and transportation management executives within the chemical manufacturing industry. The event promises to stay current to the industry’s latest trends which makes it a must-attend event for those in the chemical manufacturing industry.

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