Hurricane Harvey & Irma's Threat on the Product Economy


In the Bahamas, meanwhile, the extent of damage remains unavailable. Price spikes haven’t been seen yet because companies are still burning through existing inventory. Events Hurricane

Hurricane Harvey Updates


As of Thursday, August 30, the number of people killed by this catastrophic event has already reached to at least 35 people, 17 people were missing while more than 32,000 people sought refuge in Texas shelters. Events

Supply Chain Risk Management: Could You Face a Category 4 Supply Chain Disaster?


by Joe Cannata With Hurricane Matthew, the most powerful storm to threaten the Atlantic Coast in over 10 years that has already brought severe damage to Haiti, the Bahamas and several Southeastern U.S. This involved in some cases, diverting some inventory bound for other regions.

Taking Risks that Pay Off

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I’ve been married for 17 years and live close to my sister, in-laws and parents so we do a lot of family events and vacations together. I trained everyone on all the software, including some elements related to inventory and how it was planned for each store.