Digital Procurement Improves Supply Chain!

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Digital Procurement article and permission to publish here provided by Katherine Barrios of The Hackett Group has recently released their analysis of their procurement benchmarking database. Important Digital Procurement Trends. What Is Digital Procurement?

Drop Shipping: A Perfect Fit for Supply Chain Operating Networks

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As reported last month by Jennifer Smith in the Wall Street Journal , “A growing number of retailers are relying on suppliers to ship online orders directly to customers, a strategy they hope will help them compete with e-commerce rivals without spending more on inventory. The practice, known as drop shipping, lets retailers offer more products for sale on their websites—such as multiple colors of the same sweater—without having to keep those items in stock.


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Procurement & Suppliers: Paying Attention to Terms & Conditions to Keep Supplier Relations Postitive


Editor's Note: Today's blog is by our great friend, Chuck Intrieri where he gives us a fantastic example of how Procurement and Suppliers can enhance Supplier Relations by navigating the "Battle of the Forms.". As I’ve mentioned in previous articles supplier relations are an essential component of a sustainable and functional supply chain. The Seller went forward and manufactured and shipped the two piping units, accompanied by an invoice. Procurement

Featuring Our 10 Best Warehouse Order Fulfillment Articles!

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Featuring Our 10 Best Inventory Management Articles! Our latest “Featuring” series article covers the topic of Warehouse and Distribution Centre order fulfillment. So take some time and check out our very best Warehouse and Distribution Centre fulfillment articles! From Click to Ship in 4 Minutes – Principles for World Class Order Fulfillment! From Click to Ship in 4 Minutes! E-Commerce/Last Mile Delivery: Stop Shipping Air and Empty Boxes!

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From soba to udon—Are the noodles in the FTA bowl getting too thick? – LogiSYM December/January 2021

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The use of such agreements (let’s for ease of reference call them FTAs for the purpose of this article, as that is the most common colloquial term, although there are many others floating around) has however been continuously disappointing. Article December/January 2021

Tariffs and Procurement: A perfect match?


According to recent Procurement Leaders research , 40% of category managers are anticipating risk associated with tariffs. In this article, we provide: What tariffs are and how they’re applied HowProcurement fits into the equation Strategies to eliminate or reduce the impact of tariffs. would result in charging $30 per pound of widgets shipped whether widget sold for $100 or $200 per pound. How Procurement fits into the equation.

Three big mistakes procurement & supply chain leaders must avoid


Supply chain leaders need to look at minimising risk through by focusing on cash flow, diversifying production and enacting strong financial discipline to cope with disruption, according to procurement and supply chain service provider GEP. In the immediate term, supply chain costs will increase as manufacturers expedite shipping and pay overtime labour costs to meet customer commitments.

Capitalising on Supply Chain Digitisation with Robotic Process Automation – 10 Areas of Opportunities – LogiSYM August 2020

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This article explores 10 possible areas in which can help at each stage of the flow in Supply Chain Management. Procurement. Procurement can also have RPA do dynamic searches of websites to source or conduct market research for future buys and tenders. Article August 2020

Transforming the GCC Chemical Industry with Supply Chain Integration – LogiSYM September 2020

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Focussing on lowering logistics costs by coordinating time charters or invest in joint shipping lines to capture ship-owner returns. Working closely with strategic teams and exploring implications for procurement, logistics and distribution, supply chain teams can better prepare for risks related to supply and demand. Article September 2020The GCC chemical industry is second largest manufacturing industry in value add, after refining.

Why Get a Product Sourcing Agent?

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Product Sourcing Agent article and permission to publish here provided by Joyce Chen at Epic Sourcing. This article explores all about having a product sourcer to deal with the China manufacturing process. Manage logistics and shipping. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Key Takeaways from our Vaccine Supply Chain Webinar on December 16


Dept of Transportation notes that the shipping of dry ice is hazardous over the air, as it releases co2 and under pressure, it can explode.

Supplier Diversity in Logistics!

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Supplier Diversity in Logistics article and permission to publish here provided by Kevin Jessop at As of the last decade, peak season is also when consumers are shipping the most items. Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer.

