A planning guide for beverage manufacturers in Asia

DELMIA Quintiq

Last week I explained how individual tastes, compounded by geography, climate and less developed distribution and logistics infrastructure challenge beverage manufacturers in Asia.

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Cliff Morris | The State of Manufacturing

4WL Consulting

C3Nano is a material technology company developing and manufacturing transparent conductive films, the main component in all touch sensors used in phones, tablets, and more. The top trends impacting manufacturing in the next 3 to 5 years. The Future of Manufacturing.

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The Coronavirus Impact on Southeast Asia

Logistics Viewpoints

However, the extent of impact on the manufacturing sector of each country (see below for analysis of the six major […]. The post The Coronavirus Impact on Southeast Asia appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Global Trade Logistics Trends coronavirus manufacturing

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Getting your drinks to the market: Asia’s unique logistics challenges

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In recent blogs I explained why beverage manufactures wanting to succeed in Asia have to acknowledge the region’s rich diversity. In this blog, I will focus on areas equally important to a beverage manufacturer’s success: logistics and distribution.

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A glass half full – the positive side of beverage reverse logistics in Asia

DELMIA Quintiq

Over the last three weeks I’ve written about beverage manufacturing in Asia. I explained why manufacturers have to acknowledge the region’s diversity if they want to improve their market penetration and wrote about the problems they will encounter along the way.

A Brief Report on the Pharmaceutical Innovation in Manufacturing Summit


by Hans Velthuizen This week I attended the 5 th Annual Pharmaceutical Innovation in Manufacturing Summit near Heathrow. It was a two-day gathering dedicated to cutting edge technology, innovation and strategy across the entire small molecule & biopharmaceutical manufacturing process.

Amazon vs. Alibaba: A Battle for Southeast Asia


By becoming key players in trucking, warehousing, and shipping, Amazon is able to lower its shipping costs, open doors for smaller merchants to publish more products, and allow Chinese and Indian sellers and manufacturers to access Amazon warehouses.

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Q&A: American Manufacturer, UCan Zippers, Shows Pride, Quality, and Commitment to American Manufacturing


In that interview we mentioned that he would visit Made In USA Zipper manufacturer, UCan Zippers to film a video documenting the company's commitment to American Manufacturing for nearly 30 years. Why are we having an interview with an American Manufacturer on a logistics blog, you ask?

Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC 2019, 22 – 24 October 2019, Singapore


Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC, a HANNOVER MESSE event is Asia-Pacific’s leading trade event for Industry 4.0! The post Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC 2019, 22 – 24 October 2019, Singapore appeared first on Ivalua

A 100 Day Journey of Manufacturing Insights in Asia Begins

Dragon Innovation

Join Dragon Innovation’s VP of Strategic Planning, Shawn Chang , as he explores the state of Manufacturing in Asia, beyond just China.

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31 Motivations for Reshoring Manufacturing & Updated Reshoring Stats


Many off-shore manufacturers have returned to the U.S., Those changes, along with high costs of transporting materials and finished goods to and from overseas locations, make the value of reshoring likely to become a compelling financial reality for many manufacturers.

5 Things I Learned About the Current State of Manufacturing in APAC

Dragon Innovation

China trade war, I have traveled extensively within the Asia Pacific region in search of understanding how the global supply chain is rapidly evolving. For manufacturing, Asia Pacific has a lot to offer, but navigating the complexities of the region can prove daunting for many.

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Asia Supply Chain Excellence Report: Issue, January 2013

Creating Supply Chain Excellence

Supply chain executives in the US and Europe nervously listen to news out of Asia about factory fires, typhoons and labor disputes. Manufacturers need to stay abreast of new regulations and be capable of responding rapidly. However, most manufacturing is on the east coast, while the earthquake and flood-prone regions are further west. Asia Supply Chain Excellence - Visit this site to learn about the Asia Opportunity. January 2014. Subscribe.

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Asia, better brace yourself for Usagi! He’s not in a good mood…

Supply Chain View from the Field

From a US import manufacturer perspective, it may be good enough to assume periodic natural disaster disruptions and develop climate adaptation supply chain contingency plans.

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Event Success – The China & Asia Footwear 2017 Summit


The China & Asia Footwear 2017 Summit , was a great success. The session explained How Digitizing Quality Control Processes Within Your Contract Manufacturing Partners Improves Your Supply Chain Operations. Pivot88 is proud to a Golden Sponsor this year.

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Shortages in Medical Supplies Linked to Imports

Logistics Trends and Insights

Another idea is perhaps to identify ‘critical’ manufacturing, such as medical supplies and equipment and provide incentives to produce more within the U.S. Air Cargo Asia Pacific China Supply chain risks Trade Globalization Medical Supplies

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Lean versus EOQ? What’s best for your organization?


It doesn’t matter if you’re a technician working on the shop floor or an executive in the board room, if you’re in the business of manufacturing then this is a conversation you’ve had before.

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Is Mexico the World's Next Manufacturing Hub?


Mexico may become the global manufacturing nerve center if the country plays its cards right. According to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index, Mexico ranks number eight out of 40 countries including Canada, Sweden, and Vietnam. Europe and Asia Follow Suit.

America’s Manufacturing Future: Hope or Hype?

