The Transportation Management System Barbell

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One of my supply chain and logistics predictions for this year was that the transportation management system (TMS) market will become more barbell-shaped ( mirroring what is happening in the third-party logistics industry ). “We’re

Procurement & Suppliers: Paying Attention to Terms & Conditions to Keep Supplier Relations Postitive


Editor's Note: Today's blog is by our great friend, Chuck Intrieri where he gives us a fantastic example of how Procurement and Suppliers can enhance Supplier Relations by navigating the "Battle of the Forms.". As I’ve mentioned in previous articles supplier relations are an essential component of a sustainable and functional supply chain. Procurement

Lean Transportation: Are you Using Lean Thinking for Transportation Management? If not, Why?


For shippers, culture and behavior have to change to apply Lean Transportation thinking. The “Them (company leadership) versus Us (shop floor associates)” mentality also needs to change for Lean Transportation to " WE. The 8 Rights To Achieve Lean Transportation Practices. The are the 8 Rights of Lean Transportation thinking: Right Materials, Right Quantity, Right time, Right Place, Right Source, Right Price, Right Quantity, and. Transportation takes time.

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How to Use Big Data Analytics to Drive Business Value in Procurement Forward (Part 1)


JAGGAER InsideSpend Thought leadership Series – In this blog series, we profile leaders in the procurement industry. We hope their insights and experiences inspire you to achieve greatness in procurement. A conversation with Walter Charles, Chief Procurement Officer at Biogen. . Procurement Trends in Manufacturing. How are they impacting the procurement organization and proficiency? Procurement Resources Supply Chain manufacturing

Why Do Transportation Budgets Fail?

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Why do transportation budgets fail? It’s a thorny topic, even for transportation professionals trying to trace an increase back to its source. Imagine what it’s like for senior executives who have no background in transportation as they try to understand it.

How Can Procurement Create a Competitive Advantage in Talent Acquisition


This article focuses on outsourcing, which offers more flexible solutions, has been on the rise to supply enterprises with external talents, leading to how procurement can help challenge the traditional strategy in order to maximize the chances of pairing the right talent with a need.

Global Logistics and the Transportation Management Center: The Next Phase in Network Agility

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The TMC merges technology, organization and processes to establish a set of services leveraging the scale and efficiency of consolidated network planning, procurement and unified metrics with the agility of localized execution.

Origin of Logistics & Supply Chain Revealed! - SupplyChainOpz

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The purpose of this article is to shed the new light on this topic, who coined the terms, the true meaning of the terms and its relationship with other disciplines. According to Lummas et al 2001 , the word "Logistics" in English appeared in the article as early as in 1898. NAVIGATE.

Transport Topics Interview Subjects Get it wrong on Cloud Logistics

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A recent article by Transport Topics’ Seth Clevenger inadvertently underscores the extent to which many transportation departments are way behind the times when it comes to the use of technologies for supply chain logistics management.

Procurement Is A Key Catalyst For The Circular Economy


One of the central organisational players in the transition towards a circular economy is the procurement function. Some of the key questions are, how will procurement expand its role to address the circular economy, and how can they add value? A Procurement Change Management Challenge. It is critical for procurement to understand the radical changes that the business will most probably undertake when integrating circular principles. Learn more in this article.

The Supply Chain Game Changer Job Board!

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It includes functional areas such as Procurement, Purchasing, Freight, Logistics, Planning, Material Handling, Inventory Management, Cash Flow Management, Quality Management, Diversity, Customer Support, Systems Design and Deployment, Business Process Engineering, and Business Management.

Why is Supply Chain Such a Great Career Path?

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In our article “ What Exactly is Supply Chain Management? But even industries such as Banking require Supply Chain skills for planning, supplier sourcing and management, process design, information flow management, procurement, and cash management. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Are These the 5 Biggest Fallacies in Supply Chain or is it Fake News?

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Argentus is a boutique recruitment firm focused on Supply Chain and Procurement. A new article in Forbes , “The Biggest Supply Chain Fallacies,” by Supply Chain researcher and beat writer Steve Banker, challenges a few of the assumptions underlying these trends, and calls out some of the conventional wisdom that’s taken hold in the field. Please check out the original article , and then we want to hear from you! Subscribe Here! Email Address.

The Case for Less Silos, More Intelligence in Supply Chain Management

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Logistics, Manufacturing, Procurement, Sales and Marketing — these functional groups, for the most part, continue to operate independently from each other, each driven by their own objectives and metrics. Break down your supply chain functional silos. This advice is not new.

Airbus harmonizes its global procurement processes with AirSupply


Airbus harmonized its global procurement processes with a innovative, highly comprehensive initiative featuring AirSupply, earning a well-deserved nomination for the German Logistics Award The construction of an aircraft is preceded by a highly complex, sophisticated procurement process. “We have now significantly streamlined our operational procurement as part of a digital transformation.”

This Week in Logistics News (May 7-11, 2018)

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Kuebix Surpasses 10,000 Companies Using Its Transportation Management System (TMS). to further explore concepts and technologies related to urban air mobility (UAM) to ensure a safe and efficient system for future air transportation in populated areas.”

Expert Reveals 7 Supply Chain Trends to Watch

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In this article, Professor Burcu Keskin from University of Alabama will share 7 trends that procurement and supply chain management professionals should watch. At the same time, this data may indicate possible issues in the procurement process, regarding product quality and delivery.

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Sustainable Procurement: Want change? The first step is to create urgency


When new clients come to us they often have many questions about the right steps to take in order to ensure effective implementation of their sustainable procurement program. Procurement professionals are an extraordinarily busy breed and are especially bogged down with supplier data on cost, quality, delivery, price, etc. So, what are those realities for sustainable procurement? implementing sustainable procurement business processes).

