Get Your Reality Check – A Supply Chain Technology Innovation Benchmark Study

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As technology evolves and disrupts our industry, it is important to take a step back and get a “reality check” on the usefulness of these technologies, especially as leaders are looking for new innovative technologies to give their companies a competitive advantage in the market.

How do we Drive Invention to Innovation in Planning?

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At the event, James Rice, MIT, spoke on innovation, and his reflections on Clayton Christensen’s 1997 classic business book, the Innovators Dilemma. This is disruptive innovation. The spark from Invention to Innovation is slow.

Terra’s Forecasting Benchmark Study 2012

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Given the volatility and rapid pace of promotional activities and product innovation, the gradual increase in forecast error since 2009 comes as no surprise. Terra’s Forecasting Benchmark Study is a pretty comprehensive survey. Innovation in CPG is impressive, with new products accounting for one third of all items in 2011. Reports benchmark study CPG industry demand planning forecasting supply chain Terra Technology

Strategic Benchmarking in the Supply Chain Triangle (Part 1)


A next logical question is if we can somehow capture this from publicly available financial data and benchmark companies on this strategic level. His business model is driven by innovation. Extending the analysis to extra benchmark companies.

Strategic Benchmarking in the Supply Chain Triangle (Part 2)


Deriving a strategic benchmark for Product Leadership, Operational Excellence and Customer Intimacy in the Supply Chain Triangle. The benchmark is specific for the segment of the high-tech sector we have been studying. We start with defining the benchmark for a product leader.

Logistics, Innovation, and the Future

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”[1] He believes all of these innovations are good things. “More than any other time in history,” he concludes, “technology and innovation are here to make it happen.” ” E-commerce and logistics innovation. What they don’t see is the frenzy, innovations, and hard work involved in getting those packages to the door. “Logistics companies cannot afford not to be innovative,” he explains.

2018 EFT Global Logistics Report: Innovation and Technology Are Paving the Way Forward

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This strategy has been replaced in 2018 with gaining more business from existing customers, through existing customers’ growth and innovation. Breaking the Innovation Trap. However, LSPs are still facing obstacles to innovation.

Will Cost Management Trump Innovation Investments in 2016?

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In light of this economic outlook, will cost management trump innovation investments this year or will companies aim to find a happy balance? Leading companies find ways to balance cost management and innovation. It may not be 50/50, but you can’t forget about the innovation portion of it. Is cost cutting pushing aside innovation investments at your company? How do you find the right balance between cost management and innovation?

Why Our Goal Should Not Be an Integrated Supply Chain

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planning benchmarking supply chain analytics Supply chain planning digital innovation planningThis week I spoke at an SAS Global Analytics Summit on the connected supply chain. In my view, the connected supply chain is very, very different from the integrated supply chain.

2nd Annual Global Supply Chain & Innovation Summit

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2nd Global Supply Chain & Innovation Summit. URL: Innovation in Supply Chain Trends for Driving Business Improvement. Innovation in supply chain and procurement management is needed more than ever. Companies and their supply chains need to become more innovative if they are to deal with the complexity of today’s environment and succeed in creating more value for their shareholders.

The Strange Relationship Between Oil Prices and Biobased Innovation


Oil prices impact a lot of things, one of which is the drive to innovate new biobased products from non-petroleum based materials. The number of innovations is growing in this space, and will continue to expand. However, an important lesson for innovators in this space is to understand that biobased products must compete on the basis of cost AND performance, and must be held to the same benchmarks that petroleum-based products are, or they will not survive in the brutal marketplace.

Supply Chain Predictions for 2018: Real-Time, Innovation, Cognitive, Blockchain, Industry-Academic Partnerships, and Taking a Stand!


Prediction: Small is Beautiful : Innovation will Increasingly Be Found in Small Companies. Just like the economist Schumacher predicted years ago in his incredible book, the biggest shifts will come from the smallest companies. This is how innovation ultimately occurs.

Successful Product Innovation Requires Supply Chain Insight

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Innovation is an imperative in the business world, but of the tens of thousands of new products launched each year, an estimated 80% to 90% fail. Benchmark companies no longer take the approach that supply chain should simply deliver on what marketing and sales design,” Burnette says.

4 Innovative Supply Chain Management Techniques


Innovation is at the heart of many kinds of success. For supply chain management, innovation means making a business more efficient by improving the way inventory and logistics are handled.

Customer Experience is Driving Supply Chain Innovation, Says Report from BluJay Solutions and Adelante SCM

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Holland, MI and Manchester, UK – August 15, 2018 – BluJay Solutions , a leader in supply chain software and services, and Adelante SCM, a research firm and peer-to-peer community for supply chain and logistics professionals, today released its research report, “ Competing on Customer Experience: The Driving Force Behind Supply Chain Innovation.”. Average or Below Average Performers, Innovators/Early Adopters v.

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Redefining the Model for Third Party Logistics (3PL) Innovation

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The shifts in manufacturing and retail business models, enhanced delivery models, such as last mile and click and collect, along with the innovative advances in technologies, have created significant opportunities for 3PL companies. Growing needs to support e-commerce, online fulfillment, personalization and omni-channel expectations require innovation that can help turn orders around quickly, with flexibility and cost efficiency.

Home Delivery Benchmark – A Detailed View

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It’s tough to keep up with the innovation that is happening in home delivery and also sort out the reality from the hype in the press. The strategies, tactics and technology of home delivery are evolving quickly and constantly. As Chris Cunnane described in his report Descartes Evolution – Logistics in Motion, we conducted a survey of a number of our customers to get a broader sense of what was actually happening and how retailers […].

