What is Inventory Carrying Cost?


But while the newly arrived goods sit in your warehouse, did you know that there are also costs associated with keeping inventory? They are collectively called inventory carrying costs because they need to be paid to hold inventory. What is Inventory Carrying Cost?

Habitat by Honestbee: Asia's first tech-enabled grocery & dining concept


Inventory Management Supply chain management Popular Posts Case studiesOnline marketplace Honestbee launched Habitat last week in Singapore – a supermarket, dining, and retail innovation lab all-in-one.

Asia, better brace yourself for Usagi! He’s not in a good mood…

Supply Chain View from the Field

For example, in addition to Southeast Asia, the US company might consider a second manufacturing contract with a company in Ireland, Eastern Europe or South America — wherever the cost per unit is affordable and climate vulnerability may be less intensive.

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How Inventory Management is a problem the size of Australia

The Network Effect

Inventory distortion costs retailers nearly $158 for every man, woman, and child on the planet. Billion a year is the cost of Inventory distortion in North America, an amount equivalent to the annual revenues of Kroger, Home Depot, and Target combined. chem7/Flickr.

Lean versus EOQ? What’s best for your organization?


EOQ attempts to optimize lot size by balancing manufacturing cost ( Fixed + variable costs) with things like inventory holding costs and capacity utilization. Lean relies on minimization of, among other things, lot sizes, inventory and waiting.

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How do supply chain professionals rate their demand forecast’s accuracy?


The quiz has been taken by more than 200 participants across several regions – from North America to Asia Pacific. An inaccurate forecast used as input for target inventory levels can have costly implications as well. .

Avaya’s Four-Year Journey to a Best-in-Class Supply Chain – SupplyChainBrain & Kinaxis Video Series


Green says the company has had “a lot of success,” delivering its best-ever run times and inventory turns. General News Sales and operations planning (S&OP) Supply chain management Aid effectiveness Asia Best practice Boston BT Group Business administration Customer service Depreciation Supply chain by Melissa Clow SupplyChainBrain attended our annual Kinexions user conference, and while there, they completed a number of video interviews with our customers.

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How Safety Stock Absorbs Demand Volatility


But companies can overcome this obstacle by positioning the right inventory across the supply chain to absorb such volatility. Surprisingly, there is an immediately available, relatively straight-forward alternative – fixing your inventory (safety stocks) to cope with the forecast uncertainty.

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The New Silk Road: Have You Evaluated Your Freight Options?


China’s so-called “One Belt One Road” strategy connects the country via an overland and sea corridor to Central Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Global Transportation Management asia logistics Europe Global Trade

The New Silk Road: Have You Evaluated Your Freight Options?


China’s so-called “One Belt One Road” strategy connects the country via an overland and sea corridor to Central Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Global Transportation Management asia logistics Europe Global Trade

Safety Stock Calculation For Your Wholesale & Distribution Business


It commonly describes the additional stock that you keep in your inventory to reduce the risk of stockouts. For example, late summer is the tropical typhoon season in North Asia. Optimal Inventory Level. Spending too much on safety stock means that cash is tied up in inventory.

Inventory Management and Xero Accounting Software


There’s no question that inventory management and accounting are inseparable. Small and medium-sized businesses that deal in physical goods want to manage their inventory and the flow of goods in their business. Why Not Get All-in-One Accounting and Inventory Management Software?

Trending: Effects of West Coast Ports Labor Dispute

Creating Supply Chain Excellence

Retailers rely heavily on these ports for imported goods coming in from Asia. Even when factoring in an economy that is healthier than a year ago, these numbers suggest retailers are pre-loading Holiday inventory. Blog Post Asia Global Ports Shipping Transportation

Quick & Easy Store-Specific Planograms: Tailoring Your On-Shelf Inventory to Each Store

RELEX Solutions

Scott has been helping retailers & FMCG suppliers solve their Space & Assortment challenges in Europe, North America, Asia & Australia since 2011. The post Quick & Easy Store-Specific Planograms: Tailoring Your On-Shelf Inventory to Each Store appeared first on RELEX.

Balancing Cash, Cost and Service: The Supply Chain Triangle


Over the last 5 years I have seen many companies launching inventory reduction programs. When launching an inventory reduction program, companies should be aware that inventory, as a part of Cash, should always be balanced with Cost and Service. Inventory Turns as a shared KPI.

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‘Supply Chain Opportunities in China’ – 24 juni 2015

Supply Chain Movement

Is the trade imbalance between China and Europe going to keep freight costs towards Asia low for the foreseeable future? Order and stock optimization of your Chinese Inventory. How do you optimize your inventory levels in the volatile Chinese market? van der Meulen Transport China customs delivery distribution DSV Erik Jutte export Foss Fred Sengers Green Freight Europe Guillaume Burette Henk-Jan Groeneveld human resource import inventory Jan W.

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Nike’s Global E-Commerce Distribution Center in Leuven Belgium


Shipments arrive from Nike’s network of global manufacturers in Asia, and includes footwear, apparel and equipment. BRIC Supply Chain BVL International Global Distribution Global Supply Chain Inventory Management Retail Logistics Supply Chain Management

Andreas Gärtner of Nestlé on Forecasting: “Track the Mad Bulls!”

Supply Chain Movement

The global organisation needed a local component, which gave rise to the Nestlé GLOBE Centres, one each to cover Europe, the Americas and the Asia, Oceania and Africa. Forecasting product demand will never by 100% perfect but it is possible to reduce the error of judgment.

