2017 Industry Specific Predictions- Automotive Supply Chains Residing in North America

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Annual Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chain Management Automotive Supply Chain Global Trade Issues Procurement and Sourcing Product Lifecycle Management Sales and Operations Planning Supply Chain Planning Supply Chain Strategy 2017 predictions for industry and global supply chains challenges in automotive supply chains Independent supply chain industry analyst Bob Ferrari's Blog industry analyst advisory services Supply chain Matters blog

Evidence of Business as Usual in North America Automotive Supplier Relationships

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automotive industry. Automotive Supply Chain Procurement and Sourcing Supplier Collaboration Supplier Management automotive industry global supply chain challenges Supply chain Matters blogIn the week that the purchasing and supply management community is meeting at the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) annual conference being held here in Indianapolis, is a disappointing report of business as usual supplier relationship management challenges across the U.S.

In Automotive Industry, Mexico is Indeed Becoming A North America and Export Production Center

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In a previous Supply Chain Matters commentary in early July, we noted a rising tide of production sourcing investments in Mexico among global based automotive OEM’s. Automotive OEM’s BMW, Honda, Mazda,Volkswagen’s Audi Group, and a partnership among Nissan and Daimler had each announced Mexican production sourcing decisions that amounted to billions of dollars of investment.

Overt Signs of Trump’s Agenda for Confrontation on Global Sourcing and Trade Policy

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Automotive Supply Chain Global Trade Issues Global trade trends Procurement and Sourcing Supply Chain Strategy strategic production sourcing in Mexico supply chain global sourcing challenges under a Trump administration Supply chain Matters blog threatened changes to North America Free Trade AgreementWhat is fast becoming a new norm for business risk is that of a direct public attack via a Twitter “tweet” from U.S. President Elect Donald Trump.

The U.S. West Coast Port Crisis and Increased Supply Chain Risk

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Apparel and Footwear Supply Chain Automotive Supply Chain Consumer Goods Focused Supply Chain Food and Beverage supply chain Inventory Management Procurement and Sourcing Retail Supply Chain Sales and Operations Planning Supply Chain Risk Management Transportation and Logistics 2014 U.S. Last week, we were reading a recent report produced by the Chartered Institute for Procurement and Supply (CIPS) in the U.K.

The Stream of UK Based Automotive Industry Announcements are Not Solely Related to Brexit

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According to business media reporting, over half of the Swindon plant output of Civics is exported to North America. The global automotive industry is being challenged by the complex and difficult transition toward producing more electrical and hybrid powered vehicles.

On the road! 4 September supply chain conferences we love


As part of the panel, four ex-AMR analysts –Roddy Martin, Mickey North Rizza, Lora Cecere and CJ Wehlage– will share insights on the results and the trends. Automotive Logistics Global Conference.

President Trump Is Angry About How China Treats American Automakers. But the U.S. Is Actually Winning

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It’s the second time the idea of Chinese car imports have crossed the president’s Twitter feed during his ongoing trade dispute with China — America’s largest trading partner. Global Supply Chain Management Global Trade & Economics Automotive China North America Home Page Latest News Home Page Slider NewsShortly afterwards, Chinese President Xi Jinping responded by saying his country would lower import tariffs on vehicles.

China 40

The Smart Factory, Industrie 4.0, and Supply Chain Optimization

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In North America, the Internet of Things (IoT) is getting a great deal of attention. Automotive Industry Food & Beverage Industry Supply Chain Optimization Arla Foods Industrie 4.0

The Kickoff of the Detroit Auto Show

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The 2018 North America International Auto Show (NAIAS 2018) kicks-off this weekend in Detroit Michigan amid an industry that is undergoing various stages of supply chain transformation inflection points and risk assessment.

U.S. Auto Exports Expand in 2014 and So Does Supply Chain Capabilities

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In late December of 2011, Supply Chain Matters raised awareness to Japan based automotive OEM’s, specifically Honda, with plans to shift a major portion of export production capability from North America instead of from Japan. We have since updated readers on this strategy to include other automotive OEM’s. auto exports, one that confirms rather active evidence that North America auto production continues to be viewed for both domestic as well as global consumption.

Overcoming Automotive Logistics Challenges – Part II

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Supply Chain Nation recently sat down with Automotive Logistics Group Publisher, Louis Yiakoumi, about the hot topics in this industry. In Part II he will cover what automotive companies are doing to overcome those challenges. SCN: What are companies doing to overcome the key challenges facing the automotive industry? And the good thing for us is they see automotive logistics as a test case. I think that we need to raise the level of importance of automotive logistics.

US new car sales peak tests automotive supply chain resilience

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The need for US residents to replace vehicles lost during recent hurricanes has helped boost September car sales in North America to an unexpected high

Five Ways to Drive a High-Performance, Cross-Border Automotive Supply Chain


Five Ways to Drive a High-Performance, Cross-Border Automotive Supply Chain.Connect. The obvious answer is the busy border, but our experience in the automotive vertical suggests otherwise. Given the huge volume of automotive exports and imports flowing between the U.S.

Rapid Change is Driving the Automotive Industry – Part I

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There is no question that the automotive industry has seen rapid change and improvement over the past three years. To learn more about what is impacting the industry today, Supply Chain Nation spoke with Louis Yiakoumi, Group Publisher for Automotive Logistics magazine to get his insights for our Expert Insights series. SCN: What are the biggest logistics challenges automotive OEMs and suppliers are facing today? Those will have a big impact on the automotive industry.

A Declared Tough U.S. Stance Related to NAFTA Talks

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This week, United States Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross spoke to attendees of The Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council indicating that the Trump Administration’s ongoing hardball strategy regarding ongoing North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) talks comes from perceived leverage over Canada and Mexico.

