Procurement Interview Questions & Answers

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Article and permission to publish here provided by Nikita S at [link]. Procurement, or Purchasing, is an area of Supply Chain that involves and requires very specific skills and expertise. This is particularly apparent if you are hiring a Procurement professional, you are looking for a Procurement job, you are looking to outsource anything, or you are dealing with Procurement people in the course of conducting business. Which are the key Procurement metrics?

Building a Triple A Supply Chain: Ten Tactics That Work

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” Here is an excerpt from the article: “…it isn’t by becoming more efficient that the supply chains of Wal-Mart, Dell, and Amazon have given those companies an edge over their competitors. Reward teams for cross-functional metrics.

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7 KPIs Your Procurement Team May Be Ignoring!

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Article, and permission to publish here, provided by Sam Jenks at [link]. Procurement bridges the gap between product, internal stakeholders and customers. In order to support the weight of internal and external expectations, Procurement teams must be prepared to perform as a key value adder within an organization. A Procurement strategy should be structured with a clearly defined set of goals and an overarching vision. Procurement ROI. Subscribe Here!

4 Reasons to Integrate Order-to-Cash & Procure-to-Pay


Bundling order-to-cash and procure-to-pay functions not only gives companies a holistic view of their supply chain operations, but also improves decision-making and business growth. In some instances, sales can become risky; procurement staff maintain higher buffer stock levels as a safety net. It becomes more difficult to build a partnership with suppliers because the relationship is based on a narrowed scope of performance metrics.

Sustainable procurement: a platform to rebuild


Out of 502 participants from business owners to Directors, 86% said that they currently use sustainability as a metric to help shape decision making within their business. As we have said in other Proxima articles, the CPO can be an advocate here, but organizations need to be joined up on its purpose, from the customer all the way back through the supply chain, to the leadership. The post Sustainable procurement: a platform to rebuild appeared first on Proxima

The Future of Procurement Is Upon Us. Are You Ready?


Niul Burton wrote a great article in Industry Week titled “Procurement 2025: 10 Challenges that Will Transform Global Sourcing”. For those of you who are executives in Supply Chain, Procurement or New Product Introduction/Development, this is a must read. Burton predicts a further evolution of what we are seeing already in the market—Chief Procurement Officer’s (CPO) roles are changing rapidly. Check out Burton’s article and then check out Directworks.

CAPS Procurement Analytics Study Highlighted in Inside Supply Management


This month’s Inside Supply Management published by the Institute for Supply Management features an article announcing the launch of a study being undertaken by the Center for Advanced Purchasing on the evolution of procurement analytics. Examples include mapping product and service genomes, “block chains”, embedded procurement solutions, elimination of purchase orders, buyer assistance, and other solutions). There are an incredible number of procurement platforms.

What is Supplier Diversity?

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Manage Procurement Spend Like It’s Your Own Business! Specifically in the area of Procurement there has been a history associated with attempts to direct spending toward diversity owned businesses. ProcurementSubscribe Here! Email Address.

Siemens BT: Every analytical transformation requires a “Jonah Hill”


This effort was led by the Chief Procurement Officer for Siemens BT, Carl Oberland, but has recently been rolled out across the global organization. In addition, Carl assigned a person who could work on access databases, and began by combining procurement data for 5 divisions into a single database. “The We created a visualization platform to focus on internal operational, and customer-facing metrics, which is NOT part of R&D’s scope of work – so we not on your turf.”

Healthcare Supply Chain Software: Features You Need


Electronic Procurement. This allows you to access metrics and detailed spend analysis quickly and easily, allowing you to gain insights and make decisions to optimize your business. Blog Articles Approval Workflows e-Procurement Integrations Inventory Management Invoicing Order Tracking Preference Cards Reporting Supply Chain ManagementHealthcare supply chain management software has the potential to improve efficiency and delivery cost savings.

Why a Cashmere Sweater Can Cost $2,000 — or $30

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Read full article. Quality & Metrics SC Analysis & Consulting Global Supply Chain Management Apparel Retail All Technology Sourcing/Procurement/SRM Home Page Latest News Home Page Slider Featured ContentMade from the softest wool produced by certain breeds of goats, such as the Zalaa Ginst white goat and Tibetan Plateau goat, cashmere was once reserved for the wealthiest fashionistas. Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife helped popularize the fabric.)

