Procurement Technology: An Update from Spend Matters in Baltimore


Today I travelled to Baltimore to attend the ISM/Spend matters Global Procurement Tech Summit. 22,000 sourcing events. $50 An example was provided to show how a requisition can be generated in 90 seconds and drive locked in savings through a preferred source, and avoids over-specifying the requirement. I will be speaking on procurement analytics tomorrow, but got to attend a set of great sessions over the first half of the day.

Questions Companies with U.S.-Mexico Trade Should be Asking

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Specifically discussing how the internet of things will impact supply chains, he said: The internet of things provides companies the ability to source parts and inputs, and sell, globally. Nearly three years ago, C.H.

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New Kroger and Ocado facility announced in Frederick, Maryland


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Bait and Switch

Supply Chain Shaman

Source Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Each time that they are published, the Shaman sighs and chuckles in her little apartment in Baltimore. Cloud-based analytics for sourcing and the management of supplier networks are evolving and should be embraced.

Taming the Supply Chain. Will It Ever Be Social?

Supply Chain Shaman

They would ask how social can impact their supply chain source, make and deliver processes. It is a beautiful day in Baltimore. The supply chain is knotted. It is unruly. It is complex. Will it ever be tamed through social? Yesterday, @DamarqueViews asked me a question on twitter: “What do you think are the greatest barriers in the adoption of social technology in the supply chain?” ” I laughed. Such a deep question on twitter.

What are Block Chains? – Jason Busch on the Future of Money, Trust and Transparency


Jason Busch provided a great view on Block Chains, and their impact on the future of funds in the supply chain, at the Global Procurement Tech Summit in Baltimore. Jason started out by discussing the fact that a company ledger is just a source of truth. Most retailers and CPG spend time gathering data from sources to create a demand forecast for suppliers.

Loads and Rates Rise as Month Ends

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In the South Central region, Houston is the biggest source of flatbed loads, and rates rose 30¢ to $2.38 The lane from Raleigh to Baltimore paid $2.75/mile last week for flatbeds. Find a load from Baltimore to Roanoke, VA.

Will the IoT Revolution Force Government to Embrace Silo-Busting?


The IoT gives companies the ability to source parts and sell products globally. Environmental Protection Agency holds up a shipment at the Port of Baltimore because the agency is understaffed, the delays can quickly ripple through the entire supply chain.

Letter from the CEO: Coronavirus Market Update


Port Baltimore is reducing its workday by 75 mins. Cast a wider net to source capacity for a “better safe than sorry” approach due to unknown surge volumes. Pricing for surge capacity is much lower through a sourcing process vs individual carrier negotiation.

Maryland Department of General Services Announces eMaryland Marketplace Advantage Goes Live


BALTIMORE, MD – The Maryland Department of General Services today announced the Office of State Procurement launched the state’s new e-procurement system eMaryland Marketplace Advantage (eMMA). Vendors will benefit from this easy-to-use, single access point to review and participate in sourcing opportunities across the state,” said Robert Gleason, Senior Procurement Executive. Maryland Department of General Services Office of State Procurement launches new e-procurement system.

Transportation Strategy in a Constrained Infrastructure: 30th SCRC Meeting Kicks Off Today

Supply Chain View from the Field

The expansion of Panama has shifted shipments from West Coast to East Coast, but only Norfolk and Baltimore can handle these larger ships – and this will result in longer berths where will the funding be coming from for these port expansions – and it is something that is happening, but we aren’t sure how to handle it. In 2011 a student project team focused on packaging and where there were changes in sourcing and whether weights were correct.

East and West Coast Ports to Battle for U.S. Region After Panama Canal Expansion

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Neutral or Unclear: Baltimore, Miami, and other East Coast ports. Source: Boston Consulting Group. You might think that shippers along the East Coast will be the biggest beneficiaries of fierce competition between the East and West Coast ports.

East and West Coast Ports to Battle for U.S. Region After Panama Canal Expansion

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Neutral or Unclear: Baltimore, Miami, and other East Coast ports. Source: Boston Consulting Group. East and West Coast Ports to Battle for U.S. Region After Panama Canal Expansion.Transportfolio. Editor’s note: This post originally ran in October 2015.

DOT Gives $500 Million in Grants to Much-Needed Infrastructure Projects

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The six canal bridges in Lowell, MA are in various states of disrepair and a major source of inconvenience. Baltimore is one of the fastest-growing ports in the United States. Sources: [link].

Iowa 46

Sun Belt States are Hot for Seasonal Freight

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The big Texas markets, primarily Houston , but also Dallas and Fort Worth , continue to be stable and reliable sources of flatbed loads. Rates slipped another 10¢ out of Miami , despite a big bump in volume on the lanes from Miami to Baltimore and from Miami to Atlanta.

Miami 91

Letter from the CEO: Market Update March 26, 2020


Trucks are sourced, loaded, dispatched and then cannot find a retail delivery appointment for days beyond the scheduled pickup date. Develop rapid processes of carrier sourcing to meet surge capacity and move from expensive spot freight to committed capacity (i.e.