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Top Supply Chain Articles of 2015


As we head into 2016, we are featuring our most read articles of 2015 in our five main categories: Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation Management, and Freight. Yesterday we published the top 10 most read manufacturing articles of 2015. . Top 10 Supply Chain Articles from 2015. The following 10 supply chain articles are listed in order from the 10th most read blog post to the top most read post. Read the full article here. .

Why Large Companies Increasingly Opt for 4PL Services

Logistics Bureau

By contrast, the third-party logistics model is where a manufacturer retains oversight of its supply chain but outsources such processes as warehousing, shipping, packing, and distribution to a 3PL provider.

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Reimagine Supply Chain of the Future – agile, resilient, and balanced – LogiSYM July 2020

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

To create flexible and balanced supply chain organisation, it is necessary to integrate strategy, processes, metrics, and technology enterprise wide and across customers, suppliers, and service providers. Identify sourcing plant/s which can back-up each other in times of disruptions.

Wanted: Supply Chain Architects!

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So when the warehouse team threatened to unionize, I transferred into a distribution, warehouse environment. Warehouse Management and Transportation Management were in their infancy. Much to my chagrin, when I entered into the world of supply chain, the processes of source, make and deliver were usually not designed. Instead, I think that it needs to be holistic to balance the trade-offs of source, make and deliver together.

The Case for Less Silos, More Intelligence in Supply Chain Management

Talking Logistics

Source: “The Case for Less Silos, More Intelligence in Supply Chain Management,” webcast presentation by Adrian Gonzalez, Adelante SCM. Logistics, Manufacturing, Procurement, Sales and Marketing — these functional groups, for the most part, continue to operate independently from each other, each driven by their own objectives and metrics. Break down your supply chain functional silos. This advice is not new.

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7 Incredible Benefits of Cloud-Based Logistics Management


In the below article I propose to have a look at the main benefits and advantages of the cloud-based logistics management. More findings on the cloud cargo transportation and warehouse management systems you may discover on the web. The cloud-based supply chain software can be customized to suit your industry, your transportation , freight-forwarding and warehousing specialty, import-export regulations. The cloud-based logistics has lots of metric tools.

Control Towers: If Only There Was A Clear Definition

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My client writhed in her seat and hung her head as she asked, “I read your article on control towers, but I am confused. While there are many types of visibility (see Figure 1), the most common use case is either sourcing or transportation visibility. When they built the project, they did not realize that they did not have access to daily data daily for their third-party warehouses and contract manufacturing locations. We finished dinner.

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Changing Your Perspective to Measure Supply Chain Performance

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To paraphrase a saying, the road to supply chain hell is paved with good intentions and bad metrics. From this understanding, supply chain metrics will then ideally be: A few essential measurements that cover all the strategic aspects of the supply chain. On surveying its corporate customers, however, the company discovered that product standardisation and reliability were often more important to its business clientele, and adjusted its offering and its metrics appropriately.

Say Customer Service and Mean It

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Many of my clients talk about a customer-centric supply chain but rely on useless metrics from an annual survey or a net promoter score. Starbucks redesigned their cups for the Grande product, and the flimsy cups were a source of constant spills and burns.

This Week in Logistics News (January 7-11, 2019)

Talking Logistics

Moving on, here’s the supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention this week: Amazon to invest in French firm’s technology for self-driving forklifts (Reuters) Warehouses Test a New Breed of AI Robots (WSJ – sub. Robots in the Warehouse. Source: “Competing on Customer Experience: The Driving Force Behind Supply Chain Innovation,” Adelante SCM & BluJay Solutions, 2018. Here are some excerpts from the article: XPO Logistics Inc.

5 Crucial Software Every 3PL Company Needs To Have


This article will present five software that every transporter and 3PL company should employ to stay competitive, cost-effective and ensure on-time delivery. When a new order is received, the vehicle route planning schedule is sourced in real time to reallocate mobile fleet resources to optimize operating efficiency, deliver priority service to the most profitable accounts and routes, and also maintain overall customer service objectives.

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Is Apple Supply Chain Really the No. 1? A Case Study

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Apple Inc purchases raw materials from various sources then get them shipped to an assembling plant in China. For other distribution channels such as retail stores, direct sales and other distributors, Apple Inc will keep products at Elk Grove, California (where central warehouse and call center are located) and supply products from there. Some components are currently obtained from the single or limited sources. Number of Warehouse Facilities. NAVIGATE. Basics.

Technology and the Supply Chain: What Does the Future Hold?


