Top Transportation Management and Transportation Articles of 2015


We continue our series on the most read articles from the Cerasis blog for 2015 today by featuring any of the blogs in the transportation management or transportation categories. . We've already listed the top 10 manufacturing articles, the top 10 supply chain articles, and yesterday, the top 10 logistics articles. We will then conclude the 5 main categories by featuring the top 10 freight articles of 2015. Read the full article here. .

Featuring Our 12 Best Global Process Excellence ™ Articles!

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This article is a compilation of our best articles documenting that journey of leadership and discovery, which in some cases resulted in achieving Best in Class results. Our Best Global Process Excellence Articles. From Click to Ship in 4 Minutes! Subscribe Here!


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Top Freight Articles of 2015


Today we finalize our most viewed articles from the Cerasis blog by featuring the most read freight articles published in 2015. As a recap, and for easy to access link, we have showcased the following: Most Read Manufacturing Articles of 2015. Top Supply Chain Articles of 2015. Top Logistics Articles of 2015. Top Transportation Management and Transportation Articles of 2015. Top Freight Articles of 2015. Freight is something that you ship.

Time to start prepping for Christmas shipping capacity crunch

The Supply Chain Journal

And as retailers struggle to catch up, imports could be capped in the months ahead by a trans-Pacific shipping network that has reached its limit. import volumes in the future, when ships from various export destinations arrive at American ports. Click for more articles by Greg Miller.

Top Logistics Articles of 2015


We continue our top articles from each of our main 5 categories today by covering the top 10 logistics articles that were the most viewed in 2015. Each of these five include several sub categories for more specific articles, such as the TMS category under Transportation Management. In our series, we first created the top manufacturing articles list, followed by the top supply chain articles list. Top Logistics Articles of 2015.

Top Supply Chain Articles of 2015


As we head into 2016, we are featuring our most read articles of 2015 in our five main categories: Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation Management, and Freight. Yesterday we published the top 10 most read manufacturing articles of 2015. . Top 10 Supply Chain Articles from 2015. The following 10 supply chain articles are listed in order from the 10th most read blog post to the top most read post. Read the full article here. .

Article: How Spot Quote Automation Savings Pay for Your Entire TMS

Supply Chain Collaborator

What if I told you that you could save enough money in one month on your spot market shipping to pay for an entire year of TMS platform subscription fees? Read the Article. The post Article: How Spot Quote Automation Savings Pay for Your Entire TMS appeared first on UltraShipTMS. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. Here’s the proof. Case Studies automation spot bid spot market Spot quote supply chain automation

US greenlights fuel transport by foreign ships

The Supply Chain Journal

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has waived the Jones Act to allow a foreign shipping company to move domestic fuel supplies to help shore up fuel supplies on the U.S. ships is always controversial, however, even in emergency situations that affect U.S. flag shipping U.S.

Featuring Our Top 16 Articles on Freight and Logistics!

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Given the importance of this aspect of Supply Chain we would like to spotlight our best articles on this subject matter. Here are our Top 16 articles on Freight and Logistics! Shipping Containers! Shipping Containers! Drop Shipping Teddy Bears! Subscribe Here!

What Is An Advanced Shipping Notice? | Guide, FAQ, and Checklist


The post What Is An Advanced Shipping Notice? Blog Article Customer Experience Retail Supply Chain Tips and TricksGuide, FAQ, and Checklist appeared first on Convey.

Containerized Shipping – Technology Advancements And Value Creation

Gravity Supply Chain

Learn about the benefits of containerization and how Gravity supply chain solutions’ container tracking feature enables real time visibility of your cargo.

Delivering Hope: Taimen Transport Ships Life-Saving Vaccines


So began the nationwide race to manufacture and successfully ship hundreds of millions of doses. The shipping tracking link for the vaccine was probably the most viewed ever,” said Ryan Pamplin, Director of Innovation & Technology at Taimen Transport.

What are Ecommerce Shipping Zones?

Supply Chain Game Changer

Shipping Zones article originally published by, and permission to publish here provide by Jake Rheude at Carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS use shipping zones to determine the shipping cost of a package. Shipping Zone Definition.

How to Reduce Product Damage During Shipping


If you are a product manufacturer, you know all too well the perils of shipping products from your factory or warehouse to a DC or retailer. Packaging and product damage during shipping is extremely common. In this article, we have highlighted the most common, but often overlooked elements to consider. Many shipping companies will stack pallets on top of one another to maximize their load, so you need to know this important piece of logistical information as well. .

Drop Shipping: A Perfect Fit for Supply Chain Operating Networks

Talking Logistics

As reported last month by Jennifer Smith in the Wall Street Journal , “A growing number of retailers are relying on suppliers to ship online orders directly to customers, a strategy they hope will help them compete with e-commerce rivals without spending more on inventory. The practice, known as drop shipping, lets retailers offer more products for sale on their websites—such as multiple colors of the same sweater—without having to keep those items in stock.

How the Suez Canal blockage proves technology has the power to transform the shipping industry

Gravity Supply Chain

ArticlesTechnology future-proofs supply chains using real time actionable insights to optimize processes, enable informed decision making, and reduce costs.

50 Most Read Articles of All Time in Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation, & Freight


Since today is the last day of the year before we all get ramped up towards a productive 2016 and after finishing out top 10 most read articles in each of our five main categories ( Manufacturing , Supply Chain , Logistics , Transportation , & Freight ) we wanted to give you all a treat and list the top 50 most read articles of all time from the Cerasis blog. 50 Most Read Articles of All Time From the Cerasis Blog. Happy New Year!

