Will Cuba be the Next Major Transportation Hub?

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For cargo shipping, focus is on the Cuban port, Container Terminal Mariel (TC Mariel) which opened in January 2014. In May 2016, the first US cruise ship docked in Cuba since 1978 - opening the door to more travel and business with Cuba, but there are still limitations on trade in goods and services - the US trade embargo is still in place. Cuba does have the potential to act as a transshipment hub for US cargo, in a similar way to how Freeport, Bahamas does now,” said Drewry.

Cuba 180

Supply Chain Risk Management: Could You Face a Category 4 Supply Chain Disaster?


by Joe Cannata With Hurricane Matthew, the most powerful storm to threaten the Atlantic Coast in over 10 years that has already brought severe damage to Haiti, the Bahamas and several Southeastern U.S. As if the situation wasn’t bad enough, Hanjin, the huge shipping company, was already in bankruptcy as of early September and putting a delay in the arrival of goods well before the hurricane. They would be handling maybe twice as many ships in a typical set of days.


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The Cost of Disaster


For instance, Hurricane Harvey impacted nearly 10 percent of the trucking industry for two weeks and prompted several ports and businesses in the region to shut down, consequently forcing the mass rerouting of cargo to places as far as the Bahamas and Mexico. The wildfires have severely impacted shipping in the region. Natural disasters continue to dominate headlines worldwide and are only likely to increase in prevalence in years to come.

Hurricane Harvey & Irma's Threat on the Product Economy


In the Bahamas, meanwhile, the extent of damage remains unavailable. Petrochemical plants that make the products and the rail companies that ship them are still restoring service after Harvey. As we reel from Hurricane Harvey and are still struggling to survive Hurricane Irma, here is how companies have been effected so far. Extent of Damage: After battering the northern Caribbean islands, Hurricane Irma caused fatalities and widespread damage in the region.

Hurricane Harvey Updates


Although the port sustained relatively minimal infrastructure damage, large container ships remained anchored offshore as authorities need to ensure that the Houston Ship Channel is free from debris and deep enough for large vessels to go through. This has alerted shipping lines and prompted some to entertain rerouting cargo to New Orleans and Alabama, and even as far away as the Bahamas and Mexico.

Strategic moves among logistics providers

Supply Chain Movement

Bahamas. Eyefortransport is currently seeing major consolidation occurring in the shipping industry and expects to see further moves as logistics providers look to take advantage of e-commerce, cross-border trade and shifting global demand. Fourth release of 3PL Subway Map Europe. Manufacturers and retailers welcome the ongoing consolidation in the fragmented logistics industry.

Hurricane Irma Updates


Tankers, container ships, and other vessels scheduled to arrive at Port Everglades will either be delayed or diverted. Six islands in the Bahamas were ordered to evacuate to Nassau, while a state of emergency was also declared in the US Virgin Islands. Cuba, the Bahamas, and the Turks & Caicos islands may see the storm hit on late on Friday, September 8 or early on Saturday, September 9.

6 Tips for Creating Private Label Products for Amazon FBA


When you’re in the e-commerce industry or entrepreneurship space, buzzwords like “drop shipping” and “Amazon FBA” just roll off your tongue. She could easily be in Brooklyn, Bahamas or Bangkok and she could still do what she enjoyed most about her work: conduct interviews and write sharp articles for various publications. Shipping should be free and fulfilled by Amazon for last-minute travellers. Pro Tip #4: Use the Cheapest Shipping Method.