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Its bordering countries include Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia. In addition, manufactured products in Thailand include textiles, beverages, tobacco products, cement, jewelry, appliances, computers automotive parts and agricultural equipment. . and Malaysia.

Thailand Courts Foreign Investment, While Leadership Questions Remain

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GDP growth lags that of Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. Targeted sectors include automotive, aviation, medical and bio-based energy and chemicals. Automotive Pharma/Bio-Tech Industrial Manufacturing Aerospace & Defense Chemicals & Energy All Logistics Facility Location & Network Design Global Logistics All Technology SC Planning & Optimization“Stop and go.” Sway and swing.”

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Supply Chain Solutions: What You Can Learn From the Semiconductor Industry

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Growing demand for mobile phones, wearables, and automotive devices is projected to increase demand for semiconductor products. Supply Chain Solutions: What You Can Learn From the Semiconductor Industry | Transportfolio.

Top 10 eCommerce Marketplaces in Thailand


Despite the gnawing setbacks, Thailand has repeatedly bounced back largely owing to its automotive exports and the meteoric rise of tourism, which contributes to six percent of its national income. There is a lot more to Thailand than just pristine beaches and holiday hotspots.