Catastrophic Impacts of COVID19 in Bangladesh Apparel Supply Chain


An article written by my former PhD student, Rejaul Hasan, and I just came out this week in Contracting Excellence , the journal published by IACCM, which documents the catastrophe that is unfolding in Bangladesh, one of the world’s major exporters of garments for the apparel sector. One set of orders to a major New York brand was due on February 17, and was shipped and received by the buyer.

How to Get a Job in the Supply Chain Sector

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You are not alone, especially as in the time since we first penned this article, one huge and unforeseen event has raised awareness of the global importance of this vital sector—and shown it to be an attractive career choice. Procurement Analyst.

Make Freight Sourcing More Efficient!

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Freight sourcing team article and permission to publish here provided by Katharine Barrios at Freight sourcing and procurement is a critical component of the whole supply chain and is crucial to the success of the business. In order to achieve maximum efficiency in freight sourcing and procurement, you need a strong team to handle the requirements. In ocean freight procurement, benchmarking gives you a clear analysis on both port to port and door to door rates.

Supply Chain Scams and Fraud!

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One of our most popular articles is Freight Forwarding scams. Finance Freight and Logistics Inventory Management Procurement Risk Management Supply Chain ManagementSubscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer.

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How to Make Your Business Punchout Ready!

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Manage Procurement Spend Like It’s Your Own Business! Article written for Supply Chain Game Changer by, and permission to publish here provided by, Samantha Wallace at A punchout catalog allows your clients to access your inventory right in your procurement system directly. All while this is happening your order through your supplier has been put in for the client, or the inventory has been pulled off to be shipped to the buyer.

Suppliers are Friends, not Food!

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Article originally published by, and permission to publish here provided by, Sam Jenks at Now… Is there something to be learned from this quote in Finding Nemo, that we can apply to procurement and sourcing? Procurement and sourcing teams know just as well as I do that they can leverage their supplier base as a source of driving product/service innovation, CSR initiatives, quality assurance, sustainability development, and overall performance.

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Ways to think about the Supply Chain of the Future: Artificial Intelligence


According to an article published in The Economist , AI has reduced returns by 2 million units a year and is able to procure 200,000 ítems autonomously without human intervention. You can read more articles here or sign-up for a free but shockingly infrequent newsletter. Amazon autonomous cars e commerce last mile logistics robots Same Day Delivery self-driving cars Shipping startup supply chain Uber machine learing

How Green Shipping Can Enhance Your Business’s Sustainability Quotient


This rise in demand and supply of goods also calls for an added focus towards sustainable shipping practices to ensure the environment doesn’t get affected by it all. In an effort to start a conversation on green shipping practices, this article will shed some light on the need for such practices while providing tips and techniques that will help you further the cause. Why We Need Sustainable Shipping? How Can I Make My Shipping Practices More Sustainable?

How The Coronavirus Epidemic is Throttling Global Supply Chains

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Containers are piling up in ports, international shipping has been hammered, Western companies are battling to source products from traditional suppliers, and disruptions are being experienced throughout the global supply chain. The impact on supply chains is particularly apparent in the following two broad areas— shipping and procurement of products/components/raw materials. COVID-19 Impact on Shipping. COVID-19 Impact on Procurement.

Who’s Using Blockchain in 2020, and How?

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For Ford, the blockchain is a potential answer to assuring the ethical procurement of cobalt—a mineral increasingly used for the batteries in electric-powered cars.

Time to Rethink Sourcing Rare Earth Elements

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Rare Earth Elements article, and permission to publish here, provided by Joe Carson and Shubho Chatterjee. Molycorp, a key producer in the 1980s, and other companies shipped their oxides to China for refining and value-added production into metals, alloys, and magnets. Former Chief Procurement Officer at Lucent Technologies and at Micron Technologies as well as additional roles as a Vice-President Supply Chain Management, Operational Excellence Executive, and Chief Strategy Officer.

It’s Time to Welcome The Supply Chain CEO!

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Argentus is a boutique recruitment firm focused on Supply Chain and Procurement. Over the past few decades, companies have realized that the way they bring products to market – from sourcing parts and services, to manufacturing, to shipping, to distribution – isn’t just a practical necessity, but an avenue for competitive advantage. This great article provided some great perspective on the topic. Subscribe Here! Email Address. Blog post provided by [link].