Enterra Insights

In the United States, growing nationalist and protectionist sentiment rests on the hope manufacturing (and associated jobs) will return from overseas. He writes, “In building a case for an American manufacturing renaissance, economists cite increasing productivity, cheap natural gas, and rising value-added figures to show that manufacturing is in good shape and will get better. Some of these positivists also claim that rising labor costs in Asia and the creation of U.S.

Avaya’s Four-Year Journey to a Best-in-Class Supply Chain – SupplyChainBrain & Kinaxis Video Series


One involves a continuing trend toward specialization: companies focusing their efforts on research and development, while outsourcing manufacturing. Manufacturing is 100-percent outsourced. General News Sales and operations planning (S&OP) Supply chain management Aid effectiveness Asia Best practice Boston BT Group Business administration Customer service Depreciation Supply chain

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Supply Chain Graphic of the Week on Is Growing Share of Global Manufacturing by Southeast Asia about to be Reversed

Supply Chain Digest

Share has Almost Doubled Since 1990, but Three Trends May Mean a Reversal of Manufacturing Strategies

Expect Uncertainty for Inbound Shipments into Asia and China

CH Robinson Transportfolio

But these same disruptions are also causing serious challenges to the transportation industry in China and Asia at large. . Ongoing impact in Southeast Asia countries. In fact, almost all Southeast Asia countries have seen some change: Singapore as the most competitive country.

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The Manufacturing Capitals of the World


The manufacturing industries are evolving as new digital technologies transform the landscape. As smart manufacturing and the implementation of the IoT drives manufacturing to new heights, what should we expect to see from manufacturing in years to come? In the USA, manufacturing generated $2.18 In 2018, manufacturing is expected to delve further into hyper-connectedness as the industry implements Industry 4.0 Manufacturing

How COVID – 19 Might Shape the Future of China Sourcing and Manufacture

Logistics Bureau

COVID-19 and the Future of China Sourcing and Manufacture. But global dependence on Chinese manufacturing is mind-boggling…. The overriding reason for this China-dependence is the cost factor, and weaning manufacturing away from that country comes at a hefty price.

Made in China 2025 Promises a Manufacturing Revolution


Manufacturing Agendas: So Hot Right Now. China has joined the manufacturing revolution party. At the end of May the Ministry of Industry and Telecommunications Technology announced the introduction of China’s own manufacturing legislation: Made In China 2025.

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On-Demand Recording: Live Q&A on Tariffs with Dragon Innovation & Fictiv

Dragon Innovation

Hardware Manufacturing product development Ongoing Production supply chain APAC Future of Manufacturing Trade War US China Asia tariffs fictiv HTS code

What Do Our Presidential Candidates Have To Say About Manufacturing?


We’ve discussed several of the myths and solutions to enhancing the current state of American manufacturing. Take a moment to watch this video and think about what it means to “Vote Manufacturing.” So, how do you identify a manufacturing vote? manufacturers.

Supply Chain Solutions: What You Can Learn From the Semiconductor Industry

CH Robinson Transportfolio

The manufacturers, key suppliers, and customer industries of semiconductor device makers are global, with a strong Asia presence. All have considerable significance for global supply chain managers: Manufacturing is shifting to North Asia.

4 Quick Tips for Business Travel to Hong Kong During the Protests

Dragon Innovation

Traveling to Asia is very much an important aspect for a business manufacturing in that region. This is the time and place where you are able to see your product come to life at your contract manufacturing partner's facility.

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Why the U.S. Lags Asia in Use of Robots in Factories and Warehouses

Supply Chain Brain Podcast

China, Japan and South Korea rely far more heavily on robots for manufacturing and distribution than does the U.S.

Manufacturing Spotlight: Philippines


In recent months, Japanese investors have prioritized the Philippines in their list of promising Asian manufacturing locations owing to the country’s positive economic outlook and steady growth. Murata Manufacturing Co., to manufacture Mirage model.

The Manufacturing Renaissance: This Ain’t Your Grandpappy’s Manufacturing Industry


Manufacturing Renaissance?…… This sounds like a comparison to warring civilizations; however, this concept remains applicable to the manufacturing industry of modernity. During the industrial revolution, manufacturing became the go-to career for the majority of Americans.

Manufacturing Quality Issue Turns into a Huge Success Story for Procurement

EC Sourcing Group

If you sell a premium product, manufacturing quality issues can kill your image and your bottom line. The manufacturer made several attempts to rectify the issues but were unsuccessful. The new manufacturer: Was able to produce the bottles to their quality standards in all respects.

What is the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) & How Could It & the Trans-Pacific Partnership Impact Manufacturing?


As a business owner, you have heard of the impact of reshoring on the US economy and the steadily growing number of jobs in manufacturing. However, the number of manufacturing jobs will never reach the same highs it had in the past. To prepare for the unexpected, unforeseen perils of the future, you need to know what the TPA is and how it will affect the economy and the manufacturing industry. Decrease in Technology-Side of US Manufacturing.

Doing Business in Singapore


Located in southeastern Asia between Malaysia and Indonesia, Singapore is made up of a series of islands. Manufacturing in Singapore. Singapore has attracted major investments in advanced manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, medical technology and pharmaceutical production.