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Catastrophic Impacts of COVID19 in Bangladesh Apparel Supply Chain


An article written by my former PhD student, Rejaul Hasan, and I just came out this week in Contracting Excellence , the journal published by IACCM, which documents the catastrophe that is unfolding in Bangladesh, one of the world’s major exporters of garments for the apparel sector.

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The VF Corporation Invested in Supply Chain Agility Before COVID Made “Agility” the New Buzzword

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In Asia, Vietnam and Bangladesh are more important sourcing locations. There will be one view of inventory across the entire distributed network.”. Because there is now one global view to inventory, the right warehouse can be leveraged to support order flows. There will be no emails or spreadsheets. Conclusion.


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This Week in Logistics New (May 6 – 12)

Logistics Viewpoints

Chile has long been a hub of second-hand and unsold clothing, made in China or Bangladesh and passing through Europe, Asia or the United States before arriving in Chile, where it is resold around Latin America. Our view is that imports will remain below recent levels until inflation rates and inventory surpluses are reduced.”

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What You Can’t See Can Hurt You – Is Your Supply Chain Really Transparent?


Incidents like the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh have led to new laws, but laws are not always followed which makes it incumbent upon your business to ensure your supply chain is ethical. The stakes are high. Audits are often ineffective as they are currently used. Supply chains are opaque.

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Supply Chain Management in Apparel Industry


Countries, especially in South Asia, like China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, etc., This reduces the cost of keeping the inventory that would not sell. The pull supply chain network might work for people who are interested in minimizing costs and inventory space. Inventory Management. Human Rights Violations.

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Building the Network of Networks

Supply Chain Shaman

90% of companies are unable to drive improvement at the intersection of inventory management, operating margin and customer service.). Fires in a Bangladesh sewing factory resulted in 112 deaths. Frustration abounds Traditional thinking on linear optimization and enterprise automation is not equal to the challenge.

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Checklist for working capital management

Supply Chain Movement

Working capital management revolves around inventory, debtors and creditors. Bangladesh. 10 questions to assess working capital management. Some companies generate cash so quickly that they can even achieve negative working capital. >>Please click on the red button and fill in the fields to activate the green download button.