Guest post: Technology Solutions Are The Secret Weapon For Bringing CSR Into Procurement


Procurement technology should make it easy to source ethically. Supply chain transparency is one of the key challenges facing Procurement and Sourcing in the coming years. The same is true of Procurement solutions: the abilities – and limits – of the technology play a key role in shaping buyers’ expectations of their own abilities. This is making parts of the supply chain transparent for the first time – which is a very exciting prospect for ethical Procurement.

Could the CPO Be Replaced by the Chief Value Officer?

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Procurement – How to Enable Spend Aggregation! Article originally published at, and permission to publish here provided by Nikita S at, [link]. . What is the role of the Chief Procurement Officer? Procurement is the process of translating customer requirements into the selection of highly capable suppliers, to timely, accurately, cost-effectively deliver high quality, mission-critical inputs and raw materials to internal customers. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Ensuring Workers’ Rights in Global Supply Chains

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Comment on this article. Regulation and Compliance Quality & Metrics All Technology Supply Chain Visibility Sourcing/Procurement/SRMJust about every major manufacturer has a supplier code of conduct to ensure that workers are treated humanely. Too often, however, those documents fail to prevent unacceptable working conditions. In a typical global supply chain, involving multiple tiers of production, the chances of failure are alarmingly high.

How to Create Collaborative Innovation with Suppliers!

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But, unlocking collaborative supplier innovation requires clearly defined strategies and operations by a sourcing, procurement and/or purchasing team to ensure that suppliers’ competencies are being leveraged to their fullest potential. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Where Will Companies Find Their Future I.T. Expertise?

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Comment on this article. Quality & Metrics All Technology Sourcing/Procurement/SRM SC Planning & Optimization Home Page Latest NewsThe need for tech expertise is greater than it has ever been — and growing. The increasing sophistication of information systems, coupled with business’s ever-expanding reliance on technology to handle critical processes, raises big questions about where that support is going to come from in the years ahead.

Gaining Sponsorship For Your Digital Procurement Transformation Project

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Business users typically deal with business processes, rules, requirements, metrics, reports and so on. Normally these are transactional systems for finance, procurement, compliance and legal. Procurement – a category manager is trying to drive volumes to specific suppliers so they want to review all new onboards for their category. Communicating the value of data for procurement transformation. Digital Transformation digital transformation procurement transformation

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How Many Slaves Are in Your Supply Chain?

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The company is also stopping production in Ecuador, Venezuela, Belarus and Pakistan by April 2014 (these countries scored low in a World Bank report that assessed countries on accountability, corruption, violence, and other metrics). And as I highlighted last week, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal , “Wal-Mart Stores Inc.,

How To Differentiate With A Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Program!

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This article will look at a model for stratifying and segmenting your supply base within the confines of a structured and formal supplier relationship program (SRP). The sourcing or procurement function will own the relationship and manage the overall process. Subscribe Here!

SCRC Meeting – Tom Linton’s “Supply Chain Eight” and Golden Winged Warblers : Questions Every New CSCO Should Ask Their CEO


My first Monday in, I asked for a full report of all our supply chain metrics, and my analyst told me he could get it to me by Friday.

7 Essential Attributes of Strategic Supplier Partnerships!

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In a previous article about supplier management , I suggested that the more a supplier tells you that they are strategic, the less they really are. Whether the phrase refers to sourcing, procurement, relationships, or other matters, its use is prevalent. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Supply Chain Collaboration – The New Way to Drive Value!

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Sixty-five percent of procurement practitioners say procurement at their company is becoming more collaborative with suppliers, according to The Future of Procurement, Making Collaboration Pay Off, by Oxford Economics. Improved customer service metrics. Subscribe Here!

Seasoned Leadership in Action? ? An Interview with Joe Carson, CEO Spend Strategies, LLC!

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As an experienced business professional, he has served in diverse roles ranging from Marketing and Strategy, to Procurement and Supply Chain. Past leadership titles include Chief Procurement Officer at both Lucent Technologies and Micron Technologies, in addition to other leadership positions as Vice-President Supply Chain Management, Operational Excellence Executive, and Chief Strategy Officer. leadershipadvice #procurement #supplychainmanagement. Subscribe Here!

6 Trends to Make Supply Chain Managers the Heroes of Their Company!

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Supply Chain heroes article originally published by, and permission to publish here provided by, Adam Robinson on [link]. . Guest Blog Post Human Resources Procurement Supply Chain Management Business Freight HumanResources Leadership Logistics SCM supplychainSubscribe Here!