Big business are jumping on the bandwagon too – utilizing collaborative distribution, reverse logistics and cooperative sourcing to lower costs, improve efficiency and better optimize their supply chain. A 2014 article in the UK’s Guardian suggests consumers will be creating the majority of their own goods at home, while traditional manufacturers will be relegated “to only producing highly technical and specialist products.” by Alexa Cheater Meet the Jetsons!

Lean Transportation: Are you Using Lean Thinking for Transportation Management? If not, Why?


The are the 8 Rights of Lean Transportation thinking: Right Materials, Right Quantity, Right time, Right Place, Right Source, Right Price, Right Quantity, and. The need to transport parts also drives inventory up, creates a need for space to store those parts, and uses energy for more forklift time and warehouse heating. Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) measure how well the shipper-transportation provider does in daily continuous improvement.

Lean 179

Beyond the Beer Game: Tips for Responsible Logistics Gamification

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These are the principles we’ll expand on in the remainder of this article. Essentially, gamification is just an expansion of the use of metrics and KPIs to measure human performance. The difference is quite subtle, but lies in the fact that while rewards (financial or otherwise) may play a part in logistics gamification , they should not become the sole source of motivation. Gamification in the Warehouse. Source: Findings of a 2016 survey conducted by TalentLMS.

Top 25 Supply Chains of 2018

Material Handling and Logistics

One of the most popular articles we’ve ever done is our look at analyst group Gartner’s annual ranking of the Top 25 Supply Chains. So the CSR score too is more of a popularity contest than a consistent metric. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID. In particular, the company has been criticized for its long-time practice of using local water sources for its products. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID.

A Quick Glance Into The Logistics Market - January 2016


Source: US BEA). . Source: US DOC & Census Bureau) Consumer Confidence The Consumer Confidence Index increased to 96.5 Source: The Conference Board) (The consumer confidence index is based on a monthly survey of 5,000 U.S. Source: US DOL) . . Source: Conference Board). Source: US Census). . Source: US Census). . Source: US Census). . Source: U.S. Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics). . Source: US Census). .

A Quick Glance Into The Logistics Market - January 2016


Source: US BEA). . Source: US DOC & Census Bureau) Consumer Confidence The Consumer Confidence Index increased to 96.5 Source: The Conference Board) (The consumer confidence index is based on a monthly survey of 5,000 U.S. Source: US DOL) . . Source: Conference Board). Source: US Census). . Source: US Census). . Source: US Census). . Source: U.S. Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics). . Source: US Census). .

A Quick Glance Into The Logistics Market - March 2016


Source: US BEA). Source: US DOC & Census Bureau). Source: The Conference Board) (The consumer confidence index is based on a monthly survey of 5,000 U.S. Source: US DOL) . Source: Conference Board) (The LEI is a composite of 10 economic indicators that together create an analytic system designed to signal peaks and troughs in the business cycle. Source: US Census). Source: US Census). Source: U.S. Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Supply Chain Professionals Are Not Boring

Enterra Insights

Author Michael Blanding ( @michaelblanding ) reports on the work of two researchers, Mercedes Delgado, professor at Copenhagen Business School, and Karen Mills, a Harvard Business School Senior Fellow, and how they unearthed a source of better jobs hidden in plain sight. Fast forward to today, and warehouse-management systems have become extremely sophisticated. It really bothers some people that the term “supply chain” remains in wide use.

8 Master Data Governance Best Practices for Better Customer Engagement & ROI


These performance metrics play a crucial role in shaping the long-term business objectives as well as strategy. As we have covered early in the article, master data is a uniform set of identifiers and extended attributes that describe the key entities of an enterprise. Understanding master data, its source, and clarifying how it conforms to your internal business definitions and policies is critical for master data governance success.

Top 5 features to look for in a Transportation Management System (TMS)


The following article examines top 5 features to look for when choosing a transportation management system. By incorporating TMS information with other inner sources of data, such as ERP and WMS or OMS, the businesses can attain approximately real-time visibility into products from purchase through inventory and transportation.

Like A Green Lump of Clay….

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In the supply chain, variability and volatility come from many sources. The best way to start the design of an agile supply chain is to look at the sources of variability and market volatility that your supply chain encountered in the prior year. Alternate Bill of Materials and Alternate Sourcing: The more alternatives that exist through the manufacturing and procurement processes, the easier it is to design the supply chain to absorb cost and supplier variability.

Supply Chain Collaboration – The New Way to Drive Value!

Supply Chain Game Changer

However, sourcing managers with a narrow focus on delivery are missing out one of the greatest advantages of forging collaborative supplier partnerships: an opportunity to drive synergies that are otherwise perceived as impossible within the confines of the business. As a sourcing manager, you may need to go outside your comfort zone to think about new, innovative ways to collaborate for achieving sustainability because Collaboration comes in more than one flavor! Subscribe Here!