Cold Chain Shipping: The Winning Characteristics of Vaccine Carriers


The cold-chain shipping carriers seizing the opportunities created by vaccine distribution have some common characteristics that all cold line transporters can emulate and become better suited for future demands within the cold transportation industry. .

How Do You Ship an Electric Bicycle?

Supply Chain Game Changer

Electric bicycle article and permission to publish here provided by Jake Rheude. However, shipping an electric bicycle presents a unique set of challenges. Plus, the lithium battery that powers the bicycle creates additional hurdles for shipping. Basics of e-bike shipping.

What Is an Advanced Shipping Notice? | Here’s Everything You Need to Get Started Plus a Template


The post What Is an Advanced Shipping Notice? Blog Article Customer Experience Retail Supply Chain Tips and TricksHere’s Everything You Need to Get Started Plus a Template appeared first on Convey.

Touchless Fulfillment and Shipping!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Touchless fulfillment and shipping article, and permission to publish here, provided by Jenis Sheth. Supply chains all across the planet are discovering and rediscovering various solutions to make shipping and fulfilment touchless. Touchless Fulfillment and Shipping (New Normal).

Featuring Our 10 Best Warehouse Order Fulfillment Articles!

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Featuring Our 10 Best Inventory Management Articles! Our latest “Featuring” series article covers the topic of Warehouse and Distribution Centre order fulfillment. So take some time and check out our very best Warehouse and Distribution Centre fulfillment articles!

Lean 65

Why To Ship And How To Ship – We’ll Help You Make The Right Decisions

Gravity Supply Chain

ArticlesMultimodal transport supply chains often lack end-to-end visibility. Digitize for visibility, transparency, traceability & accountability to mitigate risk! Leave a Reply [contact-form-7].

Best Pick and Pack Shipping Systems for 2014

The Logistics of Logistics

Best Pick and Pack Shipping Systems for 2014. With software plugged into your warehouse management system, picking and shipping orders has become a lot more accurate. Chirag Patel from Fairway Fulfillment & Logistics explores three popular pick and pack shipping systems in 2014. Also the benefits of each of the shipping system and potential suppliers to advance your warehousing operation.

Cybersecurity in Shipping Logistics: The Rising Threat

USC Consulting Group

When you think of shipping and transportation, perhaps the last thing you consider is the threat that cybercrime can pose to the industry. However, as technology advances and systems become increasingly connected to online networks, cybersecurity is a necessity of modern shipping logistics.

The Importance of the International Shipping Industry!

Supply Chain Game Changer

International shipping industry article and permission to publish here provided by Daniel Choi. Even during the epidemic, the shipping industry’s significance in the value chain and the transportation of resources and goods worldwide was emphasized, probably most prominently.

FreightWaves LIVE recap: Obstacles facing ocean shipping to last into 2022

The Supply Chain Journal

Click for more FreightWaves articles by Todd Maiden. Container FreightWaves LIVE FreightWaves LIVE: Events Podcast News container shipping Dan Kopp ITG Transportation Services Lean Solutions Group LIVE @HOME trey griggsThis fireside chat recap is from Day 1 of FreightWaves LIVE @HOME.

Container ship scores ‘off the charts,’ ‘fantasy’ charter rate: $135,000/day

The Supply Chain Journal

In a sign of just how frenzied the container market has become, a freight forwarder is reportedly paying $135,000 per day for a short-term charter of the S Santiago, a 15-year-old container ship with a capacity of 5,060 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs). What this means for ship lessors.

Using Shipping Data for Peak Season Preparedness Relies on Actionability

Intelligent Audit

Shippers should expect a surge in shipping volumes and tight capacity due to a historic rise in e-commerce transactions. These factors are driving shipping costs higher and shippers need to prepare. According to Supply Chain Dive , shipping “prices have fluctuated wildly.

Shipping speed, transparency continue to trip up e-commerce brands

The Supply Chain Journal

In Jungle Scout’s Q1 2021 Consumer Trends Report, consumers reported that free shipping was the top reason to shop online. That jumped up from the fourth spot in the Q4 report, suggesting shipping cost was less of a factor during the busy holiday season. Shipping trends.

Fast, Free Shipping: The Cornerstone Of Customer Delivery Expectations


The post Fast, Free Shipping: The Cornerstone Of Customer Delivery Expectations appeared first on Convey. Blog Article Customer Experience Engage Products Research Resources Retail Supply Chain[This blog is part of a four-part series.

5 Best Practices For Drop Shipping Success


The post 5 Best Practices For Drop Shipping Success appeared first on Convey. Blog Article Engage Resources Retail Supply ChainForrester predicts online retail sales will double over the next five years, with a […].

WordPress Ecommerce Shipping: Scaling Your Online Store Through Shipping


Even more, WooCommerce offers flexible shipping options and settings, including the opportunity to work with tech-driven order fulfillment companies and other platforms that can help you grow your business. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about shipping for your WooCommerce store, including WooCommerce shipping setup, available plugins, and ecommerce fulfillment options. Shipping on WordPress: your top 3 options. Table Rate Shipping Pro.

Retail Shipping Perfection is a Costly Reality

Zipline Logistics

According to an article published in Retail Dive , “Today’s shoppers experience out-of-stocks during one of three store visits, costing retailers nearly $1 trillion in annual sales as consumers shift to online alternatives. What Does that Mean for Your Retail Shipping Efforts?

Container shipping boom is bleeding over into dry bulk

The Supply Chain Journal

Everything’s connected in ocean shipping. Very high demand for ships in one segment can affect supply-demand fundamentals for entirely different vessel types. Container shipping is so strong that reverberations are being felt in dry bulk. Click for more articles by Greg Miller.