Coronavirus Crisis: The Lessons Procurement Must Learn From COVID-19

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As such, all divisions of all organisations – including procurement – have had to adapt to support rapidly changing priorities. The organisations faring superiorly better under the pressures of COVID-19 are those that are supported by procurement divisions whose vision has gone far beyond merely supporting processes, to one of managing relationships. ” If you found this article useful, take a look at our other resources here.

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Guest Post: An MBA student’s perspective on the ISM Meeting 2019


This automation will impact recruiting strategies, job descriptions, KPIs/metrics, operating models, roles that we have/don’t have any longer, training programs, etc. The procurement function has experienced much growth over the past 15 years and is viewed as an enabler of driving innovation and change. Articles Director's Blog Emerging Issues in Supply Chain MBA Supply Chain MBA Supply Chain Programs SCM Features Supply Chain Students Supply Chain Talent

Hospital Supply Chain Management Software: 8 Features You Need


Electronic Procurement. This allows you to access metrics and detailed spend analysis quickly and easily, allowing you to gain insights and make decisions to optimize your business. Blog Articles Hospital Supply Chain Management Supply Chain SolutionHospital supply chain management software has the potential to improve efficiency and delivery cost savings.

10 Greatest Purchasing Books Ever Written

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In this article, we will uncover the best purchasing books to help you get the edge over competition. After that, we collect various metrics of each purchasing book as below, - Citation counts: a basic bibliometric method showing how many times a book is cited by other publications. Of course, this metric will not be used in isolation. What are the essential purchasing books you should read?

What Is the True Cost of Eating Meat?

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In 2016, the world’s meat production was estimated at 317m metric tons, and that is expected to continue to grow. Read full article. All Technology SC Planning & Optimization Sourcing/Procurement/SRM Supply Chain VisibilityWhat are the economics of meat? Food and farming is one of the biggest economic sectors in the world.

What does it take to build a best-in-class supply chain?


In the beginning, it was tough,” admits Benji Green, Avaya’s Senior Director, Integrated Supply Chain Planning & Operations, in a recent article published by Supply Chain Digital. Tracking success: Metrics matter. Now Avaya is leading the way, exceeding industry benchmarks in 11 key metrics. Rigorous tracking of these metrics helps Avaya feel confident it’s on track to realize success. Procurement spend analysis.

Global Sourcing and Human Rights Go Hand in Hand


As such, organizations can no longer ignore abuses and problems with a shrug, but must be able to provide demonstrable evidence through performance metrics, action-based community initiatives, and supply chain audits that they are doing the “right thing.” Low-cost country (LCC) sourcing is now a commonplace strategy for shrinking bottom line labor and material costs in most consumer products industries, including apparel, footwear, toys, and other manufactured products.

What Is Old Is New Again. Maybe, Just Maybe, the Emperor Is Getting Some Clothes.

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Over the Memorial Day weekend, I stumbled on an old article that I wrote in 2001. In the Gartner article, I cautioned companies to invest only if three conditions were met: A well-defined scope. In the height of the e-commerce craze, the marketplace offerings started with a focus on e-procurement. The widely-held view was that the e-procurement market would fuel the next generation of marketplace applications.

The WSJ Drucker Management 250 List: NC State’s Input into the Ratings


Professor Rob Handfield met with Lawrence Crosby during that period, and discussions focused primarily on how supply chain innovation and social responsibility metrics would figure into the list of top companies. Based on several iterations of discussions, reviews of metrics, and benchmarking, the team settled on a system for assessing two important indications of supply chain performance.

Collaboration in supply chain management is key


by John Westerveld When scrolling through my news feed Friday, I found this article from SCN : “ Collaboration Key in Creating Competitive Advantages Through Supply Chains “ The article describes research recently published by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Global Supply Chain Institute. As the article points out, great companies start and end improvement projects with the customer.

Are Universities Training Students for Obsolete Jobs? And Where Does Supply Chain Fit in?


There’s a proliferation of articles on business websites talking about how financial reporters, legal associates, financial analysts, and online marketers are already under threat of automation, with other, more skill-intensive white collar professions to follow. Economists seem divided about whether existing metrics are sophisticated enough to properly measure the link between technology and job loss.