The Beginning of NAFTA Renegotiation Talks- Monitor and Be Prepared

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With the formal start of re-negotiations concerning the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), many industry supply chain teams should be monitoring developments and conducting ongoing analytical analysis and management education. There is a very narrow window for negotiators to come to a broad consensus of agreement.

Report That Ford is Planning to Double Production Capacity in Mexico- The Political Dimensions Become More Prominent

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In August of 2014, we initially alerted our Supply Chain Matters readers to the growing attractiveness of Mexico as a North America based Manufacturing and export hub for the global automotive industry. At the time, automotive OEM’s BMW, Honda, Kia Motors, Mazda, Volkswagen’s Audi Group, and a partnership among Nissan and Daimler had each announced […].

Mexico 100

Auto Manufacturers Struggle with Mexican Supply Chains


Mexico plays an important role in the North American auto industry. In fact, one in five vehicles produced in North America is made in Mexico , according to the Detroit Free Press - double the rate recorded in 2004. Automotive

Mexico Becoming More Attractive for Auto Production

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According to media reports, BMW is expected to announce sometime today that the German luxury automotive producer will invest upwards of $1 billion to build its first auto assembly plant in Mexico. Informed sources are being cited as indicating that the proposed new facility, BMW’s second in North America, will be designed to produce upwards of 150,000 vehicles per year.

Mexico 138

At Tesla’s Factory, Building the Car of the Future Has Painful and Permanent Consequences for Workers

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owned automotive plant in the country, the people who labored to build the future of transportation have done so by working long hours with lower-than-industry-average pay, according to workers, and higher-than-industry average risk of injury according to a prolabor nonprofit. HR & Labor Management Automotive Home Page Latest News Home Page Slider News Industrial Manufacturing North America

Supply Chain Matters Friday News Roundup

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According to published reports, the new venture is expected to begin operations sometime in the third quarter consisting of 38 service repair shops across North America. […]. Automotive Supply Chain Procurement and Sourcing Supply Chain Technology Transportation and Logistics blog commenting on global supply chain management global transportation trends and implications Kinaxis Inc.

A Canadian Perspective on Negotiating Nafta 2.0

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and Canada: rules on government procurement , protection for the Canadian dairy industry , automotive content , investor-state dispute settlement , and a U.S. percent to 85 percent the minimum North American content needed to qualify for tariff-free treatment would establish “the highest [bar] in the world. Global Trade & Economics Regulation and Compliance All Technology Global Trade Management Canada North America Home Page Latest News Home Page Slider Editors' Blog

Plant-location decisions and potential supply chain risk


The outcome is expected to either significantly impact an existing automotive supplier network or prompt manufacturers and suppliers to move or begin operations. Toyota will be better positioned to respond to the growing North American market.

Innovating Spare Parts Logistics

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In terms of industry value, a 2014 Deloitte study highlighted two major areas of influence for 3D printing in automotive applications: as a source of product innovation and as a driver of supply chain transformation. 3D Printing Automotive

Supply Chain Management:Importance of Proactive Master Data.

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Automotive. In my current project about a year ago, North America region Supply Chain Planners were having major concerns related with flawed planning resulting from incorrect or no Source of Supply (SoS) for receipt elements such as Purchase requisitions &/or Planned orders. About Us. Contact Us. Newsroom Investors Careers. Infosys Labs. Industries. Industries. Aerospace and Defense. Airlines. Communication Services. Consumer Packaged Goods. Education. Energy.

Demand-Driven Transformation at Shell

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The Company also has franchised aftermarket services in automotive repair shops, retail outlets, and everything in between. Shell’s current shift to the global supply chain is impacting North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Russia, and China.

Dissecting the Headwinds and Tailwinds of Digital Transformation

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For example, Google/Tesla are redefining automotive. for the more advanced economies in Europe and the North America. Headwinds: A force of resistance. Tailwinds: A favorable force blowing in the same direction.

Seizing Real Results in Latin America

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If this is true from a supply chain perspective then Latin America can make a good case for future proximity prosperity. Of course the good news is that Latin America has much more going for it than its location relative to North America.

Robots in Logistics: What Will Humans Do?

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According to the Robotic Industries Association (RIA), a record number of robots were shipped to companies last year , with more non-automotive companies installing robots than ever before.

Takata Recall Forces Auto Supply Chains To Shift Gears


history," affecting about one in seven vehicles on the road in America today. The automotive supply chain has been in turmoil— in 2014 the industry shattered the record for number of vehicles recalled in a single year, with 64 million cars sent back to the shop. Automotive

The Importance of Securing B2B Networks with Augmented Identity and Information Security Management

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In June of 2017, Enterprise Information and B2B Networks provider OpenText announced the acquisition of Covisint Corporation , an automotive industry focused Cloud platform providing digital connectivity of business processes and Internet of Things (IoT) enabled processes.

Altizon and a Key Strategic Partnership Announcement for Factory of the Future IoT Technology Support

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Bangalore India based AXISCADES provides design engineering and manufacturing process development services to a number of global manufacturing companies including heavy equipment, automotive and aerospace manufacturing.

Marion Kohlmeier: ‘Expansion in our global footprint has been a big step’

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These are mostly for the automotive industry so project lead-time, between nomination and the start of series production is usually about two years. In automotive, these are well-known Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs): Daimler, BMW, Audi, GM and PSA.

Supply Chain Matters Features This Week in Supply Chain Tech: January 25, 2019 Edition

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The investment reportedly will enable the company to expand its target markets into China and Hong Kong, complementing its existing markets in Europe, North America, Japan and Korea.