7 Reasons Panama is the Latin American Supply Chain Capital with Demo Perez

The Logistics of Logistics

The time it takes to move a container from Asia to the US and then to Latin America adds a lot of costs. Latin American consumers will say the same thing, so we need inventory close to them. [00:20] Opening / Introduction. [00:51]

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Logistics Trends Part 2

BluJay Solutions

Restructuring production schedules has been part of this, as well as encouraging consumers to pre-order, removing much of the risk of holding too much inventory. This shift has been most pronounced on the Asia-to-Europe and Asia-to-US trade lanes – the two most important – indicating how vital this has been in reducing lucrative, high value volumes to the detriment of the freight forwarding sector. First Trend: Yield Dilution.

Implementation Partners NOVA Group helps businesses take their inventory to the cloud


You’ve looked at cloud-based software and know all the benefits you’ll get from managing your inventory in the cloud. Matthew shares that businesses in Asia are looking for software that is easy to use, cost-effective, and has strong security.

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Tackling Item Complexity

Supply Chain Shaman

Stuck, the company struggled with customer service levels and high inventory write-offs. The process helped World Kitchen manage inventories through bankruptcy filing in 2002. Personalization. Market microsegmentation. New product launch.

Carter’s: A Story of Supply Chain Leadership

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In this role he supported the different businesses (12 in Europe and 11 in Asia) for all aspects of the Supply Chain; but Peter did not have direct Asia Sourcing/manufacturing accountability. They include growth, inventory turns, operating margin and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)).

UPS Executive Shares Insights on Total Cost of Ownership in the Electronics Supply Chain

Supply Chain View from the Field

This distinguished gentleman happened to have just retired as President of Global Freight Forwarding, and prior to that, as President of UPS Asia Pacific. In this case, the context was an annual bid and quote negotiation they had to do with electronic manufacturers who wanted to ship products from the factories in Asia to the US. How much of the tonnage will move from factories in China to Europe, to the US, and to intra-Asia.

Supply Chain by the Numbers for Week of May 25, 2016

Supply Chain Digest

US Retailers Awash in Inventory, Panama Canal Route to or from Asia will be Much Shorter, Nike Says it is Committed to Going Circular, Confusion about Meeting New Container Weight Rules

Demand-Driven Transformation at Shell

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Shell’s current shift to the global supply chain is impacting North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Russia, and China. They saw a steady drop in inventory and reduced working capital by about 50% over the period of 2011-2015.

The 7 Trends Shaping The Future of the Logistics Industry


In the past, the logistics industry’s growth was driven by Asia to Europe and Asia to North America exports. The idea is to give clients more control of transportation and inventory since they are looking for more visibility. In today’s society, technology has been changing at an unprecedented pace. When you consider that Apple introduced its iPad in the year 2010, and now tablet sales are about to overtake the combined sales of desktops and laptops, it becomes apparent.

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Rethink your Business Strategy by Rethinking Your Supply Chain

CH Robinson Transportfolio

When I talk to worldwide businesses in Asia, Oceania, North America, or anywhere else, their chief concern is always the same: how do we meet our customers where they are to get them the products and services they want, all while keeping our own business strategy central?

A Replenishment Story – Turning Stock Warriors into Stock Analysts

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First all items in the stockroom got counted, then any additional inventory of these same items on the shop floor. Everything was then entered into the inventory system and any item that was completely out of stock on the shop floor had its on-hand stock set to zero.

Ocean Shipping Trends: What to Expect in 2019

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Besides front loading their shipping to avoid tariffs , importers are accelerating supply chain diversification by moving toward Southeast Asia. This is critical because of the way service strings today operate from Southeast Asia. What a difference a year can make!

Why the West Coast Ports Labor Dispute Matters to Retailers

The Network Effect

Retailers rely heavily on these ports for imported goods coming in from Asia. Even when factoring in an economy that is healthier than a year ago, these numbers suggest retailers are pre-loading Holiday inventory. By Chris Ferrell. Director, Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium.

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The Freight Costs of Trump’s China Tariffs


All importers are now living with uncertainty and many are preparing by increasing inventory State-side. This past year has been a taxing one for companies that import from China to the United States. On May 10th, tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports increased to 25%.

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Xiaomi & The Supply Chain Behind the World's Highest Valued Smartphone Startup


Last year the company had a revenue target of $15 billion, which it reached ahead of time thanks to aggressive investment in Asia and India (where it’s now one of the highest-selling smartphones). Though Xiaomi saved money on inventory costs, the public was often left pining.

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The Digital Transformation Journey: The Alignment of Industry, Company, and Technology

Talking Logistics

tariff on China electronics is seeing a rise in demand for these products from other countries within Asia. Inventory stockpiling is starting to occur based on prices and supply/demand curves.

Major Influences on Supply Chains for 2019

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As the single window concept has spread across Europe, and is starting to spread across Asia as well,” explains Doug, “this has meant all of the backend systems have had to be replaced and, therefore, all of the systems and portals that once interacted with those older systems now have to be updated as well. You provide a geocode to these new delivery companies, which are popping up across Europe and parts of Asia, and they will deliver your package to that location.

7 Supply Chain Transformations at SAMSUNG

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5) Streamline Performance Evaluation System : the classic problem of many organizations in Asia is the seniority based performance evaluation system. Today Samsung Electronics has proven to be one of the most successful global brands to follow.

Defining Your Own Logistics Competitive Weapon

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Source: “Tech in Asia” – https://www.techinasia.com. For a long time, C-level executives viewed supply chain management, especially the logistics function, as a cost center. As a result, cutting and controlling costs became the top priority for supply chain executives.