16 Questions that Keep Supply Chain Managers Up at Night! (Infographic)

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Questions that keep Supply Chain Managers up at night article originally published by, and permission to publish here provided by, Katherine Barrios at With so many things currently happening on the container shipping front, we bet supply chain and logistics managers are having a hard time focusing. Are you preparing for your freight procurement negotiations ? Do you have the data you need to identify improvement areas in your freight procurement strategy?

How to Compare Metal Fabricators!

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Article written for Supply Chain Game Changer by, and permission to publish here provided by, Eada Hudes. This will save or reduce your shipping and handling charges and also avoid the damages that may happen during transit. Featuring Our 12 Best Procurement Articles! manufacturing #metalfabrication #procurement. Guest Blog Post Manufacturing Procurement manufacturing Metal FabricationSubscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer.

COVID-19 Lesson: Make Your Supply Chain More Resilient

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Localising your supply chain has a positive effect on the environment as it reduces the energy required for shipping, transport, and storage. Smart software procurement choices, in areas such as business intelligence, risk assessment, and data management, will allow you to make predictive models for supply and demand in times of local, national, or global uncertainty.

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SCRC Meeting – Tom Linton’s “Supply Chain Eight” and Golden Winged Warblers : Questions Every New CSCO Should Ask Their CEO


You can either ship it by boat from China (30 days) or by plane (FedEx). At Flex, Tom had a scope that included the entire end to end supply chain: procurement, transportation, warehouse management, as well as customer order fulfillment, customer service, procure to pay, and trade relationships.

Top 10 Global Supply Chain Risks

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Article originally published by, and permission to publish here provided by, Katherine Barrios at For instance, the bankruptcy of South Korea’s 7th largest shipping company (Hanjin Shipping) led to a dramatic reduction in global supply chain shipping capacity. Shippers need to re-evaluate ocean route use and determine which carriers can increase shipping in anticipation of tropical storms. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Create a Responsive Supply Chain to Handle Peaks and Lulls!

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Responsive Supply Chain article originally published by, and permission to publish here provided by, Dave Joseph at Ability to leverage cross-docking and drop-shipping. supplychainmanagement #procurement #logisticsmanagement. Business Process Optimization Guest Blog Post Lean Process Improvement Supply Chain Management logistics management ProcurementSubscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer.

How is technology transforming global sourcing ?


Claritum Article - Procurement Blog. If your organisation struggles with supply chain visibility you are not alone, according to Deloitte’s survey of Chief Procurement Officers, 65% of CPO’s have limited or no visibility beyond their Tier 1 suppliers. Do you rely on spreadsheets to compare factory costs, duties, shipping and other factors that impact on total prices? of procurement leaders have limited or no visibility beyond their Tier 1 suppliers. Articles

Supply Chain Career Changes – How to Get In, Get On, and Get What You Want

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The variety of functions involved – product design, procurement, warehousing, production, transport, distribution, sales, for instance – encourages demand for new employees and multiplies possibilities for moving around inside too. No other enterprise function touches as many departments, from sales, marketing, research and development, materials, and production, to shipping, accounting, payments, and finance, not to mention legal and public relations.

Can Blockchain become the solution for anti-counterfeiting and chain of custody?


Recent articles in the New York Times and in the I nternational Business Times highlight the emerging role of blockchain as a key enabler of improved integration between parties in the extended global supply chain. Pilots with IBM have shown that all these documents can be captured in a blockchain, and could potentially reduce shipping delays due to lack of paperwork. The Times article notes that.

How to Get the Benefit of GDPR for Your Supply Chain

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You sell electronics products over the web from Brazil using different suppliers to drop-ship to consumers in Europe. The data can be structured, as in shipping and payment systems. Data can include identity, payment details, loyalty information, shipping addresses, health details, photos, and any other information allowing the person to be identified. Personal data may also be recorded in shipping and billing systems. Articles GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

Sourcing promotional products the right way


And as many suppliers are based in the Far East, buyers need to understand local pricing, duties, testing and shipping to ensure they receive the right product to enhance their promotional strategy. With these purchases there is no supply chain visibility resulting in the risk of repetitional damage if produced by a dodgy supplier and no control over shipping across borders, such as customs delays. Articles eProcurement