[INFOGRAPHIC] Expert Reveals 7 Supply Chain Trends to Watch


As a transportation management third party logistics company, we know at Cerasis that transportation makes up a large portion of the costs and efficiencies of any supply chain. Contact Cerasis if you would like help in more effective transportation management. .

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Quick and Easy Tips for Cost Reduction in Supply Chain Operations

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Now let’s juxtapose those same scenarios into your warehouse and transport operations. The driving back and forth by car is your customer-delivery transport. It’s all about leveraging your warehouse , staff, and transport more effectively.

Supply Chain Collaboration – The New Way to Drive Value!

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Sixty-five percent of procurement practitioners say procurement at their company is becoming more collaborative with suppliers, according to The Future of Procurement, Making Collaboration Pay Off, by Oxford Economics. Lower transportation and warehousing costs.

Top 10 Global Supply Chain Risks

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Article originally published by, and permission to publish here provided by, Katherine Barrios at Risk management strategies of yesteryear are ineffective in the changing landscape, and no type of transport can avoid risks. Procurement departments must take the full burden of ensuring supplier consistency. Transport Loss. riskmanagement #supplychainmanagement #procurement #distributionlogistics. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Supplier Risk Management: 4 Things To Look Out for During On-Site Evaluations


” In the process of business procurement and especially in the supply chain, supplier risk management is a skill set that needs focus day in and day out. The second article in our series on identifying supplier risk explores what to look for during on-site evaluations.

Supply Chain Career Changes – How to Get In, Get On, and Get What You Want

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The variety of functions involved – product design, procurement, warehousing, production, transport, distribution, sales, for instance – encourages demand for new employees and multiplies possibilities for moving around inside too. Transportation (transportation manager, fleet manager).

Supply Chain Crystal Ball Gazing: Let’s Look Ahead to 2028

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While some sub-processes will still require human intervention and management teams will still take the bulk of strategic (and some tactical) decisions, many tasks in functions such as procurement, manufacturing, warehousing and freight-transportation will be handled mostly by automated means.

Logistics Cost Reduction: 6 Focuses to Create More Profit


Productivity increases from wearable voice command tools can increase factory warehouse efficiencies up to 30 percent, according to an article in Supply Chain Management Review. . A Transportation Management System (TMS) optimizes freight to utilize the most effective lanes and routes.

This Week in Logistics News (February 19-23, 2018)

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Transplace Joins Blockchain in Transport Alliance. Procuring logistics services is not the same as buying paper clips, yet that’s how many procurement organizations approach it.

Drop Shipping: A Perfect Fit for Supply Chain Operating Networks

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For example, as with last-mile delivery, managing the end-customer experience is a critical factor for success, as this comment posted on the WSJ article shows: The most fundamental issue is having a seamless customer journey and experience.

How Blockchain Could Create the 'Autonomous Container'

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One can imagine a world in which blockchain becomes an indispensable part of tracking and monitoring all types of containers, via multiple modes of transportation. The development of autonomous shipping equipment is likely to track that of self-driving vehicles, as the need for human involvement in transportation gradually diminishes. Comment on this article.

The 5 Levels of Supply Chain Transparency!

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In a Harvard Business Review article from 2010, the RFID tag technology was introduced to the masses, explaining that the grain-sized tag could be implemented in or on products to improve the traceability and visibility throughout the product lifecycle. Check out Why don’t you have a TMS (Transportation Management System) Solution yet? . SCM #SupplyChain #Technology #IoT #Digital #Business #Leadership #Logistics #Procurement. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

How to Get the Benefit of GDPR for Your Supply Chain

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For example, if a manufacturer collects customer data and provides it to a 3PL for transport and delivery, both the manufacturer and the 3PL must be compliant, and the manufacturer is also responsible for checking that the 3PL is compliant. Articles GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

Do You Know When it’s Time for a Freight Review?

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When companies look for freight transport providers, they often base their search and selection process primarily on the needs of the moment. Transport companies can grow, downsize, or change policies and practices. Articles Benchmarking Cost Saving

5 Supply Chain Mistakes that Handicap Business Performance

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You might be surprised at the number of manufacturing and sales organisations that lack understanding of the freight transport market , especially the factors which drive carriers’ costs and hence the rates they charge their clients.

Reducing Supply Chain Costs

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They also give you better negotiating information for suppliers and other third parties (transporters, warehousing companies, product assemblers and others) contributing to your supply chain operations. Articles Cost SavingThe Key Supply Chain Challenge of Cost Reduction.

ABB’s Daniel Helmig: “We are moving to virtual centres of expertise”

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Daniel Helmig, head of ABB’s Supply Chain management, is currently busy implementing supply chain transformation throughout the company’s 450 plants and many project sites as the company consolidates back end processes and establishes ten global transportation management centres. “It

For What It’s Worth: My Take on Last Week’s Supply Chain & Logistics News (May 30, 2018)

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Here’s an excerpt from the article: Amazon has cultivated an image as a customer-friendly company in part by making it easy for shoppers to send back items they don’t want. The good news is that that there is a lot of work going on in this area, such as the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) , which already has several hundred companies in the transportation and logistics industry participating.

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5 Best Logistics Books for Beginners

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Delivering Customer Value through Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Many people don't know that procurement is a part of integrated logistics. In logistics management literature, procurement is also called "Inbound Logistics" or management of incoming materials. This logistics book will show you have to plan and execute procurement strategy in a step-by-step manner. When it comes to transportation, people often think about trucking or land transportation.