Supply Chain Case Study: the Executive's Guide

Supply Chain Opz

In order to accelerate the learning, this article has gathered 20+ most sought-after supply chain case studies, analyzed/categorized them by industry and the findings are presented. There are two things Boeing and Airbus have in common, utilization of lean manufacturing system and strategic sourcing concept. However, the overall implementation of strategic sourcing is a bit different between the two companies. In Amazon''s warehouse, there are 5 types of storage areas.

7 Key Factors that Underpin the Success of your Inventory Optimization Initiative

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In this article we will examine inventory optimization processes as part of a structured sequential journey and examine seven of the key factors in delivering the optimal mix of stock. While on the surface it is true to say that in most organizations inventory is a highly visible dimension of Supply Chain performance impacting company accounts and a key reportable metric of business performance.

5 Ways to Optimize Your Logistics & Transportation with Lean


The need to transport parts also drives inventory up, creates a need for space to store those parts, and uses energy for more forklift time and warehouse heating. Read Also: 10 Warehouse Productivity Tips for Reducing Downtime Today! Right Source. Using Metrics/Key Performance indicators that measure how well the shippers and transportation providers do promotes daily continuous improvement. Are you using lean in your logistics and transportation management?

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7 Pitfalls of Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)!

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Article provided by Jake Rheude at [link]. Amazon has dozens of warehouses all over the country, and more around the world, so your products may be in your customers’ hands quickly. The inventory that’s on the shelves and logged into the system is the inventory your 3PL warehouse can pick, pack and ship to your customers. Amazon FBA sometimes falls short in this crucial metric. Your 3PL warehouse can do a lot more than store inventory, pick and pack, and ship orders.

4 Best-in-Class Supply Chains To Watch and Learn From

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For example, by 2020, Unilever expects to sustainably source 100% of its raw materials, even those used for packaging. Suppliers are measured using factual performance indicators covering pricing, quality, innovation, and reliability , to name but a few of the measurement components included in the “McDonalds Supplier Performance Index,” as the suite of metrics is known.

Solving the ‘Wicked Problems’ of S&OP with AI

Aera Technology

to connect back-end supply chain sourcing, production and distribution processes with external-facing sales, marketing and customer management ultimately suffering from low S&OP maturity levels. S&OP depends on data from ERP, CRM, planning, sales, marketing, warehouse management, partner systems and other applications?—?nearly Companies may move it into a data warehouse or data lake, but then face the challenge of sorting the wheat from the chaff.

Raise a Toast to Digital Business!

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Too few companies understand the differences between syndicated data sources and the use of channel data. Selling directly to the consumer is a powerful engine of growth, but requires the redesign of logistics systems to embrace the ‘each’ Many companies that I work with are quickly moving into 2-6% direct sales, but learning the hard way that it requires rethinking warehouse management and order management.

Is it Advantage Organized Retail in India?

Logistics Trends and Insights

Check out our friend, Raghu Ramachandran’s latest article. For more on Raghu and how to contact him with questions, sources etc. At the start of the omnichannel push years ago in the US, a quote, “We’ve spent the last 153 years building warehouses – We called them stores”, from Macy’s summed up the advantage that the organized sector can capitalize on.

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The Supply Chain Carbon Footprint Reduction Strategy

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In this article I’m not going to focus on the things that you can do in your personal lives or in your home. Supplier and Company Manufacturing facilities, Warehouses, Distribution Centres, Retail outlets, Return and Repair operations and Consolidation points are all Supply Chain nodes which use resources to perform their processing activities. Low cost sourcing is a predominant reason for this geographically dispersed network. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

The Pressure is Rising for CPG Companies to Improve Order Delivery Performance

Aera Technology

Large CPG companies operate hundreds of sourcing, production and distribution systems around the world, run both internally and by partners. A sizable CPG company typically runs dozens of applications that support supply chain operations, from ERP, APS and CRM to systems for warehouse management, demand forecasting, material requirements planning (MRP) and manufacturing execution. This article originally appeared in Manufacturing and Logistics IT.

S&OP, a vision for the future. The expert interview series #5

Supply Chain Trend

These leaders all have 20+ years S&OP experience and published books, whitepapers and articles in renowned magazines. These leaders all have 20+ years S&OP experience and published books, whitepapers and articles in renowned magazines. You have to get the numbers right and you have to translate the S&OP lead-time, inventory, planning bill of materials design implications and sourcing to dozens of different languages used in the roles / departments of a company.

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