Two Timely Learning Events Not to Miss: Spotlight On Human Rights In The Supply Chain, New Laws, Benchmarks, Tools


For example Recently two new benchmarks focused on company performance on human rights have been released: The Corporate Human Rights Benchmark announced a few weeks ago a pilot of its rating system to benchmark the performance of large companies on human rights issues in their supply chains. In a separate effort, KnowTheChain, a partnership led by Humanity United, has released their human rights industry benchmarking program.

Chicken or the Egg with 3PLs and Supply Chain Innovation

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More Great Data from SCDigest Benchmark Study, but Does it All Come Down to Contracts in the End

Thoughts on Supply Chain Innovation in Shipper and 3PL Relationships

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New SCDigest Benchmark Study Sheds Light on Increasingly Important Topic

Shipper and 3PL Supply Chain Innovation, Who Should Do What

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More from Excellent SCDigest Benchmark Study that Sheds Light on Increasingly Important Topic

Using Key Performance Indicators to Benchmark The Success of Cloud Software Adoption


Businesses and organisations are embracing cloud technology to help drive innovation for the delivery of operational efficiencies and to drive better customer relationships. Third-party tools are available to make benchmarking KPIs easier, tracking application performance, monitoring cloud for adherence to compliance frameworks and suggesting best practices for security maintenance and cost control.

Demand sensing cuts error 37 percent

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E2open announces its 2016 Forecasting Benchmark Study, an in-depth analysis of the state of demand planning for Fortune 500 companies, allowing firms to compare their forecasting performance against best in class. Request your copy of E2open’s 2016 Forecasting Benchmark Study.

That Time Again: Gartner’s 2015 Supply Chain Top 25

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For the past 11 years, this Gartner list has been a reliable benchmark for the supply chain industry. […]. ModusLink News Gartner innovation supply chain

Changing Your Perspective to Measure Supply Chain Performance

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They can also compare their performance with SCOR benchmark data (as available) for their particular product/customer supply chain. Innovation and learning perspective – cycle time for new product development, as a case in point. Why measure the performance of a supply chain?

New Survey from JDA and KPMG Highlights Top Drivers and Inhibitors of Supply Chain Investment

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During the Executive Exchange, JDA and KPMG released an exclusive preview of the findings from the new survey, Digital Supply Chain in Retail & Manufacturing: A State of the Industry Benchmark , conducted by Incisiv.

Need Robust and Flexible Supply Chain Analytics? Build your own Apps


With “Samurai” solutions you get clear benchmarks, predictability, control and reliability. With a custom-built solution, you get flexibility and innovation but you also need to think about governance. AIMMS analytics Conferences Gartner Innovation

Logistics Past, Present, and Future

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New benchmarks for excellence. Now the differentiators are more strategic: benchmarking, innovation, and network modeling, for example. Strategy Transportation big data C H Robinson freight networks intermodal John Wiehoff logistics logistics benchmarks MIT CTL talent managemen

Do You Know When it’s Time for a Freight Review?

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They must change, because more and more market entrants are innovating to offer better services, with value rather than price as the carrot. Articles Benchmarking Cost Saving

Innovative Strategies for Shippers Seeking the Upper Hand in 2017

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For example, significantly more savings can be wrung out of transportation logistics by overlaying rate benchmarking strategies upon freight rate management in your TMS. Rate Benchmarking. The cost savings of the freight rate benchmarking process can be significant.

How Supply Chain Strategy Misalignment is Killing Kmart USA

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Articles Benchmarking Case StudiesAt the next Logistics Bureau Free Executive Breakfast (which will take place in August), I’ll be discussing the alignment of supply chain and business strategy along with eight other important levers for supply chain performance improvement.

Why Your Supply Chain Isn’t Best in Class

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An Internationally Accepted Definition) We all know lots of Best In Class companies and these are the ones who are always talked about and always seeking innovation and improvement. Articles Benchmarking Business Improvement Free Logistics and Supply Chain Events

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European Supply Chain & Logistics Summit 2014

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Building next-generation supply chains – Supporting growth through innovative and responsive strategies. Benchmarking your operation against leading examples of supply chain innovation. Events Barcelona logistics SCL Europe Spain Summit supply chain Supply Chain Innovation European Supply Chain & Logistics Summit 2014. Date: 16- 18 June 2014. Venue: Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I, Barcelona, Spain. Organisation: WTG Events.

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Assessing the True Return of Procurement Transformation on Total Shareholder Return: A Tough Proposition


It will not determine the extent of deployment across different business units, but could be used to benchmark performance across business units. They may provide specific KPI benchmark levels for a process (in such terms as percentage cost savings). Supplier innovation and improved market intelligence leads to better sourcing decisions, and category strategies are more closely linked to business unit and functional outcomes that drive overall organizational financial performance.

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The Internet of Things: Does more data really make us more intelligent?

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This is a whole different capability, that has nothing to do with buying enough machines, RFID tags, or benchmarking dashboards. Forecasting MBA Supply Chain Organizing for Supply Chain Supply chain analytics Supply Chain Innovation Supply Chain Management Supply Market Intelligence Recent articles, posts, and future trends studies are all awash with excitement about the Internet of Things.

Health Check Your Supply Chain for Inefficiencies

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Driven by customer demand, organizational changes and issues, a focus on sales, customer retention, globalization and other time-consuming challenges, companies are being steered away from supply chain innovation.

A Fireside Chat with John Sculley, Apple’s former CEO


Get the people who recruit that talent and benchmark that talent better tool to use, and the organization will be that much more productive now that they have radar.” ” Scully made an important point: Innovation takes place on the fringes.